Wednesday, January 28, 2009

Lead up to Vacation #2 in 2009

The last week has flown by. It's now time to pack and get ready for the trip to the airport at lunch tomorrow. We don't have a direct flight on the way down, which isn't the end of of the world. What should be a 3 hour trip will be 4.5 in flights and a 1 hr layover in Denver. Oh well. This means we'll be hitting the tables at 8pm instead of 5:30pm. I'm sure Vegas will wait for us.

The boy seems to be doing well this week. He's been having regular naps, and sleeping better at night. He was awful crazy/cranky this evening...maybe he can sense that mom and dad are buggering off on him again for a weekend of silliness.

I believe that the plan for Vegas is as follows: Arrive - get room - ditch stuff - go to the Peppermill - get girl drinks the size of my head - play craps - WIN - gamble & drink into a haze of dancing girls, Elvis music and flashy lights - Wake up in my clothes next to a Mexican midget with marriage certificate with someone named "Roshanda" - kick midget out of room & hide Brook from Roshanda - clean up - hit the breakfast buffet - poker tournament at Paris at 9:30am (this might be a bit aggressive after the Thursday night festivities, but we'll see ) - WIN - lunch - more poker - WIN - Slots - WIN - meet up with friends that arrive - hit the craps table at Bally's - enter haze of flashy lights, dancing girls, the sound of 'BING BING BING' and drinks in plastic Eiffel Towers - Wake up in Brooks clothes next to a Sammy Davis Jr. impersonator who calls me "babe" - clean up - hit breakfast buffet (at noon) with this point we'll be subdued mostly due to Roshanda nagging me that I never take her anywhere, ditch Roshanda and take Brook to Le Reve at Wynn ( we'll be going for drinks and dinner like respectable people...I'll need to tell Roshanda that I'm busy) - go to bed and remember it - Sunday will be a day full of poker and winning - then home and completely deny ever being in Vegas (I'll send Roshanda a letter telling her my real name is Darren Gangur).

Well...looks like I need to get my rest.


Monday, January 26, 2009

In case you missed it

Like I said, I never get to go anywhere.....

And the trips keep on comin'

And because I never get to go anywhere [cough] I've booked another trip. A friend of mine has convinced me to join him on his never ending quest to stalk Bruce Sprinsteen. In this case it will take us to Ireland. oh me lucky charms. We'll be hitting the heavenly skies on July 8th, from Calgary to Toronto, and then off to the land of Blarney and Guiness. Since we JUST booked the flight (my friend was here at 6pm and we were on 2 laptops booking the adventure) we don't have anything booked other than the concert....that we don't have tickets for just yet I might add [they go on sale on Friday, so the friend will be up late on Thursday booking online]. I've never been to the Emerald Isle so I will be hitting the touristy things...but fear not, I'm sure we'll meet up with Paddy O'Furniture daily. More updates as we get closer to July.

Sunday, January 25, 2009

Lazy Sunday Post

The week has gone past like a blur. We got back from the L.A. Hollywood tour late Sunday/early Monday so I slept in and worked from home the rest of the day. The big boy had his 'check up' Monday afternoon and passed with flying colors. I've noticed neither the nurses where he gets his shots nor the gal at the doctor office are very accurate when they take his height and weight. So according to the nurses he's around the 95th percentile and the dr. office thinks he's off the charts.I suppose it doesn't matter since all they want to see is if he's thriving; which he is. I just need to know the details for my meetings with the NFL & NHL scouts/agents >wink<.
Tuesday went by quick as did Wednesday...until the season opener of LOST. I will now be glued to the T.V. every Wednesday night for the next 9 weeks or so.
Thursday and Friday were much of the same; zipped by fast. Friday night I joined a friend and hit the poker tables for some 1/2 NLH. I must say that by using my method of play from online poker, it seems that I should be able to be in the positive every time I go. I'll be testing this in the future. And thanks to the people at my table, I was home by 9pm with a bag of Chinese food, and a pocket of $$$ that not only went in the bank, but has filled my car with gas, bought house hold supplies from COSTCO and supplies my stake for next week. week. Since it;s been busy at work, I need another break. So the wife and I are off to Las Vegas on Thursday for a weekend of fun. Grandma & Grandpa are playing the role of babysitter again while we're off being silly with US Dollars.
Since this is the lazy Sunday Post, I'll leave you with this:

Wednesday, January 21, 2009

Let the LOST begin !!!!!

As you can see by the counter, lost begins tonight. I'm all giddy. I need a glass of coke and some chips and's a big night.

Tuesday, January 20, 2009

That's some good Montalban

Whether he was pitching "Fine Corinthian Leather" or making peoples wishes come true on "Fantasy Island", The Montalban was always a presence on the small and large screen. Ricardo Montalban died on Jan 14th at the ripe age of 88. He will be missed....and as far as I'm concerned, his best role was as Kahn Noonian Singh in Star Trek II: Wrath of Kahn...the best Star Trek Movie to date. (and the dude had a massive house in Beverly Hills)

Monday, January 19, 2009

Quick Summary of LA LA Land

The trip to LA was worth every penny. We had a blast sight seeing, eating, drinking, and reconnecting with friends. I will do a full detailed account of the whole trip so you kiddies will have to wait to get the good stuff that will make you laugh and pee a bit.

Needless to say, I will be doing another trip down there as soon as possible and we'll try to be sure to plan it around something like the golden globes, SAG's or some other award thingy so that we can be sure there will be some celebs walking the streets.

In the mean time, here are some highlights of the last days to hold you over:

  • Got up, had breaky on 3rd day and headed to Universal where we got visitor passes and golf cart and carte blanch...we drove around unescorted...awesome
  • Headed back to sunset, drank on patio of 'Saddle Ranch Chop House' and watched people heading into a casting call across the street...this was where we saw the wackiest woman ever....this will almost take a post of its own, this crazy gal, dressed in hooker ankle high boots and what could be referred to as small boys khaki shorts put on a show for us, a dude at the StarBucks, 2 dudes on the patio with us and 3 underage boys across the street (they got a great show)...look for more about this possibly tomorrow.
  • Hooked up with pals and went to 'KOI' for awesome sushi, then to the Belmont & STK for drinks.
  • Got up next morning for breaky and saw Mark Magrath and McG
  • Friend took us on a drive up Mulholland Drive and out to Malibu (damn, if only we knew Pam Anderson was out there hangin on the beach we would have stopped)
  • Had a brief nap
  • Went for din din at Gordon Ramsay's at the hotel (bit of a story here where they lost our original booking, then screwed our second one up by 1 hour...we didn't finish until 11:30pm...more in later blog)
  • went to bed
  • Got up and had breaky at Cafe Primo and saw the filming of possibly a Nick-at-Night show with Jake T Austin (I have no idea who he is...some teen actor...the young girls next to us knew who he is)
  • Checked out
  • Went for drive to Venice Beach
  • had an in-out-burger
  • headed to airport pissed we had to leave the 29 degree weather
  • home to the boy

Stay tuned for complete details.

Thursday, January 15, 2009

Quick Update

Here's a quick update of what's happened the last 2 days (more detail and pictures in the next post, possibly tomorrow....I'm just a little sleepy right now)

  • Arrived - checked into hotel

  • Hotel is pretty swank...big ass room and patio

  • Had drinks on the rooftop patio...awesome view (pricey drinks)

  • Did quick driving tour of Rodeo Dr, Beverly Hills, Sunset Strip, et al

  • Had drinks with friend (Troy, old drummer from the old band from Lethbridge) at one of his hangouts near the hotel

  • got back to hotel late

  • Slept in 'till 9:30ish

  • Walked Strip

  • Breakfast at Mel's Diner

  • Walked to Hollywood Blvd and Grauman's Chinese theater (about 1 hour walk)

  • Did tour of Stars Homes, Rodeo Drive, Beverly Hills & the Hollywood sign (from a distance)

  • Walked back

  • had smoothie at Cafe Primo, sat next to Jason Bateman. A couple tables over was Kevin Connelly.

  • Went to Jimmy Kimmel (don't think they had us on camera). Guest Dustin Hoffman...funny guy, his last words were " I have affection for people who don't know who the fuck i am"

  • Met with friend again had dinner at Aroma Cafe (I think that was the name...Israeli Food)...very good!

  • Another old friend that lives here joined us

  • decided it was an early night (are we getting old?)

  • The guy that showed up for dinner works for NBC and others and is getting us on the back lot at Universal tomorrow and giving us our own golf cart to do whatever we want....should be fun....can anyone say "AFFLECK, YOU WERE THE BOMB IN PHANTOMS YO!" ?

Tuesday, January 13, 2009

Let the fun begin

As if on cue, the night before we leave for our vacation the little man has decided that maybe it's time to give colic a try. It's like someone in 'baby speak' whispered in his ear that his mom and dad are buggering off on him and he'll have to hang with the grandparents, and 'boob in a bag' for the next 4 days, and that he should do whatever it takes to derail this whole excursion. Unfortunately for him his plans have backfired. Not only has this made me want to jump the plane sooner (wow...that makes me sound like a bad dad...I'm not really...just looking forward to a few days away from work with my wife without the little man so she can unwind) I'm pretty sure this doesn't scare his grandma or grandpa having raised their own little hellions and I'm sure they have a few tricks up their sleeves. Hopefully, this will be fun for both him and the grandparents and we don't come back to 2 sleep deprived, irritable, jumpy people who, when we arrive home, will only be a blur out the door and tire marks on the driveway.

Monday, January 12, 2009

Drunk on Banana-Avocado

i think the big boy had enough to way he should be working any heavy machinery after that meal.

Sunday, January 11, 2009

Lazy Sunday Post.....

As the picture indicates, today is a day for a couple of scruffy-haired gents to hang on the couch and wait for the cable-guy to show up with a new remote. Due to the fact that the cable guy is set to arrive somewhere between 12-5, we couldn't get to our new activity of Sunday Swimming. This will be postponed to tomorrow after work.

Vacation UPDATE: Since our hotel is half a block off the sunset strip, our first night there will be spent wandering up and down 'the strip' checking out the shops, cafes and hot spots. Thursday morning we intend to do the cheesiest of cheesy tourist things....we're doing a tour of the stars homes. The afternoon will be spent checking out the Grauman's Chinese Theater and other spots near the hotel. Then as previously posted we're hitting Jimmy Kimmel. After that....unknown. Friday and Saturday are still unknown. A possible studio tour, maybe venice beach...we'll see.

I'll be busting into the Robuchon cook book for tomorrow night. I'll be doing some sort of Salmon dish. Haven;t decided yet. I'm sure it will be great.

Since this is the lazy Sunday post, here are some interesting links:


Obama to visit Canada First:

Gran Torino does well at the box office:

LOST back on Jan 21st (sneak peek here):

And finally....I leave you with this

Saturday, January 10, 2009

The Remote Died

The freakin remote' works...pain in the butt. I guess I'll go to bed.

So since I'm going to bed I'll leave you with this:

Friday, January 9, 2009

Workin on the fly

Finished up my meeting, had lunch at Jack Astor's (the only thing memorable about the meal was the waitresses cleavage that constantly was in the face of one of the people with me...this must have been one of those super push up bra's, I thought at one point they were going to jump out and say 'HI'), and now trying to get an earlier flight but it looks like it's not going to happen.
So, I'm hangin' in the Air Canda lounge and am going to try and get some work done. It's pretty quiet in here so I should be able to get something done....and I have a heck of a lot of hours to kill. Thank goodness next week is vacation week. I need a break (yes...the week of work after the Christmas break has already worn me out...poor me).
Oh, on the flight here I watched 'Righteous Kill', the overly hyped pairing of De Niro and Pacino (I seem to remeber a commercial saying something to the effect of "not since the god-father 2 have these two acclaimed actors shared the screen'....did they forget HEAT ?). Anyway...De Niro and Pacino play two veteran cop partners that have obviously been together so long that they know when the other guy needs to change his 'depends', who get involved in a case that has someone knocking off bad guys; a serial killer, killing gansters, rapists, drug dealers 'a la' showtimes DEXTER based on a novel 'Darkly Dreaming Dexter' by Jeff Lindsay. This movie has been out for a while so I'm not worried about spoilers here.
Very soon into this movie, we see a video of De Niro confessing to the killings (which continues to narrorate throughout the movie) and the two aged cops are joined by the young bucks, NKOTB Donnie Wahlberg and ex-funny man John Lequizamo who very quickly decide that the killer is a cop and possibly De Niro (since he has a connection with each victim). don't have to be Sherlock to know, the killer is obviously NOT De's of course the guy who is over here >I'm waving my left hand off to the side<... In other words, IT'S FREAKIN OBVIOUS !!! The rationale for 'why' is STUPID/LAME...ok...I don't care - spoil away...IT'S PACINO...and he says he started doing it because he lost faith in De Niro when he planted a gun on a guy at the beginning of a movie...this story is crap...ya right, a guy who's been a dedicated cop for 50 years, decides one day (close to retirement of course...'5 days to retirement, I'm getting too old for this s**t' - what movie kids what movie ??) when his partner plants a gun to put a bad guy away that he would become a serial killer.
So, the plot is 'uggg'. How's the acting ? Standard. Standard De Niro 'Mad Face..YOU LOOKING AT ME?' acting, and Pacino 'eye's drag the face back and fourth..I'M OUT OF ORDER, YOU'RE OUT OF ORDER, THE WHOLE SYSTEM IS OUT OF ORDER' other words...they mailed it in. 50 cent [excuse me, fiddy cent] was the only one here putting in a solid effort, and he's only the token rapper black guy gangster in the movie for 8 minutes (not much to work with or expand upon but he's ah-ite)
The other actors are just filler. (Carla Gugino's rough sex CSI was at most just along as the token female cop and De Niro Sex Partner and only used to I.D. Pacino...which was kind of dumb...cause now the 50 year vet who has become a serial killer is now a rapist too)
If you haven't seen it, don't bother unless you're a Pacino and De Niro fan...and then only watch it if you're on a plane or it's the only thing on T.V. and you happen to be in a full body cast and can't change the channel.
I started watching 'Traitor' after the 'Captain Shakespeare' and 'Willy Bank' mess [if you didn't catch that, I was referring to De Niro in Stardust...puke...and Pacino in Ocean's heave].
Traitor is a FBI/Terrorist flick with Don Cheadle and Guy Pierce. I only made it about 33% in so I intend to watch it on the way far so good. Interesting. I'll let you know after I watch it.
That's it for now....time to get a coke and smile, and do some work.

Still here.....

Yup....woke up...and still in Brampton....

Wednesday, January 7, 2009

I love it when a plan comes together.....

In the words of Col. John "Hannibal" Smith of the A Team "I Love it when a plan comes together". The plan I refer to, is our trip to Hollywood. First confirmed activity is Jimmy Kimmel Live on the 15th with guest Dustin Hoffman. Apparently the theater is only 1 mile from where we are staying. And where are we staying you might ask ? Well....since thrifty me ( yes...THRIFY...not cheap) managed to get both our flights to LA and back for 194$ total (and we're not riding in the cargo hold....real seats and all), we're amping it up and staying at a fancy pants hotel. We chose the hotel for a few reasons, 1) it;s just off Sunset Blvd 2) it's right near a bunch of night life, such as the Viper Room and Whiskey a Go Go 3) it has a Ramsay Restaurant....ok, maybe that was for me and not the wife...I think she's all Ramsay'd out. And the winner that meets these requirements ? The West London Hollywood. Between now and next Wednesday we'll be planning the rest of the days we'll be there with with such things as a studio tour, a day at Universal, maybe hit the weights at Venice beach ( ah ha ha ha ha ) and other such Hollywood shenanigans.

And I'm off to Toronto tomorrow for work......

Tuesday, January 6, 2009

Ian's Voice

As a new father I have noticed that I've become more acutely aware of things that could possibly hurt my boy. In some cases I'm a little paranoid and in other cases maybe not enough. In the end, like any other new dad I really don't know s**t and each day is a learning experience. What I try not to ever think about is the boys mortality; being happy to think that this could never happen to someone so young and innocent. Unfortunately this does happen, and to be honest, I'm not sure what I would do if we lost the boy.
Brook had made me aware of a website which was created by a new Mom and Dad who just went through the horrific experience of losing their new child. And through this, they have found the strength to create a site dedicated to the memory of their boy, and to the hope of spreading awareness of what happened to him to try and stop this from happening again. The child, Ian, died from a reaction to a Hepatitis B shot.
I can't imagine what this family has gone through and I get a lump in my throat when I read the website. My best wishes are for this family.
DO NOT GO TO THIS SITE IF YOU ARE FAINT OF HEART. The story is heart-breaking and they have pictures of little Ian through the ordeal.

Monday, January 5, 2009

Canada Wins 5th in a Row

Canada defeats Sweden 5-1 to make it their 5th world junior Gold in a row.

See full story here:

Big Mans 6 month shots

The big man had his 6 month shots today and took them like a trooper. Only a quick cry. He's been a bit fussy, but no more than normal (he's currently having a nap).

Along with learning the fine points of getting his bum in the air for crawling, he's begun to start 'talking'. And he's quite the chatter box as the video shows (I only managed to get a bit of the end of his rant, but he's been doing this quite a bit lately).

UPDATE: Mom and Dad's trip to Hollywood is confirmed. We'll be hangin with Hilton and Lohan from the 14th to the 18th.


Sunday, January 4, 2009

Lazy Sunday Post......

The family went for a swim at Grand Ma Ma's place today. This isn't the little-big-man's first dip into the water. Last summer when he was just a freshy, he was typically out at the lake in B.C. Although, the water today was much warmer. He had a great time once he got comfortable and seemed to enjoy splashing his parents.

And since this is a lazy Sunday post, here are some interesting links (well...interesting to me):

If you can believe it Marley and Me remains at the top of the box-office:

John Travolta's 16 year old son dies:,,20249865,00.html?xid=rss-fullcontentcnn

First Wolverine Picture of 2009:

Watchmen ruling online for everyone to read:

6 Foods that fight cancer:,2933,193441,00.html


Saturday, January 3, 2009

First Saturday of 2009

It's minus 15 outside and since I stayed up way too late last night playing poker, today has been a very very lazy day, mostly consisting of more poker, James Bond and Casino Royale (great re-boot of 007...if you haven't seen it, where have you been....SEE IT!), watching the little man, and planning supper.

So far so good for the poker, made the money rounds in a couple tourneys and won 2 head to heads, and now in a big tourney.

As the picture might imply, big man has now moved into the 'almost crawling' stage. It's more of an army belly crawl, where he rolls onto his side, swings his hips and moves forward. We've had to pull him out from under the coffee table a few times and away from the T.V. tray that he's almost pulled down. I think Brook is now dreading the excitement this will add to her day (soon it will be a full on chase for this guy). Presently the little man is crashed upstairs, refueling himself for tonight's fun.

Thursday, January 1, 2009

The Lazy New Years Day Post......

New years eve was a great time. Friends came over and enjoyed appetizers and beverages. The little-big man got to meet a new buddy (Jackson Howie).

We slept in this morning and had a lazy new years day of hanging in the living room and watching T.V. and cleaning up.

I'm a little sleepy right now so I'll leave you with these interesting links:

Canada beats US 7-4 in World Juniors:

Bombs wrapped as gifts in Aspen:

Alberta UFO Group:

SUPERMAN- Reboot or not?:

New WATCHMEN Movie trailer:


Happy Birthday Fudd.....and ?