Monday, January 26, 2009

And the trips keep on comin'

And because I never get to go anywhere [cough] I've booked another trip. A friend of mine has convinced me to join him on his never ending quest to stalk Bruce Sprinsteen. In this case it will take us to Ireland. oh me lucky charms. We'll be hitting the heavenly skies on July 8th, from Calgary to Toronto, and then off to the land of Blarney and Guiness. Since we JUST booked the flight (my friend was here at 6pm and we were on 2 laptops booking the adventure) we don't have anything booked other than the concert....that we don't have tickets for just yet I might add [they go on sale on Friday, so the friend will be up late on Thursday booking online]. I've never been to the Emerald Isle so I will be hitting the touristy things...but fear not, I'm sure we'll meet up with Paddy O'Furniture daily. More updates as we get closer to July.

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