Monday, June 30, 2008

hangin with new guy

It's been a week with the new guy and what a week it's been. His first 36 hours in the world was spent under the hospital tanning beds due to a bit of jaundice and didn't get to come home until Friday night ( he looks like George Hamilton now ). He's starting to settle into to the daily grind at the Harvey house (I've been getting him up early to mow the lawn, paint the fence, and do the laundry....he's a bit slow at the moment due to the fact that he can't keep his head up, can't walk or talk and poops himself - similar to Reagan in his last year in the white house...but he should be over this stuff in a couple days right ? )

Thursday, June 26, 2008


River, Born June 24th, 2008.

I'll be putting a photo album on here....just a bit busy at the moment.

thanks for the well wishes, support and congrats.

Tuesday, June 24, 2008


Born today at 3:33 pm, a boy, weighing in at 9 lbs 11 oz, 52cm long.

Mother and Son are doing well !

Full story and pictures on a future post.

Monday, June 23, 2008

Go Speed Racer Go........

Just drug the still pregnant wife to Speed Racer...which is now at the cheap theater. All in all, it is what it is...a live action version of a 'wacky' goofy Japanese cartoon. The action and effects are pretty cool, although at times it seemed like they rushed through bits or the effects were rushed. There are scenes that the characters seemed blurred or 2 dimensional (and not in the sections they were supposed to be). I've read that they created some new tech that would make this movie almost seem 3D. At times, there was that effect...but mostly it seemed just flat. Overall I thought the story wasn't bad and I didn't feel ripped off that I spent 5$. Just a couple comments...this movie is confused as to who it is geared towards. The younger brother and monkey scenes are all child like comedy. However, the story about why the bad guy is bad (manipulating company stocks and monopolizing a market) is way over the head of the kids who would laugh at the candy addicted kid and his monkey. This was apparent at our theater (only 6 people in the theater tonight) the little 10 year old girl found climbing all over the seats of the entire theater more interesting than watching the movie (AND WTF ??? the adult with her let her do it...and left before the movie was over...possibly because they felt bad we kept giving them the stink eye over and over ) Also, the length of the movie (over 2 hours) seems way to long for a young person to sit still. Anyway, not a bad flick...check it out at your cheap-o-rama

Good Bye George

June 22nd was a sad day as it saw the passing of one of the worlds funniest guys. From the days of the "7 words you can't say on TV", to hangin' with Bill and Ted to stating he'll "take a shot in the mouth" in Jay and Silent Bob Strike Back...
He will be missed.

Sunday, June 22, 2008

Highlights for the coming week.........and it's raining again

Sunday began as it usually does with breakfast and a catch up on last weeks coronation street ('s a great show). After a hardy bowl of raisin bran I vacuumed the main floor an upstairs and then had a shower. Because now we're off to GREEK FEST.....mmmmm Lamb... Then I'll come home and finish painting a dresser, hang some pictures in the little guys room and do a little type-ah-type-ah work kinda stuff. The next week should be full of action.
1) The kid has to show his face any day....he's now 8 days over due. If he still plays 'hard to get' the doc's are going in after him on Wednesday 2) Monday has another Ultrasound just to see what he's up to...make sure he isn't turning into a toddler/teenager or something 3) Work will be busy this week getting a couple big projects out 4) The weekend will be the massive SOD event...i'll be sodding our back yard and half of the front 5) I've been informed by my neighbors that I will be helping them with their fence at the same time...I'll be sure to have plenty of beer for the helpers 6) End of the week will be changing diapers, not sleeping and dealing with a house full of family and in laws......

Saturday, June 21, 2008

How to make a tasty 0 calorie summer beverage in 9 steps

Step 1) Get yourself a clean large glass. Possibly a pint glass, one that you would normally drink a nice cool glass of beer from........mmmmm.....summer beer pints.

Step 2) Fill glass generously with Ice...please be nice and responsible and refill the ice cube tray with fresh water

Step 3) Place freshly filled ice cube tray back in 'fridge (I know some people find this difficult, but dah-yum people, it only takes a second

Step 4) Look in 'fridge and find a bottle of no-name brand soda water - Perrier or S.Pellegrino will work as well

Step 5) Look in 'fridge and find a bottle of no-name brand lemon juice. ReaLemon or ReaLime juice will work as well.

Step 6) Fill Glass with Soda water

Step 7) Add Lemon Juice

Step 8) Stir beverage

Step 9) Give yourself a thumbs's now time to drink that tasty zero calorie summer beverage !!!!

Now...YOU TRY !

Drunk Guy Drives Headlong Into a Bike Race

This is not a fake picture. On June 2nd some dude collided with the front of a bike race 15 minutes in to the 21 mile race going between Playa Bagdad and Matamoros, across from Brownsville in Texas. "Police think he was drunk and asleep at the wheel and ploughed into the front of the race injuring at least thirteen and killing one." WTF ? What do they mean 'they think he was drunk' If the dude wasn't drunk then he must have been trying to be a multiple murderer. ( what time of day was this...if the race was only 15 min. was probably 10am...what was this guy doing being drunk at that time ??) I do have a few questions regarding the is with the black mustang ? If this was a cycle road race, what's that car doing there ? If it's the lead car, why didn't he alert the pack when he saw the drunk approaching ? (man up dude, throw the car in front of the on coming drunk and save some lives..his insurance, provided he has some, will cover the damage) Also, usually during these kinds of races, the cops have areas sectioned off or at least are watching the traffic....where are the cops ? Wouldn't the people at the front of the pack start to slow when they saw the green 1970 chevy impala coming at them...I mean, really, damn the race dude, get the hell out of the way. It looks like the leader of the pack did (dude on the left). He probably was thanking his gods that he pulled over. In any case, I hope they throw the book at this drunk ass.

Oh Mr. will be sad to see you go...

I think this video says it all and sums up Mr. Bush's legacy as Chief and Commander

Mississippi Floods

All I can say a mess. (I feel kind of bad that I spent the day doing nothing but relaxing on a hot summer day )

Worst over for Missisippi flooding, losses tallied
James B. Kelleher , ReutersPublished: Saturday, June 21, 2008

Friday, June 20, 2008

Un - news - Lindsay Lohan plays with Balls

It's actually kind of sad when news agencies put this kind of stuff out there ( or should I say, consider it to be news worthy ).I think there needs to be a huge celeb back-lash so the news wires and internet isn't clogged with this stuff. Really, do you care that Lindsay Lohan ( albeit hot and showing us all that she has a flat stomach ) is playing softball on the set of her new movie that 99% of the worlds population will never see ??

I think she's on the fast track to Dana Plato's ville. She'll be cracked up and holding up DVD rental shops by 2010.

Will Smith's big HanCOCK......he said cock

Thanks to and What would Tyler Durden do ( )
During what I can only assume was a slow news day in the U.K., the Sun yesterday devoted an entire article to the story that workers putting up a billboard for the premiere of Hancock had decided to work back to front. Their headline? "Big Willy's film is a load of c**ck." Now, I can understand calling Will Smith "Big Willy", because "Willy" is Brit slang for penis. But a load of cock? It looks like just one cock to me. And anyway, if there were a load, wouldn't it be a load of cocks? Does cock even come in loads? ...Don't answer that.
Scaffolders appeared to spell the name of the superhero film backwards, erecting the last four letters before the first three were mounted. This meant that just as it was time for a fag break, the only letters in place rudely spelt out c**k providing plenty of giggles for the labourers. [Emphasis added]
This just in, The Sun is even more immature than I am.

Thursday, June 19, 2008

The Magic of Red Wine

Not only is it tastey and good for your also keeps you thin....awesome !!


A glass of red wine a day not only helps keep the heart healthy, but as it turns out, it can also help battle obesity. And if you are a teetotaller who would rather stay away from spirits, don’t fret because just eating grapes will also have the same effect. As it turns out, the thing responsible for this fat fighting phenomenon is resveratrol, a compound present in grapes and red wine, according to a new study. Researchers at the University of Ulm in Germany carried out a study to see whether past research of resveratrol protecting laboratory mice from the health problems of obesity, also applied to humans by changing the size or function of fat cells. The German team used a strain of human fat cell precursors, called preadipocytes, which develop into mature fat cells. They found that resveratrol not only inhibited the pre-fat cells from increasing and prevented them from converting into mature fat cells, but that it also hindered fat storage. What especially interested the boffins was that resveratrol reduced production of certain cytokines (interleukins 6 and 8), substances that may be linked to the development of obesity-related disorders, such as diabetes and clogged coronary arteries. "Resveratrol has anti-obesity properties by exerting its effects directly on the fat cells. Thus, resveratrol might help to prevent development of obesity or might be suited to treating obesity," said the study's lead author, Pamela Fischer-Posovszky, PhD, a pediatric endocrinology research fellow in the university's Diabetes and Obesity Unit.

Get ready for Stampede

Here's a little diddy to get you ready for Stampede

just for you har

Star Wars - Drunken Star Wars Kid

Why ? Cause this video makes me pee my pants laughing......

Wolverine Update

The new Wolverine movie is in full swing filming in Australia (I guess the high Canadian Dollar made it hard to justify filming in Canada that is supposed to in part take place in Canada ). The picture [thanks to the cumberland newspaper] shows Jackman ( in my guess ) dressed as a world war 2 super soldier...there could be a possible tie in with Captain America. Shooting is to finish this summer for a May 2009 release.
All I have to say is please god...please don't let them ruin this character. Brett Ratner f'd up the X-men series with the 3rd one ( the wolverine from the first 2 movies would have kicked the ass of the wolverine in the 3rd ).
This is an extremely violent character with a screwed up past...and I hope they don't mess with his Canadian background. Wolverine is a Canucklehead through and through. (he's even referred to as a "rough and tumbled little hoser " by Sym in the comic books )

Wednesday, June 18, 2008

Monday, June 16, 2008

My new favourite educational website

check it out


I was just looking through the pictures from my recent trip to London. I had left my pregnant wife to go on a pub crawl in London for a weekend a few months back ( it was a stress relief weekend...and much needed ). As far as all of you nay sayers is not that far to go for a weekend of drinking. Consider that if I went to Vegas, the flight time through Denver or Salt Lak would take almost 6 hours - the flight from Calgary to London is 8.5 hours and I can sit in the lounge before and have a beer for free.
I'll give a complete play by play on the next post. I thought I would just post the picture of the Canadian Pub in the heart of London...complete with the feux log cabin walls, chicken wings on the menu and moose head in the 'fridge. In other words....funny.
I'll be planning a trip to Mexico for Jan ( with the wife and little one ) and possibly Ireland in the late summer ( with a scattering of work travel in the there somewhere....I do have to go to Qatar, Abu Dhabi, and a bunch of trips to the US coming up ).
Still no action yet on the 'new addition' front....we're now one day past the due date and counting...the longest the doc's will let it go will be the 25th.

Sunday, June 15, 2008

Fathers Day

Still no action. Seems like it could be any time...but the time is not now.

I believe that once the little guy makes his appearance, we can start making travel plans for the next year. I may have to do a trip to Qatar and Abu Dhabi for work in the next 2 months. But as far as family travel goes, most of the summer will be at Lake Koocanusa. Then it will be followed by a Mexico trip in Jan. Then I think Ireland next summer ( throw a trip to the UK in there for me ).

I'll just finish out fathers day, hanging in front of the tele watching Pitch Black ( good movie...the sequel sucked ) and playing online poker.


Friday, June 13, 2008

Friday the 13th

All is quiet on Friday the 13th...still no arrival. Tomorrow possibly ?

Went and saw 'The Happening'....I think ol' M Night has to work a little;s all been down hill since Signs ( the strangers kicked this movies ass ). I would say, keep this one on hold for the cheap theaters.

Time to go for a walk.

Sunday, June 8, 2008

Close to action day and stuff

We're at T minus 7 days and counting until the addition arrives. The little guy is kicking up a storm...I hope this is an indication that he'll be the next Ronaldo.

I'm glad the NHL playoffs are over and that Cory is back on at it;s regular 7:00 pm time. I'm all caught up now, but the getting up 7:30 on Sunday is a pain.

Went a saw 'the strangers'. Damn good movie. It's good to see a small film do as well as this and be as good. Very creepy very good.

I got yelled at by the old grumpy bottle return guy. I'm not in there every day ( or every month or couple of months ) so I wasn't completely up to speed on the proper etiquette. I failed to remove the caps on a few plastic bottles and for that got a sturn yelling. I told dude to calm down and send the bottle tray back to me. He acted as if I crapped on his floor and called his mother a whore. I'll be sure to be more careful in dumping my bottles next time ( mind you, for the 13$ i got I'm not sure it was worth the I'll be looking for the local bottle drives )

my knee hurts under the knee cap