Monday, December 15, 2008

The week before Christmas

We're now at the week before the big boys first Christmas. He hasn't been up close to the snow just yet since the outside temperature is 'ass snapping'. Presently it's about -30, -stupid with the wind chill. For those of you in warm climates, this means that exposed skin can freeze in about 5 minutes. This is not normal temps for this time of year, we usually get this around February. I will have to brave the cold though to finalize my Christmas shopping. Ha...finalize, I really haven't started so this weekend will be full of circling parkades looking for parking stalls, trying not to get into fist fights with people who will scoop the spots, battling the other last minute shoppers, dealing with bad customer service from the temperary holiday staff. Ah...tis the season.

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boywonder said...

Dude, minus 30 is never normal here. It's so cold, Stephen Harper actually is starting to look warm.