Friday, December 5, 2008

Mr. first week as an investor

I'm pretty sure the big boy will be mobile by Christmas. He can sit up and roll over (no, not on command like a dog). His legs are getting stronger and soon he'll be able to stand while holding onto a chair. Crawling should be next. And yes, we will have a much more 'man sized' tree next year. And Powell, yes....he is mine....I'm quite certain.
Dec 5th marks a week and a bit of investing. What did I see ? The market got stinkier, the dollar dropped due to lower commodities and a bunch of grade 7 school girls at Capitol Hill, and I found out one of the stocks I'm investing in, although a good deal, does not fit my model for continuous dividend pay outs. I will put together a post with a few links and "how to get started" strategies/tips that, to me, make sense and that anyone could follow if they were so inclined (keeping in mind I am not a professional and this stuff is just the rants of some guy hangin' out on his couch and learning as he goes).

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