Wednesday, February 25, 2009

Who's the Best Villian - Darth Vader or Benjamin Linus ?

This could be the ultimate show down - Ben Vs. the O.G. Darth Vader.

Benjamin Linus is the bad boy leader of the "others" on the lost island. And Darth Vader was the ultimate bad guy in the late 70's and early 80's

Who's a better bad guy ?
  • We'll need to look at both characters and compare.

  • Ben's mother died at birth and he was raised by a dead beat dad. Darth didn't have a dad, and was raised by his mom.
  • Ben was a bit of a wussy when he was young, so was Darth (any boy that goes by Annie and doesn't mind, is a wiener in my books).
  • Ben Killed his dad and all his people. Darth hunted down and killed all the Jedi.
  • Ben seems to working for Jacob. Darth does the bidding of the Emperor
  • Ben doesn't care about the lives of others (case in point, when Jack asks him about the other people on the plane and what will happen to them, he says "who cares"). After Darth captures the princess in Star Wars he tells his dude to "send a distress signal, report that all on board were dead", in other words, kill them all
  • Ben seems to be always one step ahead. Darth has the force.
  • Ben stood by and watched his fake daughter be killed. Darth would have killed his son if he didn't join him.
  • Ben has the Island. Darth has the Death Star.
  • Ben gets caught a lot and gets his ass kicked. Darth force chokes people.

I think at the moment Darth is in the lead, although I'd say that since we haven't yet seen the end of LOST and we don't know what the final story will be for Ben, we'll have to leave the final decision until 2010.

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Tim said...

Where do you get this stuff. Man you got the creative edge. I've said it before and I'll say it again - you're in the wrong industry. You should be in entertainment. lol