Thursday, February 26, 2009

GSM in Canada - I hate Rogers, let me count the ways

If you are a traveller and need your mobile you're probably like me, and feel corralled into having to use Rogers as your wireless provider. Rogers is the only provider of GSM phones in Canada (Bell and Telus are CDMA hold outs). And despite what their adds say, Rogers has the most dropped calls, bad service areas, bad service and crappiest plans. They're also holding the iphone hostage since they are the only GSM provider. I stumbled upon a post that claims there are rumors that pretty much everyone will be a GSM provider by 2012. This is great from a competition perspective...but it's still 3 years out. That means, if I want to continue to be able to connect with my mobile when I go to China, Abu Dhabi, UK, et al, I'll need to stay with Rogers for at least the next 3 years. So...since I'm not currently under contract...I guess I might as well suck it up. Also, since I have to stay for 3 years I might as well try to beat them up and get a deal on an iphone, even though I'm a BlackBerrier at the moment. Why would I change ? The cool factor. Iphones are freakin' cool.

Here is the post about the Bell/Telus rumor stuff.

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Tim said...

Why don't you just pick up a cracked model on the net and go with a data plan?