Monday, January 19, 2009

Quick Summary of LA LA Land

The trip to LA was worth every penny. We had a blast sight seeing, eating, drinking, and reconnecting with friends. I will do a full detailed account of the whole trip so you kiddies will have to wait to get the good stuff that will make you laugh and pee a bit.

Needless to say, I will be doing another trip down there as soon as possible and we'll try to be sure to plan it around something like the golden globes, SAG's or some other award thingy so that we can be sure there will be some celebs walking the streets.

In the mean time, here are some highlights of the last days to hold you over:

  • Got up, had breaky on 3rd day and headed to Universal where we got visitor passes and golf cart and carte blanch...we drove around unescorted...awesome
  • Headed back to sunset, drank on patio of 'Saddle Ranch Chop House' and watched people heading into a casting call across the street...this was where we saw the wackiest woman ever....this will almost take a post of its own, this crazy gal, dressed in hooker ankle high boots and what could be referred to as small boys khaki shorts put on a show for us, a dude at the StarBucks, 2 dudes on the patio with us and 3 underage boys across the street (they got a great show)...look for more about this possibly tomorrow.
  • Hooked up with pals and went to 'KOI' for awesome sushi, then to the Belmont & STK for drinks.
  • Got up next morning for breaky and saw Mark Magrath and McG
  • Friend took us on a drive up Mulholland Drive and out to Malibu (damn, if only we knew Pam Anderson was out there hangin on the beach we would have stopped)
  • Had a brief nap
  • Went for din din at Gordon Ramsay's at the hotel (bit of a story here where they lost our original booking, then screwed our second one up by 1 hour...we didn't finish until 11:30pm...more in later blog)
  • went to bed
  • Got up and had breaky at Cafe Primo and saw the filming of possibly a Nick-at-Night show with Jake T Austin (I have no idea who he is...some teen actor...the young girls next to us knew who he is)
  • Checked out
  • Went for drive to Venice Beach
  • had an in-out-burger
  • headed to airport pissed we had to leave the 29 degree weather
  • home to the boy

Stay tuned for complete details.

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