Thursday, December 18, 2008

Ghost Town - oh ricky you're so fine you're so get it

On my flight from Chicago to Denver I got stuck in the E seat of a 777. Typically this is the dreaded middle seat with 2 people on either side. In this case we were in row 41 so it was only a 4 person row. I had a work colleague in F and a young kid in D so I was OK. This 777 had the little video screens in the backs of the seats so I had a choice of a few movies to watch. I selected Ghost Town. I'm a Ricky Gervais fan ('The Office' - British Version - and 'Extras' kick some serious ass) and all the other movies were trash.
Knowing that this movie did not blow away the critics I went in with low expectations. It's the story of Betrum Pincas [Gervais] a Brit transplant dentist in New York who hates people. He dies for a few minutes during a surgical procedure and after can see dead people. Once the dead people realize he can see them they want him to do things for them [clear up unfinished biz so they can move on]. One of these ghosts, Greg Kinnear, wants him to break up his wife and new fiancee. Of course, it takes a while to get Gervais to do what he wants and when he does he falls for the wife, Tea Leoni, and the fun begins. The story is a typical Hollywood romantic comedy and there is absolutely nothing new in this movie, however, Gervais, with his 'Office' like persona, is quite funny. Not a bad introduction of Gervais to the masses of North America. I wouldn't say run out and rent this movie. But if you like Gervais you may enjoy this one ( I would wait until it's on Movie Central ).

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