Wednesday, December 17, 2008

Quick Trip to Chicago....

Chicago...Chicago >singing< class="blsp-spelling-error" id="SPELLING_ERROR_0">O'Hare right now waiting for my flight. It's too bad I didn't have more time to really get into the core. I've been here a couple times, but have never really visited. This time, I stayed at a Baymont Inn in Alsip (I was told this is where Al Capone grew up, but I haven't checked that yet). The meeting was in Whiting Indiana (right next door next to the lake).
There's not too much to talk about since this is such a quick trip. We flew in last night, took almost 2 hours to drive a 30 minute distance (I was being a funny guy to the gal at the Hertz desk...she asked if I wanted an upgrade to a 4x4 and I said "nah, being from Calgary I'm used to driving in this weather"...she then asked if I wanted this insurance, and I said "yes, I don;t think anyone else is used to driving in this weather"...ha ha....ok, it was funnier at the time).
Got to the hotel at around 11pm after stopping for supper (ate at a place called Uno's....I think it's a bit of a chain place...I had a deep dish Chicago style was alright). Finally got to bed around 1am.
Woke at around 5:50am, in the car at around 6:20am and arrived at our meeting at 7am ( the drive was better).
Meeting was productive and quick (most of the people were leaving for the holidays after lunch).
Since the meeting was completed early we went straight to the airport in hopes of changing the flight to and earlier departure. NO SUCH LUCK. we're sitting in the Red Carpet fancy pants lounge for the next few hours (we've already been here a few hours) until our flight leaves. We should get home at around midnight with me getting home at 1am. And I hear the weather at home can be again compared to what we find in River's diaper.....nice.
Next time I come to Chicago (this summer in June ?), I plan to stay for a couple days and take in the sites downtown (at least to see where they filmed Batman Dark Knight).

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boywonder said...

I knew you were a secret Obama fan afterall.