Wednesday, December 3, 2008

Canadian Politics...what's in River's pants ?

I was going to blog tonight about the childish behaviour of our Prime Minister and the Opposition and how the Liberals, NDP and Bloc are acting like grade 7 be-otches and are planning to overthrow the government and install Dion as the new Prime Minister even though he was set to resign as leader of the Liberals in Jan or whatever, but I was interrupted by something that was very similar and just as smelly and greasy.
We have been introducing solid food to little big man, and today he feasted (well, ate some, and smushed some all over the place as the picture shows) on carrots and spinach. We were quite happy that he seemed to be taking to the new food unaware of what was to happen later. River was enjoying his nightly romp laying on his back playing with some toys when he started to fuss. I went over to see what was up and when I picked him up realized quickly his back was wet. When I got him on his changed table I yelled to my darling wife "something smells like ass in here" thinking it was the laundry, but I was soon to come face to face with what was creating the vile stank. I unzipped the big man's sleeper and quickly saw the nasty business which was all up his back. He began to cry, rightfully so, wouldn't you ? I have never seen anything this huge....and boy, did it stink. Is this what is to be expected when he gets into real food ? I'm not sure if I could handle worse....>ack<. We swiftly wiped off the screaming lad and hustled him into the waiting bath. Brook bathed him while I attended the soiled sleeper. I think the kid lost about 5 lbs with that movement. He's much happier now.
So, is it possible I could correlate the above story with the current Canadian Political situation? I can try. People are always trying to introduce new things into a system that might not need or be ready for it, and all you get is crying babies, a shitty situation and huge mess which will require double effort to clean up. How's that ?


Anonymous said...

Bang on!!!We're trusting Madame Jean knows the difference between spinach and s**t!

boywonder said...

Politics are a messy business. I hope the coalition, much like you and Brook as loving parents, will clean up the mess and give the system a bath. Apparently Harper is just going to let us sit in this mess until January 27, when he might give us an air freshener to solve the problem. Let's all hope we don't get a rash.

The H's said...

tsk tsk tsk....i don't think they'll hold it together long enough, let alone agree with each other to remain a stable team. Iggy and Smilin' Jack need to work with Harper...I think he might have learned his lesson that being a bully has no place in the Prime MInisters seat