Tuesday, December 23, 2008

Lucas needs to give his head a shake

I now know Lucas' whoring of Star Wars knows no bounds. I thought it was bad when he re-released the originals with "new" scenes (freaking Lucas, we all know Solo shot Greedo before he could get a shot off...this will bug me to the grave). Then the new trilogy seemed like it was rushed to the box office only to capitalize on nerd dollars. I've heard he's in the works or re-releasing the entire 6 movies in 3D. Star Wars has spawned a animated movie and T.V. show, and soon to be a live action T.V. show. There are countless board games, video games, card games, action figures, et al.

Now....Star Wars the musical. According to the BBC, Star Wars:A Musical Journey, will play a live score as excerpts from the 6 movies are shown on a screen. The show has been put together by Lucas and John Williams has "painstakingly rewritten" the music to fit the edited format. The show, thank god, will not have characters singing, however it will feature live narrators.

I'm hoping sooner than later that Star Wars fans revolt and stop giving Lucas their hard earned Nerd cash.

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