Thursday, December 4, 2008

January Vacation - Mexico

Mexico. That's where we have decided to spend our week in January. Where in Mexico you might ask ? It seems like Cancun is leading the pack. We're looking for nice beaches, clear water, fun, and Cancun seems to have the best of all of these (or at least that's what we read on the Internet). At this point we haven't settled on a resort, just reviewing the comments about each offered place on Trip Advisor. I know I have to take some of the posts with a grain of salt, but I do like to hear what people think. I did find another place that was useful. YOUTUBE. People post their videos of their vacations and it gives you a good sense of the location, the resort and the drunks that you might encounter. We could use some help narrowing the selection. If you've been to Cancun, could you comment and let us know where you stayed and what kind of experience you had. Thanks.


boywonder said...

Maria and I went to Puerto Vallarta (Nuevo Vallarta). It was ok. Beaches were nice, and the liquor flowed like crazy. We stayed in the new part, and once we took the local bus into the old city. Though the beaches are beautiful, the locals who live just behind the resorts live in abject poverty, and it is really quite sad. Also, the boxsprings were a slab of concrete.

Never been to the west side. I've heard Cancun is party central, whereas the Mayan riverera is more calm. There is also some island that is nearby, which is supposed to be very nice.

I'd recommend you visit Cuba instead, and support the last communist government in the world. The resorts are quite nice, and we spent time at the main hotel in Cuba, which is quite nice, with the trenches still visible in the front yard.

They also have poverty, but the guy in Cuba is looking for a few american bucks to buy some meat, instead of just looking for stuff to eat. Also, he is likely a doctor, as education is free.

One of the big hassles in Mexico is the poor hawking goods on the beach. This is outlawed in Cuba, though it does happen sometimes...

Anonymous said...

I just got back from Mexico we stayed at the Grand Palladium just south of Playa Del Carmen. You still fly into the Cancun airport and it's about an hour away from the airport. It's by far the best all inclusive I've been to, the resort is basically 4 resorts in one, they have 8 a la carte restaraunts which you can go to every night if you choose. We booked through Expedia but if your looking at a week just watch the prices on or selloffvacations and book about 2 weeks before you leave.

Have you been to Cancun? I personally didn't like it. Try where we stayed or somewhere closer to Playa Del Carmen.