Thursday, December 18, 2008

Just arrived from Denver...... wasn't so simple getting home. After waiting for a number of hours in the Red Carpet Fancy Pants lounge, we headed to our gate only to find our flight delayed. Not by weather mind you, the dreaded mechanical delay. At first it didn't seem so bad, a 30 minute delay was no biggy. Then it was 45 minutes, then it was 1 hour. At this point our layover at Denver was pretty much gone. Then the delay was 1.5 hours, which put us in to the land of SOL. We finally left Chicago with no real explanation (other than some weird comment that the plane we were on dumped passengers on the other side of the tarmac and had to travel to our gate....wouldn't it be easier to move the passengers ???). We arrived in Denver and joined a bunch of other people at the United customer service desk where they were calling out names. Once I heard mine, I was off to the Crystal Inn for the night and booked on a flight at 8:30am this morning.
At least I didn't have to kick and scream to get the free hotel and food voucher. Although, my vanity pack was in my checked luggage and the hotel ran out of tooth paste and other bits I needed....lets just say that my mouth feels like a cat litter box (I haven't made it home yet...I'm at the office which is between the airport and my home, so I stopped in to do a few things).
I attached a nice picture of the Denver Airport....

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