Thursday, February 12, 2009

I've been so neglectful

I've realized that I've neglected to update my blog as much as I have in the past. >slap my hands<. The reasons are that we've done a couple quick vacations and work/play has been busy the last little while. I'll try to do better.
So...let's get you caught up to speed. L.A. was awesome. The hotel was great, the food at Koi was awesome (Sushi at home just can't hold a candle), and it was good to connect with old friends.
Vegas was a great time. We arrived at 7:30 and took a shuttle to the hotel. This time around we stayed at the Imperial Palace (it's a dump, but it has friendly staff and it's in the heart of the strip). Thank god they upgraded us from the crack houses in the back to the tower. After cleaning ourselves up, we hit the gambling floor running.
Funny thing...I had planned to play a lot of poker on this trip...catch a few the end, I didn't play one hand. Why?
We find the best way to start Vegas is with a drink. So we sat down at a video slot [we call them carny games - in reference to the games you play at a carnival that you win stuffed toys, which are fixed]. We pumped in a 20$, ordered up a few beverages, and sat back and watched the fire-works. If memory serves, the first nice machine paid us 60$. So we drank up and moved on. We ended in Paris and played a Star Trek Video Slot...awesome game. This machine had to be set up loose. It paid out every time we played it. And we noticed quickly that the same people were playing this machine every day and, like us, winning. I think we took 450$ out of that machine alone. This is how the weekend progressed. No Poker, just carny games.
We met up with a friend Friday night and continued the beverage-carny game winning streak, which also carried over onto a carny table game. Some game by the name of Mississippi Poker. Brook and I both won 100$ (my friend and his girlfriend both lost).
Saturday night we took a break from the winning and did a tour of the restaurant at Paris (awesome view of the Bellagio fountains), sat through 90 minutes of a time share presentation at Planet Hollywood (can you believe we bought a package from them ??? Awesome deal though...I have to assume the recession has hit them and they're workin' some deals to get the sales), lost 125$ of the free money from the presentation in 3 rolls on the craps table, had a $$$$$ lunch at Spaggo, drinks on the roof top patio of the VooDoo lounge at the Rio (see picture above) and went to see Le Reve at Wynn (not a bad show).
Soon after the show, the carny game winning streak was on again. We hit for a high payout on HexBreaker 2 (not as high as you might think since it was only a penny slot)...and my friend hit 108 free spins on the machine I told him to play (he was bitter since he had only bet MIN bet). We still both walked away with a few hundred, which I proceeded to dump on the craps it was decided, only carny games for the rest of the trip.
After all was said and done, with the food, booze, tips. $$$ lunch, buffets, taxis, huge slushy booze drinks on the strip, shuttles, snacks, booze, late night steak and eggs, booze, losses on the craps table, Brook and I only spent 50$ per day. I'd say that was a winning weekend !
I've been invited for a return trip in March with one of the guys we met down there...we'll see if I can rustle up a 'get out of jail free' card.
Little tip: DO NOT GO TO THE IMPERIAL PALACE BUFFET. It's the worst on the strip.

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