Friday, December 26, 2008

Valkyrie - or Jerry Maguire Starts a Coup

Since the malls were a ridiculous mess of people, we decided to take in a movie this afternoon. We had a few choices and decided on Valkyrie. I had heard some rumblings about this movie while in production so my expectations were low, although I was interested enough to check it out.
Valkyrie, the Tom Cruise vehicle, is the true story of the 15th and last attempt to assassinate Adolf Hitler. Cruise plays Col. Claus von Stauffenberg, a loyal-to-Germany soldier who doesn't see eye to eye with the Fuhrer or the SS and is a person who will commit treason to see that Hitler and the SS are removed from power.
Screen writers Christopher McQuarrie and Nathan Alexander do a good job of creating the suspense and tension that go with trying to assassinate a dictator. They don't spend a lot of time on the 'why' all these men plot together to remove Hitler other than the fact that they are passionate about Germany and that they are 100% against what Hitler and the SS represent. They are all willing to give up everything for their cause.
The movie is well shot, intriguing and informative [like a 'coles notes' history lesson] and made me want to look up details on some of the other attempts on Hitler. Where this movie falls is purely with Cruise. It's near impossible to suspend belief and view him as a German Soldier and not as Maverick or Jerry Maquire. You almost expect to see him bust out some silly move with a hand bag, like he's flipping booze bottles in Cocktail, or bust out some crazy spy stunts like in the Mission Impossible licks. Also, thank god he didn't try to throw on some silly German accent, which would have failed like his awesome attempt at an Irish accent in 'Far and Away'. This movie would have played better with Clive Owen or Daniel Craig.
Not sure if it's worth full price, but it is worth watching.

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You should leave the console business and start being a professional movie reviewer. Always a funny read.