Thursday, December 31, 2009

what's this mean ?!?!?!?!

Happy New Year !

The Prez cuttin Kanye...awesome !

I couldn't say it better Mr. Prez....

Soggy Leftovers....

I made awesome Spicy Sausage Quesadillas last night...they turned out great. So I was all excited as I had the leftovers ready for my lunch today. We don't have a stove in the office so I had to use the does that suck...Now I have soggy quesadillas. It's so disappointing. I was pumped for these things. Mind you, they still taste good, but there's just something about the soggy texture that just lets you down.

Speaking of the office....this place seems funny when I'm the only one sitting here...that's what i get for being the boss. Well, I'm not staying late that's for sure (even though I have tons to do...why do today what you can kill a Sunday doing....wait, that's not right).

This may be the last post of the year so I leave you with these gems...

Wednesday, December 30, 2009

colds are awesome during the holidays

the wife got sick just before christmas which has now spread to the boy and me (oh no H1N1...oh wait, is that crazy train over ?). Well...I'm not really sick...just a few sniffles...I'll just drown it with beer tomorrow night. That always works right ?
needless to say, due to the family sniffles, the household is moving in slow motion (also there's this weird 'grandma's basement' smell in the air.....not River's Grandma of course as she reads this...i mean, like olden days grandmas). I think I know what it is...but I was just told if I write it down I may get bitch slapped upside the head....

moving on. the boy has fired up a new trick. he's now started taking his pants off and running around the living room....this is fun (well, he thinks so). the little bugger has also decided that he is a full time 'climber'. Stairs, furniture, chairs, tables, whatever he can get his hands on and his belly on top of. this makes for more parent sprints across the house. have to stay nimble.

well...due to the haze in my head that's all i've got. 10 more minutes of the office and i'm in bed.

tomorrow is new years eve.......i think the blender will get a work out !

Hann Solo P.I.

Monday, December 28, 2009

Smith's crap buddy cop flick

just a correction....Smith didn't write his new straight to the cheap theater flick...he's just been tapped to direct...which TOTALLY is jay's line "where's my muthaf**kin movie cheque ?!?!". It makes more sense that he would just direct this garbage versus writing it...I mean, a man's gotta get paid somehow....

I'll still wait for when it hits the t.v.

WTF is Kevin Smith up to ?

I have a soft spot for the movie clerks. I first heard about it back in '94 or '95 I think, and I rented it and loved it instantly. I made my friends watch it and got them hooked. And I waited excitedly for each and every new flick. Each one has their moments, but none really got me the way clerks did (jay and silent bob did make me laugh out loud a fair amount).

Now, I know, as people get older they begin to change (all you need to do is look at what Lucas pooped out with the new trilogy). Their priorities change, their views, their ideals, their financial requirements and what in the end is important to them (fan approval possibly). I kinda thought that Kevin Smith would sort of dance that fine line between indie dick and fart joke film and major studio release. And I know he's never shy to admit he's somewhat of a whore when it comes to makin' cash (he sells just about anything he can get his hands on). BUT, I'm a bit shocked at his newest flick. I think Jay would sum this up in one of his most famous phrases from Jay and Silent Bob "Where's my muthaf**kin movie cheque ?!?!?". I never thought I would see Kevin Smith writing and directing a run of the mill buddy cop flick. Although Lethal Weapon 1 & 2 and Beverly Hills Cop 1 & 2 were great flicks (Rush Hour's were predictable carbon copies) I think the genre has seen about all it can see unless it gets a reboot or is reinvented. And to be honest, I don't see either in the trailer. This just looks like any rehashed buddy cop flick...throw in over the hill hardend white cop with loud mouth funny guy black cop, toss in a funny side kick criminal and there we have it... make up your mind, but I will probably wait for this one at the cheap theater or on T.V.


If you are a movie fan / Original Star Wars fan I would recommend you watch this guys entire 70 minute long review. It kicks ass !!!
This guy just doesn't rip the movie cause Jar Jar is lame...he rips it because it's a bad movie and he does a great job in backing up his arguments.

I would go to his You Tube page and watch all parts.

Funny Star Wars Spike Ads

Hits of 2009 mashed up as one

Here's a cool mash up of the hits of 2009 by DJ Earworm.

Flames Game Dec 17th - iphone pic

Wednesday, December 23, 2009


curled up on the couch with fresh baked chocolate cookies and some egg nog watching Alister Sim get scrooged !

Final day at the office = Pizza and Beer

Just getting ready to shut it down for Christmas from the office. Finished off a few pieces of pizza and a beer (I bought the boys lunch....I'm such a nice guy).

Now, time to clean up the desk (ummm....that can wait) and pack my shite and get 'er done...the 'er = christmas shopping. Yes folks, I have really left it until last minute...but I have the rest of the day so that should be ok.

1 quick comment about something I saw a while ago...I'm a huge geek when it comes to Star Wars (original, not the new ones) and I saw a Death Star Lego in a store along with a Mellenium Falcon which looked super detailed and cool. I expected these to come in just over 100$...I was WAAAAAY wrong. Both were upwards of 700$. WHO IN THEIR RIGHT MIND WILL PAY THAT ?!?!?!?!?!

Anyway...Next post will more than likely be after Christmas....I had planned to not be in the office next week...but I just had a few bids drop on my know, business would be easy if it weren't for the customers... >wink<

Enjoy the fire !

Monday, December 21, 2009

A few Beers

At the work Christmas party this past weekend I had the opportunity to try a few new beers.

The first was the Erdinger Weissbier. This is a nice cloudy Bavarian wheat beer at 5.3% that has a very light flavour. Citrus works very well with this. I enjoyed this one and can see myself tucking into again in the future.

The second was the Blanche De Chambly. From Canadian Unibroue , another wheat beer at 5%, again a very light flavour that works well with Citrus.

The third was the Duvel . This is a Golden Ale from Belgium. A stronger beer at 9% but it doesn't have the bite of most strong beers. It's an easy drinking beer with a slight fruit flavour.

I would recommend any of these to someone who is tired of the usual during the holiday season.

My new favourite Rum

Pub Website and article

Here's a good pub website that I stumbled on through the Gunmakers blog.

Here's a good little article about Pub life and some great places to visit in the UK (I'm pretty sure I've been to a few of these...The DOVE for sure...)


Friday, December 18, 2009

Friday...1 week 'till Christmas

Friday....3:27pm.....shuttin' it down...headin' home to grab the family. We're goin' to our favourite Chinese place (Pearl Dragon) then off to Zoo Lights (The boy LOVES lights).

This weekend should be what I look forward to every year...crowded malls...yup...can't wait.

I'll try to do as fast as I can so my head doesn't explode.

Actually, what I do look forward to are the Christmas block busters at the theater. This year I plan on seeing Sherlock Holmes and Avatar. There are others, but these two are the ones I'll be hitting first.

Well, time to wrap it up, close the laptop, grab my 'stuff' and get the fudge outta here.

Thursday, December 17, 2009

Andy Sandberg - Love it

What i want for Christmas

I have no idea what I want/need for Christmas. This is such a simple time when you're young. You just open a Toys'r'us catalogue and point randomly. For me, it's become a time of doing a sock and underwear inventory...toss out the ones with holes, count what I have left and voila (for those non-French, that's pronounced WHA-LA....I just don't know how to put the accent above the a on this laptop) the difference is what I need for my stocking. Other than socks and man panties, I really can't think of what I want/need. Ok, let's be reasonable...I would love a PS3, XBOX 360, a new car, a remote controlled helicopter or plane, a Mac Laptop with music software loaded, new skates, and the list goes on....but I really don't NEED these things (the XBOX etc will come later when the boy is old enough to ask for it, so that's taken care of in time).

I've hit the point now where I don't want to accumulate 'STUFF' anymore...we're trying our best to de-clutter. So, I suppose the best gifts are things we can use...Gift Certificates for Restaurants, Trips, Hotels, Food, Diapers for the boy...wait, that's what I'm getting him scratch that (and I don't need them.....yet).

Yes. I think for Christmas, a trip to Vegas....that would be what I'd like to find under the tree this year. A weekend in Vegas in January, or Feb, or March, or all three (I'm not picky).

So...if this is being read by wife.....I think there's a pretty good hint above for what you can put in my stocking and under the tree :-)

Wednesday, December 16, 2009

I got Nuthin'

I got nuthin...nothing new to report or discuss. 2010 fast approaches as does Christmas and really I'm ill prepared for both. And now that the temperature is somewhat normal, I dread hitting the malls for Xmas Prezzies....nothing drives me more crazy than crowds in a mall.

But, on a good note, biz looks to be closing out 2009 with a bang. We're going to be crazy busy come 2010....means, I actually have to work now.... ;-p

I could ramble for a while longer but it's time to pack up and play squash....

I hope to have something much more interesting in my next post. In the mean time, here's a video to enjoy...

Saturday, December 12, 2009

It's that time of year again....

It's that time of year again. The holiday specials populate the boob tube. And, just like every year, I seem to miss my favourites. I've already missed Charlie Brown and The Grinch (good thing they are playing again on another channel). I'll need to make sure I don't miss A Christmas Carol or I'll be Mr. Bah Humbug.

And really, what the hell else are we gonna do when it's -30C outside but curl up in front of the T.V.

Friday, December 11, 2009

First appearance of Boba Fett - from 1978 Holiday Special

Big Boy Meets Santa 2009

Big boy went to visit Santa yesterday. It wasn't as easy as last year...last year, he sat on Santa's lap and just looked 'ho-hum'. This year he was having a great time in line with all the set pieces and decorations...but as soon as we got to Santa ? FO-GET ways in hell I'm sitting on that weirdo's lap....There wasn't crying, he just did his best impression of a noodle and tried to get away from the guy. (To be honest, Santa was a bit strange...I think they found the oldest guy in the city and put him in that chair...he seemed very very frail...he wasn't jolly...he wasn't chubby...he was just kind of skin and bones and a long grey beard). The pictures will make for a good story in the future.

Thursday, December 10, 2009


a quick search has shown me that a direct flight / return to Hawaii is only 565$ all taxes That's very interesting and requires some careful thought. (this could become the new mancation destination...I mean, family vacation destination....only a 7 hour flight)

Tuesday, December 8, 2009

X-Box 720 ?

What is the life expectancy of a gaming console these days? 3 years ? 5 years ? The original X-Box was introduced in 2001 and discontinued in 2006. X-Box 360 was introduced in 2005. If we follow the trend, it's life should be over next year. So...will the rumors of X-Box 720 be true (see concept sketch above) ? Who knows...All I know is I'll be forking out the $$$$ when the boy is old enough to know what they are and what they do (funny thing, when the boy does ask, I'll be in my car before he knows what's happening, mostly cause I WANT a new one...and I can't wait until he asks). I just hope that this happens when the new console is introduced (I'd hate to pay the $$$ and then 1 year later hear " DAAAAAAAAD...Can we get the new >insert game name here<..PUH-LEEEEEEEEEEASE ! the old one sucks").

Friday, December 4, 2009

Where did this weather come from ? - iphone pic

We got hit with some weather just before took me almost 2 hours to drive 20 min back to my office due to some a$$ who jack-knifed his trailer across two lanes on a straight road (I have NO idea how he did this). This picture is what it currently looks like out our office door.

It's time for me to cut out of here.

Thursday, December 3, 2009

News = Tiger bangs some waitress = Some Actor had lunch

I hope to god that the vast majority of thinking people in the world care as little as I about the fact that Tiger Woods was bangin' some chick on the side. Who cares. He got busted and it's going to cost him. This happens daily to unknown people all around the world, and unless it's happening to you, you could give a s**t.
Why is it that this is what's considered breaking news these days ? Why would I give a rats ass that Tom is paying Katie 75 mill to have another kid, or that Lindsay Lohan had a sandwich today ?
Is it because we are programmed to receive news 24/7 and that there really isn't anything interesting going on so this is what fills the void ? I think that says something about the current state of the world.
When someone like Spencer Pratt is writing a book about how to be famous when in true fact the guy is a douche who has no redeeming qualities....but seems to make a s**tload of cash for just that, is a sad sad sad thing.
What's even worse is I KNOW who all these people are so I'm just as guilty.
COME ON WORLD ! There needs to be a huge backlash. People need to stop feeding this ridiculous monster that keeps pumping out this crap. Stop watching TMZ. Stop reading Perez Hilton. (don't stop reading Tyler Durden cause he's funny and he posts pictures of girls...that's different).
I think if people start to fight this crap, people like Lindsay Lohan and Spencer Pratt will disappear and/or at least been seen for what they are.....talentless, uninteresting wastes of skin.

now to check facebook ( ha...that's a whole other rant in the making)

Wednesday, December 2, 2009

Next Vacation ?

With 2010 fast approaching, I'm finding that I need to plan farther ahead than just a month or so. It's no secret I have itchy feet; no sooner do I get home I want/need to go somewhere new. It's pretty safe to say that the remainder of December we'll be home (quick trip to see the family at Christmas but that's only a couple hours drive....there is a slight chance I may have to get on a plane, but I think that chance will be deferred to January...and that's work related).

The wife and I had discussed New Zealand and Australia....but If we do that, we would plan to make it a minimum of 3 weeks. And the question of whether we take Mr. Man comes up. He was ok with a 45 minute flight to Victoria, but a 16-18 stretch over the Pacific might be another thing (I would foresee lots of screaming...he just can't sit still...busy busy busy).

We have a couple weddings to attend in 2010 but they're local (1 in BC 1 in AB).

So. Where do we go ? Here's a list of possibles. Any recommendations would be great (keep in mind we'd like to drag the kid along, so boozy trips to Mexico, while possible, would be lower on the list).

  • New Zealand
  • Australia
  • Italy (we've been, but i NEED to go back...ah...Venice)
  • Switzerland
  • Quebec City / Montreal
  • L.A. (a return visit is MANDATORY!)
  • Las Vegas (already have stuff paid for, just need to pick the dates, and we wouldn't take the boy)
  • Somewhere Hot.....Hawaii ?

That's just a few off the top of my head. Road trips aren't out of the question either.

Let me know what you think.

Giggin' with Trooper

I got the call a week or so ago "You wanna open for Trooper?"...I responded, "you had me at wanna". I used to be in a cover band in the early-mid 90's and the lead singer is still doin' his rock and roll duty and gets the odd opening act for some of the bands rolling through his neighborhood (we did an opening gig for Kim Mitchell a few years back).
This time, there was a problem. I didn't have an acoustic guitar. My old one met an untimely death in the back of a van (it was only in a gig bag and the neck was snapped off). So...I had to buck up and buy a new one. Since I plan on teaching the boy, I figured I better get a half decent one since I plan to keep it for the rest of my life. I hit the best places in town and let me tell you, in a time of recession, retail outlets need to up their CUSTOMER SERVICE. Here I am, a guy who is GOING to spend money and sales people ignored me. I went to a place where I knew people in the past and have bought many times. I wandered into the acoustic room and was greeted by a guy. 'good start' i thought. The dude helped me out for a bit and grabbed me a couple guitars to play. I asked the usual questions (at least showing I wasn't a, don't screw with me). I started to ask about price and the dude left. So I sat there and played. While I was playing another possible 'buyer' started asking ME questions about acoustics. I helped him out and gave him the low down on styles, prices, makes, etc. I started to wonder where my sales dude was as it had been about 20 minutes.
THEN, another dude walks in and say "you know we're closing in 5 minutes?". I was a bit shocked and told him "I'm waiting for the sales dude that was in here"...he shrugged and came in and started cleaning up. The guy I was helping thanked me for the help and left (the new sales dude didn't bat an eye at So...since the five minutes were up, I packed up the guitar and chatted with the new guy, dropping the names of the people I knew that worked there (trying to get a reaction out of didn't seem to do anything other than annoy him slightly). He walked me out (I didn't see other sales dude). All I thought was, these douches lost a sale.....dummies.
So I drove over to their competitors, who were still open for an additional 3 hours. I was greeted as soon as I walked in. I walked into their acoustic room and was followed by one of the sales guys who waited until the right time to ask me what I was looking for. I quickly told him and we went through the 'I know what I'm looking at so don't try to sell me something stupid' stuff and also the 'does the sales guy know what he's talking about'. Both were good. We worked through a few guitars and I found the one I liked ! DONE ! SOLD ! BAM ! Commission for the dude who gave me good service !
Listen people ! In every business, good customer service will get you repeat and continued business and money in your pocket, no matter if you're selling me a guitar, a pint, a car or a house !
I packed up on Thursday to hit the road with the intent of learning the songs on the way (by listening to them of course)...once I was 20 min into the drive I realized my CD was screwed...stupid I only had the songs on my laptop which wasn't good for listening on the road.
I arrived with enough time to run thru the songs once and then head out for a pint (it was a runaway).
Gig day, we rehearsed the songs again (tunes from The Band, Barenaked Ladies, The Hip, Neil Young, Blue Rodeo, Stompin' Tom, and a couple others...funny...I can't remember which ones they were). We figured they were pretty good and we headed off for sound check at 3:30. We checked at 5:30......
Doors opened at 9pm and we weren't sure what time we were going on. We asked the bar owner and he figured 10:30 (sheesh, that's my bedtime). Trooper was on at 11:30 (yikes).
We hit the stage (the place was pretty big with two levels and the stage was a good 5-6' from the dance floor...there were at least 2-300 people there all groovin to hits of the 80's) at 10:20 and cranked out the tunes. I was impressed. We fell back into it like we hadn't stopped playing (a couple missed notes from me but nothing the crowd would notice). Even the sound guy, who's rare with the compliments, told us we sounded great. That and the cougars hitting on us afterward gave us the validation we so needed ! (ha).
Trooper came on blazing at 11:30 and had the crowd rolling with what could have been the entire playlist from Hot Shots...the only one I didn't recognize was a 'new' tune....let's jut say, this won't be a Canadian classic.
We met the guys after the show, drank their beer, ate their food, and hung out for the rest of the night.
I had the opportunity to go to their show on Saturday in Calgary for the Grey Cup Riders party (comp'ed tickets, beer, back stage) if I helped them drag swag and merch back to Calgary but that would have meant me getting up the next day at 5am (EF THAT!).
All in all a good show, a good weekend, and good guitar lost it's cherry...and we were there for a good time, not a long time, the sun don't shine everyday (see what I did there ?)
I hope there's more shows in the future.

Monday, November 30, 2009

Canadian Recession Over ?

Info from
OTTAWA — The end to the recession didn't come with a bang but with a whimper.

Nevertheless, the news Monday that the Canadian economy eked a slim gain in the last quarter made it official: The nine-month ordeal is over.

The data from Statistics Canada showed the economy grew at an annual rate of 0.4 per cent in the third quarter, far lower than the one per cent growth economists had forecast and the two per cent the Bank of Canada had called for.

Yet it marked the country's emergence, at least numerically, from a period in which the financial crisis threatened the world's banking system, stock markets plunged into an abyss, and hundreds of thousands of Canadians were thrown out of work.

Economists welcomed the news, although they cautioned that the data on gross domestic product, or GDP, contained troubling signs.

"The Canadian economy is erratically grinding out of recession, led by broad-based gains in domestic spending," said BMO Capital Markets economist Douglas Porter.

The numbers were "not exactly a clanging endorsement of the 'end of recession' story . . . but they set the table for a much better fourth quarter."

For all the pain it brought, this recession was in fact less severe than those experienced in the early '90s and early '80s in terms of duration, the unemployment rate and the decline in economic growth.

It was the domestic economy that saved the day.

"Canada didn't have the credit problems that they had in the U.S. and elsewhere," said Diana Petramala, an economist at TD Economics.

"That allowed Canadian businesses and consumers to take advantage of low borrowing rates that other countries couldn't capitalize on,"she said.

That availability of credit helped fuel a dramatic turnaround in the national housing market, and should help push the economy ahead as recent home buyers buy furniture and carry out home renovations, she said.

Furthermore, she said, Monday's data showed a sharp rise in domestic demand, in terms of personal consumer expenditures and a 25 per cent increase in business investment in machinery and equipment, a rate of growth not seen since 1997.

Yet that's where the troubling signs emerge. All that spending by businesses, governments and consumers barely nudged our economic output.

"Canadians are spending, but not on what we make at home," cautioned Avery Shenfeld, chief economist at CIBC World Markets. Instead the spending went to imported goods.

"We tend to focus on the fear that our exports will be restrained by the higher dollar but we could also see the impact of the strong currency on importers gaining market share in the Canadian domestic economy."

"It's likely to be an ongoing area of concern."

The result was barely discernible annualized growth of 0.4 per cent, a far cry from the 2.8 per cent growth recorded by the U.S. in the third quarter.

"We're out of the recession but the jury is still out on the pace of growth for 2010.

"We may face a somewhat less than typical first year of recovery, largely because of the strength of the Canadian dollar but also because of the potential for growth t next year to disappoint in terms of the global economy," Shenfeld said.

Q3 GDP (% change from previous quarter / annualized / year-over-year):

First quarter 2008 -0.2 / -0.7 / +1.7

Second quarter 2008 +0.1 / +0.3 / +0.7

Third quarter 2008 +0.1 / +0.4 / +0.3

Fourth quarter 2008 -0.9 / -3.7 / -1.0

First quarter 2009 -1.6 / -6.2 / -2.3

Second quarter 2009 -0.8 / -3.1 / -3.2

Third quarter 2009 +0.1 / +0.4 / -3.2

Source: Statistics Canada

UK wrap up

I should have done this earlier...some of the details are getting hazy.

The remaining days in London we stayed at a friend of mines place in Parsons Green. One of the nights we headed South West to Putney Bridge. We hit a number of pubs of all shapes and sizes. Half way through, we stopped at a fish and chippy and the dude serving us thought our whole "fly to England to visit pubs" thing was hilarious (he thought it was so funny he threw me an extra piece of fish). And, what did I do ? I ate it...and what did that do ? Filled me the pints were not flowing down. I had to switch (only for a night, so it was ok). I went to rum and coke. At the first place I ordered it, Todd brought me my drink...i tasted was spiced rum...i asked " Bacardi" ? Nope....."Captain Morgan" ? Nope....what then ?

SAILOR JERRY....yes folks....Sailor Jerry. Sounded like Capt. Morgans slower step brother...and yes, it is a real beverage This had us laughing for the rest of the weekend.

Once we were done with the pubs and needed food, we went to find a fish and chippy, but at that time the places that were near were closed. We tried pizza, but it was closed as well. What was open ? Fried Chicken....nope good stuff either (even in our condition it was...meh). Funny enough, I was lazy enough to take a taxi to the chicken joint, but was adamant about walking home after we had the grub. We walked through a park heading south from Fullam Broadway. We were informed the next day for a nice lady in the pub that we were CRAZY for doing such a thing. Sensible people do not do such things late at night unless we were asking to get mugged. I'm thinking, we're big enough that people probably kept their distance from us thinking we were the bad boys. Don't worry, nothing happened to us and to be honest, I didn't see one person in the park (it was well lit)

The next day we decided to try and find one of Ramsays pubs, so a 2 second look at the phone when I had internet at the Duke and we were off. Too bad I forgot within 10 seconds what stop we were supposed to get off at. So we jumped on the train and took a wild guess. I thought it was quite far east so we just stayed on the train. It's interesting from a sociological perspective to see how things change the further you get east. We went as far as Upney and thought that was far enough. Yes...Upney (are those bullet holes in the sign?). We got off and wandered...and there was nothing near the didn't take long until we turned around. We wasted about 3 hours traveling that day. Oh well, we saw some interesting sites. We ended up getting off at Whitechapel which is where we should have got off the first time around. We hit a few places and then ended up back in Parsons Green (MISSING THE SUNDAY ROASTS AGAIN !!! dammit).

Monday we headed out again looking for a couple specific pubs. One of them being the Gunmakers. I follow this one on their blog (the owner Jeff does a frequent blog and he's quite the beer lover). It took us a while to get there but we made it....TOO LATE FOR LUNCH dammit ! But I did meet Jeff and I tried the pints he recommended. Landlord and Purity. Both very nice.

Jeff also gave us directions to another pub...I'm not at all sure if we followed his directions right, but we ended up at a place called the The Hat & Tun. Here we tucked into a few pints and we met a group of interesting fella's. One guy was a Jeweler, another was a digital photo fixer (this guy worked for all the big names), 2 guys who owned an online travel company (one of these guys just had a baby a few hours previous and was de-runk), and a furniture guy (who may sell our stuff, who knows). We hung we these guys and then joined two of them off to a couple other pubs.

It was a good last night there.

The next day we woke up sluggishly and had to get on the road. We had to drive the car back to Crawley...this was entertaining. We made it back without incident and with time to spare. Got back to Gatwick with 4 hours to our flight, so enough time to hang and have some lunch.

Flying said in previous post, Air Transat is like a cattle car. I was hoping to gawd that my row was full of either kids or Pygmies. It wasn't. It had a husband and wife....a rather LARGE husband and wife....I think they saw the look in my eye when I saw that was my row. I sat down and it wasn't too bad. Dude next to me leaned towards his wife and I leaned to the isle so, i thought, it wouldn't be too bad for the flight (thank gawd the inflight entertainment was working). 1o minutes into the flight the couple starts to get bitchy. The two sitting next to each other are not comfortable. The flag down a flight attendant and ask (which I rolled my eyes) if there was a row with empty seats. The flight attendant politely told them that the flight was sold out and there were no extra seats. The woman proceeded to bitch about the small seats and that her husband has a bad back (he was like 26 or something ??? Maybe it's not his back, maybe it's his MASSIVE gut lady), and that they wouldn't be able to eat properly (I laughed a bit when this was one of their concerns). The flight attendant did what would have...shrugged. I tried to be polite and lean over as much as possible...I did make a comment to them that "what did you expect from a charter cheap flight ?" and then they bitched more about flight delays and cancellations...again, what would you expect ??
Most of the flight was uneventful, until it was the ladies 3rd, 4th or was it her 8th trip to the bathroom. After was seemed like the millionth time, the dude clued in and moved to her seat against the window. She came back...I got up...and she sat down...but couldn't fit so she lifted the arm rests, sat and then brought them down...but not all the way. CAUSE HER ASS AND THIGHS WERE SPILLING INTO MY SEAT !!! and I mean REALLY SPILLING....I gave her a look like "how am I going to sit down?"...she rolls her eyes and then leaned on her husband. So I said "WTF" and sat my ass down, forcing my ass into the seat and pushing against her...she gave me the "hey you're being rude" look...i didn't care....if I was going be pressed against this woman for 4 hours, I was going to make it uncomfortable for her as well. So...I just threw my shoulders back and went to sleep. I could care less if I was snoring.
Look...I'm not insensitive...I'm a bit on the hefty side...BUT I KNOW WHAT TO EXPECT when I fly charters. If you are Overweight and you can't fit between the arm rests, fly with a regular carrier (another good way to signal this is if you need the seat belt extenders). Suck it up. It will cost you more, but you'll be comfortable and you won't piss off the people next to you. OR, buy an extra seat so you can spill into it.'ll just have to endure pissed off people and long uncomfortable flights. Maybe save the money from the trip and join a local boot camp.

Needless to say, I will think long and hard about flying with a charter next time (I won't be stingy with my points that's for sure).

It was a great trip. I don't think there will be another for quite some time (unless I get really really lucky).


Just a quick update. What I'll do tonight: I'll finish telling the tale of the last few days in the UK and the flight home. Also, just got home from a quick road trip to BC where I did an opening gig for Trooper (I'll give you the highlights).

At home we put up the Christmas tree and outside lights. The boy was freaked when he saw the tree (he digs lights).

More later

Tuesday, November 24, 2009

Seinfeld Reunion - Curb your enthusiasm

You gotta love Larry David. His show kicks ass. The whole season was funny with the Seinfled crew. Here's the final episode with the show. GEORGE IS GETTING ANGRY !

The Muppets KICK ASS !

Sunday, November 22, 2009

UK Pub Tour - Day 2, 3 and 4

The next day I got up, shook off the cobwebs and jet lag...laughed about the chicken bones strewn about the room and proceeded to get myself ready for day 2. We had a room booked at the Chelsea Football Club Hotel (as you may recall, we stayed at this place last time). Even though we wanted to hit new areas, it's hard to pass up a great deal for an awesome hotel (140$ CDN all in), also, it's near my buddies place (he's an architect in London and also likes his pints).

It took most of the day to get to the place and check in (I also did a few hours of work while I had a good Internet connection).

I met up with my buddy in Parsons Green at the White Horse. This is a great looking pub (and well known in the area for having a great selection of beers). I meet my friends and we headed upstairs for some supper. I of course sampled the fish and chips (very nice) and we sat and chatted while throwing back a Czech beer Staropramen. It's a light tasting beer that goes down nice (and quick....). My friends girlfriend wasn't feeling well so she left early and left us to sample a few more pints. We ended up killing the night there and I stumbled back to the hotel (even though a few places were open, I didn't really feel like hitting the 'night clubs').

The next day was slower day, we headed back to the same area to a Pub called the Duke (see previous trip). I think I only had a couple and then headed back to the hotel (yes...can you believe I went to do some work). After working we hit the pubs close to the hotel and I even broke with tradition and had a Pizza for dinner. The even was an early one...I believe I packed it in around 9pm.

The next day we packed up our shite and headed to my friends place in Parsons Green (he had given me the keys to stay at his place for the remainder of the trip....he was off to Spain to propose to his girlfriend). This was awesome. It was 1) FREE 2) FREE and 3) FREE. And did I mention it was FREE ? Also, it was near a train station, and PUBS !.

After we were squared away we decided to head west into an area we had never been. We worked our way to Putney Bridge. We stopped in at a fish and chippy who gave us directions to pubs (he liked our story and why were there so much he gave me an extra piece of fish for free...did i mention i like free? ). We tried to hit every pub we could (at times my phone would connect to free Internet so I could check the map for more near by pubs). It was interesting to see the price differences from pub to pub. The best prices are obviously in the 'old man pub locals'.

We slowly made our way back to the pad (hitting the Duke before it closed....the Duke would strangely become our 'go to' place for the next few days...the Bartender started to recognize us and what we drank).

More to come.

Friday, November 20, 2009

Nov 09 - UK Pub Crawl Night One.

Firstly, I'll apologize for the pictures. I took all the pictures with my iphone; some are good some..meh. This will just be a recap of the first night...I'll do the rest later.

We began this pub crawl looking for the cheapest flight we could find. For some reason Air Canada is not lowering their prices in slow season, which makes no sense, so the best we could do there is over a G. So, we sucked it up and went with Air Transat. There's a couple things to note when booking with a charter: 1) you're at the mercy of their flight dates 2) the flights are cheap...but there is a very good reason for this.

Normally, we book to leave on a Wednesday and Come back Monday. Due to the fact that we went with Air Transat (price of the flight was 549$ all taxes in) we had to leave on Tuesday Nov 3rd and return the following Tuesday. The extra couple days were ok, since we were saving cash on the flight and for three days we crashed at a friends pad so we didn't have hotel costs (remember...I'm thrifty..and the reason I can do these trips frequently is I don't go crazy with the cheese whiz with cash, I find deals and I have a fantastic and understanding wife).

The flight left on time...and let's get back to the comment I made about "the flights are cheap and there's a reason" .... I refer to these planes as cattle cars. They fit an extra 2 seats in each row, so when I sit in the seat, my hips hit the arm rails in each side..I fit without too much issue and the seats are ok...not great, but not hard as rocks. Leg room is ok (I made sure I had an isle). Now, the issue comes with your shoulders. I'm not a small person so my shoulders kind of exceed my seat area. But, being in a isle I can lean to the side so it's not that big of a deal. Really, it's not that bad.


You get a flight like ours (going and coming home). Going, there was no in flight wasn't working. For me, not a big deal, I stayed up late the night before ans was planning to sleep the whole way there (which I did...ish). Also, I got a linebacker of a grandma who sat next to me and just shoved herself in and threw her shoulders back. Again, not so bad cause I could manage (and I slept...and I didn't really care). Coming home was a different story (I'll save that for later).

The flight was uneventful (mostly cause I slept) and the food is what you would expect from a low budget airline.

We landed at around 11:30 am at Gatwick. This is a first for me; usually I fly into Heathrow. Since we were at Gatwick we decided to stay a night in Crawley (it's a new town pretty much connected to Gatwick). We took a quick taxi ride to our hotel which was conveniently located on the high street near pubs of course. We stayed at the Gatwick George Hotel. This place is well worth a stay. It's clean, quiet, at the center of high street and CHEAP ! We paid 90$ CDN all in for a night. It doesn't look like much from the outside, but the place is huge and seems to be well run.

Once we checked in and freshened up (usually consists of a blast of spray to the pits and a splash of cold water to the face) we headed out...not for beer just yet...we needed to line our stomachs. We hit the fish and chippy...right around the corner (perfect location). Once the days meal was down, we headed out for our first pint. First up was the Brewery Shades. Cute little place. I decided this year I was going to get into the traditional ales and not partake of the big names (I did pretty good). My first pint was Greene King Abbot Ale. Nice and refreshing.
After the first pint, we set off to get a UK phone. Believe me, if you're traveling for an extended time, bring your phone for emergencies ONLY. Buy a local phone. You can usually pick one up with minutes, ready to go for about 40-60$ CDN depending on the features. In some cases you can just buy a sim card. This is much better than getting home and getting a 1000$ bill in the mail.

After we got wired up we headed to the next place. The Rat & Parrot. This would not be considered an 'Old Man Pub'. It had a nice looking long bar. The interior was large and very open inside (it had a similar long bar on an upstairs). This pub struck me as possibly a place where the young crowd would gather on a Friday/Saturday night and get boozy. It was probably a frequent stop for the local police...nothing to back that up...just a feeling given the looks of the interior. We had one from here and moved on.

Next was the Old Punch Bowl. This is a bit more of an upscale pub. Very nice interior with comfy couches and chairs. Nice high chairs and tables, and friendly staff behind the bar. We decided to take a bit of a break and stay for more than one. We sipped a few here and watched the sun go down. Most of the pubs weren't very busy since it was a Wednesday night and to this point no one had been too receptive to chatting. So we stuck to ourselves and discussed the plans for the rest of the week.

After downing a couple, we decided to move onto the next place. We did a U turn, wandered by a place that was obviously more of a night club, and headed back toward the hotel. We stopped at the The Jubilee Oak. Again, not an old man pub. This one is part of the Wetherspoons Chain. Even though I want to go to more 'Local-Old Man Pubs' I'm certainly not a Pub Snob and I was thirsty and they had a 'Real Ale' special on. We bellied up to the bar and tucked in to some of the cask ales they had on tap. At this point, we were at 'Chatty' mode. There was enough ale flowing that we weren't content to just chat with each other. It didn't take long until we had a couple new friends. I have no idea what their names were, but they were friendly guys. local builders out 'on the lash'. Along with these two funny guys was a dude at the bar who, as I recall, was farther than we were. His voice sounded like Bill Nighy which made me laugh so I just kept him talking (I snapped his picture). I think at some point he tried to hit me up for cash...not really sure...but all I did was just continue to laugh and tell him to keep talking. This went on for a few pints. Then for some reason, I decided to head to another pub with slow talking Bill Nighy dude while Todd stayed with the 2 builder dudes. (it's funny how after that many pints any semblance of common sense starts to disappear...not saying we put ourselves into precarious situations, it's more...I have no idea who this guy is and maybe he's a crazy serial killer..but, he seemed alright and the other pub was around the corner so WTF, let's go). I'm not sure what the name of that pub was...I only had one and the body told me it was time to go. I made my way back to the George..surprisingly, no problem finding the hotel even though when I walked out of the pub my first reaction was 'WHERE THE F**K AM I?". Also, no problem finding my room through the maze inside the building. I walked into the room to discover one of the most horrifying sites I have ever seen. Todd in his underwear with a bucket of Fried Chicken strewn all over. And damned if I couldn't get a picture (I have no idea what I was doing...I managed to get 3 pictures of my head...well I did have a few pints in me at that point). I believe we shut the night down around midnight.
It was a good start !

Thursday, November 12, 2009


I'm back. Back from a week in the UK. I'm back for my second day of work and just a quick post (I'll do the update tonight maybe). We hit some interesting pubs and places this time around and got up to our usual 'too many pints'-ness. Just one quick note before I go (I'll elaborate later)....DO NOT BOOK A FLIGHT ON A CHARTER IF YOU HAVE NO IDEA WHAT IT'S LIKE....there's a reason they are cheap.

'nuff said for now....

Tuesday, November 3, 2009

UK Nov 2009 - The last 'mancation' of the year

I'll be leaving today for my last 'mancation' for the year... tonight. For those who don't know, the 'mancation' is what my wife calls my trips to the UK to visit pubs. Along for the ride is the same person who's done a few of these with me.
Like previous trips, we always had good intentions of coming up with a plan and possibly hitting a new place, but it looks like we're up to our usual 'fly by the seat of our pants' approach. I will be booking a hotel for the first couple nights just to be sure we have a roof over our heads. Also, we'll be crashing at a friends place for a few days.

I'll try to update when I get there (I'm planning on hitting a pub that has a blog to see if I can get my smiling face posted...we'll see what happens).

Monday, November 2, 2009

Iphone Pic - Little guy takin' a break from Trick or Treatin'

I just downloaded the Tiltshifter for the iphone camera and this was the first picture I took. I need to work on it a bit but it's a neat app.

Tuesday, October 27, 2009

Bad Driving

I am amazed every morning and night at some of the shockingly bad drivers there are out there. And not just bad drivers, people who aggressively drive and THINK that everyone else is driving bad and they're just shite.

A week ago we were hit with a usual morning snow fall. One of these quick fall dumps that comes in like a lion, creates havoc and then melts and disappears in 24 hours. So...what do the dumb ass bad driving locals do? Yup..that's like it's a summer day.

On my way to work I get behind the wheel and give the road respect. I take it easy driving below the speed limit. I get to an area that's normally 90Kph. I'm doing 60Kph and that's pushing it. This arse gets right up on my tail. I'm already cursing this guy cause I can tell he's mister impatient and probably cursing me, the slow driver. It didn't take him long to switch lanes (into the lane that had more snow) and pass me at a good clip. It was only minutes when he switched lanes back into my lane. Except of course, he didn't respect the snowy road. His rear wheels hit the wet icy built up snow between the lanes and his ass end started to swing out. He did a 180 and ended up in the ditch. I came trundling by at my safe 60Kph and gave him a thumbs up. He gave me the bird. I laughed my ass off all the way to work. This guy was the definition of "an accident waiting to happen".

Dummies....they just won't learn until they kill someone...I hope it's just not me.

Monday, October 26, 2009

H1N1 Vaccination = New Zombie Movie ?

Doesn't this whole H1N1 Vaccination thing have the makings of a real life Zombie break out ? Compare it to, let's say, 'I am Legend'...worlds population is given an experimental drug, it kills off a chunk right away and then turns a big population into weirdo vampire zombies. Or '28 days later', 'Zombie Land' etc.

If the world does go all Zombie, I think I'll do ok. I'll need to work on my cardio (and I hope H1N1 Zombies aren't like the Rage Zombies in '28 Days Later'...meaning, they stumble and don't run).

So, I'll just be mindful of the news over the next few weeks and see if I'll need to stock up on water and shot gun shells.

Wednesday, October 21, 2009


Supernatural is by far, my favourite show on T.V. Nuff said.

Monday, October 19, 2009

Little big man's trip to the hair cut place

I say 'hair cut place' because it's not a barber and I wouldn't call it a salon. It's one of those 'cheap ass cuts by underpaid 0 experience hair hackers' kinda places. Don't get me wrong,I don't mind these types of places. I get my hair hacked there all the time...but i tend to keep it fairly short so it's hard to screw up a #3 on the side, back and short on top. And when they do screw up, it was only 10$ and grows out quick.

Anyway, we took the big boy in on Sunday to get his first chop and for some reason it was freakin' busy. They had a 9$ coupon in the local newsletter so every thrifty local with shaggy hair was in there lookin for a trim. We were asked if we were 'on the list' when we walked in. We said 'list' ? I asked if it was long and the woman sitting next to me giggled. I guess that meant 'yes'. The list WAS long, but we managed to squeak in. How, you ask ? Did we bride the girl who took our name ? Nope. Then how did we thwart their carefully managed list of 'who's next' ? We hung around for 5 minutes....yep...that's it. See..most people, came in said 'list' ? put their name on it and walked out the door. Either thinking that they had tons of time and they'd come back, or leave their name and leave and not come back. Also, it didn't help that the hair chopper girls weren't keeping the names in order and they didn't write times on the sheets. So, it didn't take that long until they called out a few names of people not there and then looked at us and said 'you're next'. Even the wife snuck in for a quick snip at the same time as the boy.

It was lucky that we got in so fast. We weren't so lucky with the girl we got. I believe we got the newbie, not necessarily to cutting, but to this particular shop and to english. Now, I don't want to tell people how to do their jobs, especially when I have no freakin idea how to do it, and I'm patient with non english speaking people....but, when dealing with a toddler, it seems to me, you have to move fast. Too much time was wasted trying to put the paper around the boys neck and the apron on him...and then the booster seat...and then something else (lots of needless fidgeting)....all this time, he sat still like the best boy in the world. Then the discussion about what we wanted. I was saying 'use the clippers and hack it down to an inch or so'...i was trying to think of something fast that wouldn't have sharp scissors next to his head (he tends to jerk his head around when he's and new places). It was unfortunate....all of the fidgeting and misunderstanding of what was wanted etc blew the boys' I'm gonna sit like a good boy' time.

I will give him credit...he did SIT for quite a while...he just didn't keep his head still. Again, not going to tell someone how to do their job, but I have no idea what this gal was doing....there didn't seem to be any reason to the madness. Little cut here, big cut there, do a bit in the back, maybe a bit on the side and front, spray a bit of water on the back, and start again (maybe she was just attacking what ever was the closest area she could get to). This seemed to go on forever....the wife managed to get her full cut done and we still weren't done with the boy until i sort of said 'OK...we're about finished' kowing it wasn't and fully expecting us to kind of trim a bit at home (even the girl who did the wives hair looked and said ' bout I fix that up'). I will give the girl credit for trying. She was nervous (hands shaking every now and then) and there was the pressure of all of the people waiting (they started turning people away half way through the boys cut). We declined the 'fix' from the other girl opting for stopping by sometime in the next few days. In the's not THAT bad...he looks more like a boy now. Just needs it cleaned up a bit. I think next time, we'll buck up and go to the place that is specifically for little guys.

Lazy Post Weekend Update

  • Stamps Riders All the action was in the overtime
  • Calgary Food and Wine Show (lots of goodies there)
  • Big Boys first Bog Boy Haircut (no freak outs, just his usual 'can't sit still self')
  • British Fish and Chippy just opened by our place...I will return !

Tuesday, October 13, 2009

Here we go again.....The Dollar is on the rise

Taken from - OTTAWA - The recent surge in the loonie could damage the pace of Canada's recovery, Prime Minister Stephen Harper warned Tuesday as pressure built on the Bank of Canada to intervene.

The Canadian dollar has risen more than five cents in the past two weeks, much of it in the last few days of trading.

It closed up 0.73 cents at 96.48 cents U.S. Tuesday from the central bank's posted rate Friday, although it had been above 97 cents for much of the day and was higher in overseas markets Monday when Canadian markets were closed for Thanksgiving.

Speaking in Vancouver, Harper said he was concerned, especially with the quick pace of the appreciation.

"As we said before, we're not out of the woods. There are many risks ... and obviously the value of the Canadian dollar is a risk to recovery," he said.

"I don't think it's a risk to choking off the recovery but if it goes up too rapidly it does have difficult effects on our economy."

The prime minister went on to say the currency is the responsibility of the Bank of Canada, but did not say what he believes governor Mark Carney should do, if anything.

Carney has taken to trying to jawbone the dollar down since it began its steady ascent from 76.53 cents on March 9 with little to show for it.

Avrim Lazar of the Forest Products Association of Canada said the time has come for Carney to match his words with action.

"This is not a penny mining stock we're talking about. It's our currency, the foundation of our economic growth," he said.

"I'm not going to tell Mark Carney how to do his business, but we're saying if you want to keep jobs in this country and you want to avoid destroying the recovery, he has to use the tools at his disposal."

The simplest way for the bank to intervene is to print Canadian dollars and use them to purchase the U.S. currency - in essence devaluing the loonie while increasing demand for the greenback.

Many economists have been forecasting the loonie would hit parity with the U.S. greenback in the middle of next year.

"It could happen middle of next week," said Derek Holt, vice-president of economics with Scotia Capital.

That is good news for consumers in Canada, who may see the prices of imported goods fall in what economists call a "back-door pay hike," and for vacationers or retirees who spend their winter months in the warm states.

However, a strong loonie is regarded as a net negative for the economy with about 35 per cent of the country's gross domestic product is tied of exports and three-quarters of those are destined for the U.S.

The Canadian Manufacturers and Exporters estimates a one per cent appreciation in the value of the loonie - roughly equivalent to one cent at current levels - reduces sales by about $2 billion, equating to about 25,000 jobs.

The bank's next opportunity to chime in on the dollar comes next week at its pre-scheduled policy rate announcement. Few Carney will intervene.

The problem is that Canada's currency is not the only one on the move. Since March 9, other so-called commodity plays have performed just as well, or as in the case of Australia, far better. The Aussie buck has risen about 43 per cent against the U.S. currency, to Canada's 26-per-cent appreciation.

"This is a freight train. There's only so much the Bank of Canada can do," said Douglas Porter, deputy chief economist with BMO Capital Markets.

Analysts say a number of factors are at play, including the fact that money seeking a safe haven in the world's most liquid currency during the crisis this past winter is moving elsewhere now that global growth appears to be resuming.

And the fundamentals favour Canada. Growth in China and other Asian countries is again leading to an increase in demand for commodities that Canada exports. As well, Canada is not as saddled with debt as the United States.

"Sentiment has turned very quickly, very negatively against the U.S. dollar. The market is very focused on the U.S. deficit and the plans for funding it... and the market is concerned about the general outlook for the U.S.," said Camilla Sutton, a currency analyst for Scotiabank.

In the past week, the loonie got additional turbo boosts from the surprisingly strong jobs gain reported on Friday - a net gain of 31,000 jobs - and the Australian central bank's decision to raise rates, leading to speculation the Bank of Canada would be among the next to move.

The loonie's strength, however, makes that even more improbable, noted Porter, since raising rates before the U.S. Federal Reserve does will only add more fuel to the loonie's boosters.

Thursday, October 8, 2009

Average Homeboy

I really can't understand why this guy is not a huge success like Kanye, Flave, Will Smiff, et al. This guy not only has the look, he has the moves and his rap chops are sick !

I have a feeling this guy will bust out huge and be all over Seacrest !

Wednesday, October 7, 2009

Apparently a life is worth 1.25 years in jail

Maybe I'm a hard ass, or too much in the favour of 'an eye for an eye'. I just seem to always have issue with verdicts given to criminals in Canada. Case in point, a guy, who threw back a bunch of Vodka, got behind the wheel of his cement truck and crazily drove back to town for whatever reason, and then, you guessed it, drove the massive weapon right through a car stopped at a red light, killing the entire young family inside. After the collision the guy tossed the bottle in the cement in the back of the truck and denied police a breath sample.
As far as I'm concerned this guy might as well have, gone down, bought a gun, and randomly pulled the trigger behind the heads of the people in the car.
You would expect a severe sentence for the killing of a young father,mother, 2 young girls, and a 16 month old baby...something in the neighborhood of rotting in jail until he dies. Nope. Our system found him guilty of Five cases of manslaughter which puts him in jail for....wait for it....8 years...with it being reduced to 5.5 ( and more than likely out on good behaviour in 2.5). And this was considered severe by the judge??????
This guy kills 5 and destroys the lives of countless families and he gets to go hang out for a couple years. Some say "oh, he has to live with what he did for the rest of his life"...BULLS**T...I think people miss the fact that he still has LIFE...what about the 16 month old and the young girls? They didn't even get a shot at life...and I'm suppose to feel bad for the dude who killed them cause he'll have possible feelings of regret ? I hope the people who say this never have to live with the fact that their baby or child was killed by a drunk driver.
I won't even get into the fact that the defence lawyer was shooting for probation and house arrest....
I get sick just thinking about this whole thing....

Read the story here:

Monday, October 5, 2009

Here zombie zombie zombie.....

I went and checked out 'Zombieland' on the weekend. I did have high hopes as I heard one review on the radio (yes radio) that gave it 4 out of 5 and a friend [Bonzo] gave it high praise. I had a feeling this could be one of those movies where the producers actually focused on a good script versus spending money on high priced actors.

And, I was right. This movie is no 'Shaun of the Dead' but it is a close second (very close). It had good laughs throughout the whole movie. The characters were well written and not completely predictable. It was very apparent to me that the side kick role was probably supposed to be Michael Cera, but he's kind of a hot property right now so they went for a cheaper version. Don't get me wrong, Jesse Eisenberg does an awesome job, it's just his delivery is very Cera (which works for the role).
Woody is Woody. Perfect for the role, like he was born for it...kind'a like Natural Born Killers and Woody on Cheers. The girls were replaceable. Nothing memorable about them. (Emma Stone looks better in this one than she did in Superbad...could be that she's not playing a teen...or maybe I have a thing for a girl with super eye liner that seems to change throughout the flick).

The cameo was funny, although I think there was a hell of a lot more they could have done in L.A. (like chase down celeb zombies and make movie/personal references while blowing their heads off "say hi to Xenu for me Cruise" or "you just shot the zombie paris hilton...she was a zombie?" stealing a line from the simpsons....but i digress.

This movie WILL have a sequel. It was #1 on opening weekend doing 24 Mill on a movie that had a production budget of 23.6 Mill....that's good economics boys when the flick makes all the money back on the first weekend and then gravy rolls in...and it will.

Friday, October 2, 2009

What is Google Wave

If you're like me, you wish you were up too speed with all the new tech but in reality, I'm just barely in front of mom...ok...I'm a bit further than that (not saying my mom isn't tech savvy...she is...she also reads mom for using you as an nasty comments please), but since new tech, apps and online features and tools seem to come out daily, it's not hard to get behind and say"what is that?". Case in I said "wtf is Google Wave?". A quick 'google' search and I found this helpful vid.

Thursday, October 1, 2009

Bitch Slap : The Movie

There's a special place in my heart for B movies. The old style, that had interesting stories but sub par acting and low budget special effects. It seems there's other people out there that like these a la Grindhouse: Death Proof and Planet Terror. Well, it seems like a few more are getting on the band wagon. Not sure if this one will have the same appeal, but if it's going for cheap thrills and tons of T & A it seems to be on the money.We'll see when/if it hits theaters. (I have a feeling it's a straight to DVD).

Ladies and gentlemen...I introduce...BITCH SLAP: THE MOVIE

Time to nut up or shut up !

I think I'm going to love this flick...I hope it doesn't suck

Wednesday, September 30, 2009

Where can I go to rant.... ?

I'm not a negative guy. Really I'm not. However, when I discuss work, or drivers I encounter, or people in airports or planes, the anecdote is usually prefaced with " you know what pisses me off ? " I think my wife has become desensitized and barely listens to what I have to say after she hears the infamous phrase. BUT NOW, finally, I have a forum for my rants. (other than on here)

If you're like me (or the guy in the IKEA kitchen commercial) who comes home and needs to get a bunch off the chest, you can now log in and vent. or "do you know what pisses me off" .com

I will probably be a featured poster on this site considering everything I see on a daily basis....

...calm blue ocean, calm blue ocean, calm blue ocean, calm blue ocean....


Tuesday, September 29, 2009

Can I see some ID please ?

We were in Banff on the weekend and were looking for a place to eat lunch. And, being with the boy, it usually limits the places we would go to. In this case, we walked by a pub and I wandered in to see if they were considered a 'family' restaurant during the day (some places do this so they can attract more biz...which makes sense to me). I didn't have to ask, as the high chairs and booster seats at the front door gave me a pretty good hunch we could saddle up.
We found a seat out of the way in the back so Mr. Grabby wouldn't cause too much commotion. He kept pretty busy coloring....until the food came. As soon as he saw it arrive he HAD to have everything at once. He tried a bit of Dad's fish and chips and a bit of Mom's Turkey Brie sandwich and soup. Like his dad he REALLY liked the salty chips. A couple times he reached for Dad's pint to wash back the tasty food (Like father like son). I told him he had a few years to wait for that.

Monday, September 28, 2009

Where the wild things are

I have to see this movie. I recall reading (looking at the pictures) this book a long time ago. That or it was read to me. And I recall it being a great story. When I heard it was being made into a feature film I was intrigued. I wasn't sure what they would do. Would they make it an animation or cartoon ? Would they make it with muppets ? I heard Spike Jonze was directing and for some reason I heard Spike, I thought 'weird', the dude who did 'Do the right thing' and 'Malcolm X' is doing a kids movie? ...anyway, next time I saw the preview I kept my ears open. After the first time I saw the preview, I think this will do well. It looks great. I WILL go see this flick.


I'm a big fan of the post Buffy / Angel campy humor shows. David Boreanaz ended up on Bones (which has it's moments) and Nathan Fillion (good Alberta boy) has his own show Castle. He plays Rick Castle, a famous horror writer that hangs out with a hot detective to gather info for new books (and helps solve crimes along the way). The show so far has me hooked, but just barely. I like Fillion. I've liked him since his stint on 2 guys and a pizza place with Ryan Reynolds (really like him on Firefly). He has great comedic chops and has the right look/act for the cocky writer. The writing on the show seems to be getting better, adding the right amount of 'silly' when it's needed. I'm not a fan of the 'hot' detective...I think they could have looked a little harder for someone...with a bit more acting talent. I hope the writing continues to get better/funnier like Buffy and Angel, and Castle goes on to making Fillion $$$$ (I hope Stephen King gets a cameo).

Thursday, September 24, 2009

Foo Fighters - Wheels - Tribute to Tom Petty ?

Is it me, or is Dave trying to do his best Petty imitation ?

You decide

6 year old girl escapes being hit by a car

I just finished writing the post about dummies behind the wheel when I saw this....


Things that drive me crazy when stupid people are behind the wheel of a car....

There is nothing more aggrivating than a dummy behind the wheel of a car. They are indeed where the phrase "an accident waitiung to happen" came from. Here is a sample of some of the things that get my blood pressure up:
  • Rubber Neckers - These are jack-asses who stop paying attention to what they're doing, typically slow down and stare at an accident or some other thing on the side of the road. Recently our receptionist was rear ended by a person doin' 100 Kmph because they were looking at an accident on the other lane...AND THEY ADMITTED IT TO THE COPS !?!?!?
  • People who have no idea how to use a traffic circle - and then honk and shake their fist at the people who many times do they need to side swipe someone until they learn ??
  • People who stop at the beginning of a merge lane....THERE'S A MERGE LANE SO YOU DON'T HAVE TO STOP !
  • People who don't know the rules of a 4 way stop and sit and stare at everyone else when they have the right of way. I have one near my house and daily I shake my head at people and then just go or I'd be sitting there for hours.

I could go on about people who pass on the outside of people turning, people who don't slow down in playground zones & residential areas, etc need to get the blood pressure up

Wednesday, September 23, 2009

Next Trip - Dover ?

We still haven't decided 100% where we will land for our next trip. Napa is are still cheap. Quebec City is still in the running since there are seat sales on Air Canada right now. However, Quebec in November is a crap shoot. It could be mild, it could be cold. UK still seems to call me.

If we do go to the UK, I think the coast will be in order. Possibly Dover. I've never been to the coast in England and I think, if it's the first time, why not hit the white cliffs. I'm trying to do some research about what else is in the region of interest. We'll have a week to keep ourselves busy (I'm sure the pubs will keep me busy, but considering this won't be a 'man-cation' I'll need to break up the daily pubbing with some sight seeing and eating)
We'll need to make a decision soon.

Tuesday, September 22, 2009


Just caught the season premiere of NCIS and NCIS L.A. I'm a big fan of the humor of the original NCIS and the new episode didn't disappoint. DiNozzo is the best character on the show and his comedic delivery is top notch. The overall story tonight was lame, but served to get Ziva back and possibly introduce a new hot girl to the mix (maybe extra tension for Tony and Ziva). The jokes were good...just have an issue with how fast ol' Gibbs must have been moving to get from his sniper perch to the terrorist hang out, then how stealthy he must have been to get inside and be able to save the day. Hmmmmmm.

As for NCIS L.A. It's a little early. It doesn't seem to have the same appeal. Doesn't have the same humor. It might take half a season to find it's groove. If it doesn't it might not last (even with LL).