Sunday, December 28, 2008

The Lazy Sunday Post.....

Stayed up late last night watching god knows what (i think at one point Tom Cruise playing "nondescript Tom Cruise character" was running from some Aliens...sort of the same way he ran in "The Firm", and in "Jerry Maquire" and in "Far and Away" and in etc etc....I think Cruise portrays the characters emotions by the fact that he RUNS). Because of the late night Cruise watching I slept in and missed my weekly update of Coronation Street. BUT, I'm just in time for my weekly EastEnders update (yes, another British soap). So it looks like my lazy Sunday morning is set; the wife is in bed catching a few uninterrupted Z's, the little big man is freshly changed (good god the boy painted the inside of his sleeper a lovely brown) and playing with his new Christmas toys, and I'm on the couch watching some engaging and mind expanding T.V.

Therefore, here is a new picture of the little big man and a few interesting story's since I'm obviously too busy to create my own post:

Fox Wins the Rights to the new Watchmen Movie:

Crazy Santa Dressed Guy goes on Killing Spree:

Oscar possible for Ledger in Record Breaking Batman Flick:

Team Canada to Stay Humble at World Juniors:

Recipe for Steamed Mussels:


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