Tuesday, March 31, 2009

We've lost Lorne

Actor and singer Andy Hallett has passed away at age 33. Best known for his recurring role as Lorne (The Host) on the hit TV show Angel, he died following a 5 year battle against heart disease. He appeared in 76 episodes.
For those who have never seen this show (shame you), Lorne was always great for comic relief and snappy one liners.
Thus, I'll send him off with one of his quotes that I find relates to all of us "You think you're the first guy who ever rolled over, saw what was lying next to him and went, "Gueeeeyah!"

Another fire ball in the sky...this time it was here.

There was another fire ball in the sky. This time, in our city this morning around 6:30 am. It was spotted by our shop foreman, who is quoted in The Sun

Martin Lewanzick was driving on Glenmore Tr. at 84 St. S.E. about the same time when he saw the fireball that he described as white and blue in colour explode before his eyes.
“It was really low in the sky, it was really wild — it looked like a welder’s torch,” he said.
"It blew up right in front of me and broke into a million pieces and fizzled.
“We went at lunch and couldn’t find anything.”

See the full article here - http://calsun.canoe.ca/News/Alberta/2009/03/31/8951006.html

Monday, March 30, 2009

Star Trek...........Spock's home town is in Alberta ?

In anticipation of the release of the newly jump-started Star Trek, I thought I would throw some interesting "info" out there. In Alberta there is a small town that has become attached at the hip to Star Trek. Why ? Because of it's name.

VULCAN, Alberta.

The town was named by a surveyor for CP Rail in 1915 after the Roman God of Fire. Apparently, all the streets were named after Roman God's and Goddesses (weird, but interesting). Young Trekkie's (trekkers now) would send mail to Vulcan so they could have their postcards or letters stamped from Vulcan. There is also a scene filmed here for the movie Trekkie's. Trying to capitalize on a bit of tourism, the town built an Enterprise and a few other attractions to get people to stop by.

Just recently Vulcan has tried to approach Paramount to see if they could hold the movie premiere in the town. I guess they came back saying it was logistically not possible (that's code for, no freakin' movie star wants to fly to butt-f**k Alberta for a movie premiere...they want to do that in L.A. where it's warm and there's tons of hot chicks and paparazzi).

Even Leonard Nimoy spoke up...but to no avail...http://scifiwire.com/2009/03/treks-leonard-nimoy-speak.php

Oh well, at least they have a cool replica of the Enterprise to keep them company.

Sunday, March 29, 2009

Big Boy

The big boy has pretty much learned to crawl...he's still not doing it 100%, but he has the mechanics down. Also, he now can stand at will if he can grab something like a couch or stool. Very fun to watch.

Wednesday, March 25, 2009

CSI NY - Not only jumped, but rocket jumped the shark

So, I just flipped on CSI NY because I'm not sleepy and there's nothing else on. And all i can say is WTF ???? So...OK, these CSI shows were never really grounded in reality (most notably, CSI people do not show up to a crime scene with freshly quaffed hair and their boobs hangin' out...they'd be in the white space suites and masks)..anyway, I can over look this and the usual laughable stuff 'cause for the most part it's entertaining (and why would we watch people in white suites...we WANT to see freshly quaffed hair and boobs). BUT, when I turn on CSI NY and I see they're using their 'new' virtual autopsy table and the dude starts to pull a 'Tom Cruise Minority Report' on the image of the dead dude, pulling out the virtual intestine and straightening it to look at the particles in detail...I had to shake my head and laugh. I mean, I like sci-fi, I like silly stuff like Buffy & Angel, Lost, and Bones...but this....this was just plain silly (jump the shark=flinging virtual intestines). They've officially lost me as a viewer. I'm going back to Coronation Street.

Knowing - or - I should have KNOWN better

The new Nick Cage flick, Knowing, opened last week and I went to see it, KNOWING, it would probably suck. And it didn't disappoint.
Knowing is a story about Professor Keostler [Nick Cage], a night time boozin' single parent, who stumbles onto a page filled with numbers. These numbers seem to predict every major disaster on the earth...and the numbers seem to end. Uh oh. And, Cage's son seems to be hearing voices (like the girl 50 years before who wrote the list...Bigger UH OH) and is getting followed by these weird Billy Idol dudes who keep giving him rocks. OH MY...who could these guys be ? Well...it took me all of 5 seconds to figure that out. KNOWING that Director Alex Proyas has a history of flicks about science fiction and fantasy (The Crow, Dark City & I, Robot) it didn't take a rocket surgeon to figure this movie had an other-worldly climax/ending. BUT...it could have been sooooo much better. Instead, the movie drags and plays like a bad made for Sci-Fi Channel special.
In short, the plot is lame ( it has HUGE holes), the acting is lame (Cage just mails this one in), and the end is lame (spoilers below). It's not worth your hard earned cash.

Spoilers: Here's where I have a problem with this flick. The Billy Idol dudes (Alien's who have an angelic look) who are whispering telepathically to the 'chosen ones' know the end is coming, with a massive solar flare...BUT, how the hell do they know about plane crashes and bridge collapses...and why do they care ? They only seem to care about a few 'chosen ones' to start life somewhere else. BUT, why wait until just before the end. Why not scoop them up as soon as they can ? If they know about the disasters 'cause they can travel through time, then again, who cares and just collect the people whenever. I was going to continue but writing this made my head hurt....DON'T SEE THIS MOVIE...STOP GIVING MONEY TO NICK CAGE...MAYBE THEN HE'LL STOP MAKING CRAPPY MOVIES AND STAY HOME AND TAKE CARE OF KAL-EL.


make this thing go mom !

Too many Cadbury Eggs....

The Easter bunnies look on in horror as Trixie is taken away by Oompa-Loompa's after ingesting ALL the cadbury eggs this year....

A couple more past adventure photos

Here's a couple more pictures from past adventures. the first is in Dubai, the second...on the side of the road somewhere between Dubai and Abu Dhabi (my god it was roughly 40 degrees C), the last speaks for itself. I have a few adventures coming up this year so I'll be posting some new ones shortly.

Sunday, March 22, 2009

Lazy Sunday Post

It's the end of March. It's spring. On Saturday afternoon, people were outside walking their dogs, strolling with babies, wearing shorts. There was talk of a storm warning, but the sky was clear, the temp was great. I didn't want to believe anything was on it's way. Then by 4 pm, the sky went overcast, and the temp dropped. Then it began snowing...and kept snowing. I woke up to roughly 25 cm of snow.....what a pain in the backside.

Anyway...it'll be gone soon (I hope). Couple updates: 1) the big boy has learned how to go from crawling to sitting upright. He did it once, and now it's old hat 2) he tried to get my attention when I was laying on the couch...and because I didn't respond right away, he grabbed the edge of the couch, and pulled himself up into a standing position....it shocked the hell out of me. He has yet to do it again...

No links today...I've been too lazy to look at anything online (also, I'm stuffed full of lasagna, caesar salad, garlic toast and chocolate cake...I'm just relaxin' on the couch watchin' Trump fire celebrites)

Sea-Food Pasta and an English Fry Up

I did some more cooking on Friday night and Saturday morning. I did a Sea-Food Pasta for dinner and a proper English Fry up for breakfast Saturday morning. Read the details here: www.makemegoyum.blogspot.com

Thursday, March 19, 2009

This one gets the - What the hell was that ? - award

My Economic Projection/Prediction

This is based on nothing more than my 'gut' feeling and what I see happening in my industry. I'll look back at this in Dec 09/Jan 10 and see if I was right.

I think the bottom has been felt by the world economy. Even though many more lay-offs are still to come, in most respects these are "market corrections". In some cases, needed. Where they are needed are in places like our area that just went through a boom. Since there was a labor shortage, wages in some industries got out of hand. As did employee attitudes. For a while, many employees had a sense of entitlement as they thought, if they were to leave their current job, they would get picked up before their shoes hit the concrete (possibly at a higher rate of pay). Those days are clearly over and many employers are using this downturn as a way to 'house-clean'. Not to say this is happening in every market everywhere.
For the next few months there will be a continuing increase in the jobless rate. However, the government cash is now beginning to hit the streets. This is where the change will happen. I have already begun to see an increase in motion in 'infrastructure'. Projects will be starting as soon as next month and will continue on throughout the next few years. These will create jobs and the need for materials (which will create jobs), and in time, oil (which again, creates jobs). The market the last 8 days has surged with this in mind I think (also, some banks have turned down the government cash which leads me to believe they're not as bad off as we were lead to believe)
In some cases housing starts are up in the US. There are people who are taking advantage of this situation, buying low stocks, buying cheap property, who will be multi-millionaires at the back end. This will also help to swing the market. This lays the ground work, and other people will start to fall in line when the market trends upward. Especially in housing.
This means, that the summer months will be the valley, with the fall being a gradual incline. I don't believe it will be an exponential curve. I think a lot of industries are gun shy right now and won't go guns a blazing. It will be much slower and more controlled (not to mention the fact that the banks aren't freeing up any cash any time soon).
I believe that by the end of 2009, economists will be claiming the worst is over and the upswing is in full effect.

Wednesday, March 18, 2009

Lamb for dinner

I cooked lamb for dinner this evening. Not too shabby. For full details, go to www.makemegoyum.blogspot.com

Past Travel Pictures

I was looking through some pictures from some of my past adventures and thought I would post a few. Enjoy.


Shelburne, NS



Tuesday, March 17, 2009

Green Beer for Everyone !

Top o' the morn' to ya ! Happy St. Patrick's Day. Everyone should be decked out in their best green and have their fists up for the Irish Holiday, filled with green beer, lamb stew and lots and lots of blarney.

If you're interested, here's the wikipedia info on St. Paddy's Day.


Too bad we won;t actually be in Ireland until July. I think it would be a blast to be hanging out at Temple Bar during this hallowed occasion. Oh well, I'm sure the beer will taste exactly the same in July (I'm also sure the streets will be filled with just as many drunks).

Sunday, March 15, 2009

Quick Update - Lazy Sunday Post

Just because I have a mind of a child, and I think it's funny, I thought I would post the Captain of a Town in Newfoundland...the town of Dildo.

Quick Update: Just got back from a productive trip in Chicago. Not only did I clarify and complete some work, I made a few bucks on the 1-2 NL Table at the HorseShoe. When I got back the little man's Grand-ma-ma popped over and the wife and I went to see "Watchmen" [more on that below]. Did a bit of swimming with the little big man today. The little man is in the last stages of figuring out how to crawl. He pops up onto his hands and knees with ease. He's even made it 1 movement forward. I think he still does the land swimming just because it's easier, but any day he'll move his knees and then look out....

Watchmen. New movie from director Zack Snyder [300], based on the critically acclaimed graphic novel from Alan Moore and Dave Gibbons (the graphic novel was rated as 1 of the top 100 novels of all time by Time Magazine). According to Time "Watchmen is a graphic novel—a book-length comic book with ambitions above its station—starring a ragbag of bizarre, damaged, retired superheroes: the paunchy, melancholic Nite Owl; the raving doomsayer Rorschach; the blue, glowing, near-omnipotent, no-longer-human Doctor Manhattan. Though their heyday is past, these former crime-fighters are drawn back into action by the murder of a former teammate, The Comedian, which turns out to be the leading edge of a much wider, more disturbing conspiracy. Told with ruthless psychological realism, in fugal, overlapping plot lines and gorgeous, cinematic panels rich with repeating motifs, Watchmen is a heart-pounding, heartbreaking read and a watershed in the evolution of a young medium "

The Movie like the comic is very well crafted by Snyder. He draws directly from the comic with no detail spared. His use of the "slow-mo" was not over done in this movie. Much like in 300, it adds a surreal effect during the fight scenes (although, for some reason, in Watchmen, some of the action again falls victim to the usual "too close" shots..where as with 300, the camera was back far enough to really watch the fight action...don't get me wrong, the fight scenes are cool here...I just think they could have been better). Make note parents - THIS MOVIE IS NOT FOR KIDS !!! For one, small kids will not be able to understand the themes in this movie, nor will they be able to understand the flawed characters. This is not Superman where there is a clear distinction between right and wrong. This is a story where one of the "hero's" tries to rape another...a story where one of the "hero's" can't get a sexual release unless he's suited up...a story where the "hero's" kill and in some cases enjoy it. This a story where in some cases the "hero's" have been on the government pay-roll and been behind some of histories biggest conspiracies, and have changed the outcome of the future (for example, the US won the Vietnam war because of one of the hero's).

I think Snyder did a good job with this adaptation. Much like 300, he has brought a comic to life and not made it campy like post-Tim Burton Batman's, or flat like Sin City. I think this movie will change the studio heads minds when it comes to making a comic book movie a rated R movie. They HAD to make this rated R. This movie did 50 mill it's first weekend and has since hit 86M in 9 days (even though it slid to 2nd spot this weekend). So hopefully we won't see any more "Punisher" movies that are PG13 (how can you do a movie like Punisher and not make it Rated R...they did, and it was lame) Although, I think the call of $$$ will still allow that sort of thing to happen...case in point, the new Wolverine movie that is coming out...I've seen the trailers and am a bit scared of what they've changed with his past and history...not to mention, lamed up due to the fact that this will be marked to kids (how ?...we'll see come May).

and now for the lazy links:

Arrest Warrant issued for Lohan "the mess": http://jam.canoe.ca/Movies/2009/03/14/8749916-ap.html

Tuesday, March 10, 2009

Heading back to Chicago

I'll be heading back to the windy city this week. Heading out on Wednesday for meetings on Thursday. Funny thing, my flight is cheaper if I come back on Saturday and pay for a hotel versus coming back on Friday (also, if I come back on Friday I fly through the day, thus burning a day of work, so it made more sense to hang out there for Friday, work from the hotel, and come back Saturday). I'm still not sure where I'm staying...I better get on this since I leave in about 24 hours.

Monday, March 9, 2009

Enough is enough

OK...I've had it with winter. Global warming my ass....it's freakin cold outside. According to www.weather.ca it's currently -27 degrees C, but feels like -39 from the wind. Tomorrow we'll wake up to -30...Tuesday will be -18, and then possibly on Thursday it will hit 0 and we get into the pluses for Friday, Saturday and Sunday....I think it's time for another hot vacation and this time, not come back until it's at least +15 !

Monday, March 2, 2009

Ireland Update

We haven't yet picked the place we're going to stay, however, we have decided that it will be in Temple Bar. Temple Bar is the tourist, drunkie, area of town...perfect for us.

We arrive on Thursday morning - the Sprinsteen concert is Sunday night - this gives us 3 full days to try and pack in as much sight seeing & pubbing as humanly possible.

I think we'll stick to the Lonely Planet suggestions of what can be done in this amount of time, which is, Dublin Castle, Pub, Trinity College, Pub, Temple Bar (of course), Pub, Catch a Museum, Pub, Eat Fresh Seafood, Pub, Guinness Factory Tour, Pub and so on, and so on. Here's a list of things we'll more than likely do - http://infoireland.wordpress.com/2008/08/28/top-10-things-to-do-in-dublin-before-you-die/

There seems to be an assortment of places to choose from for lodging. I'm tempted to try one of the hostels (most of the complaints are about noise...shouldn't be a problem for us...apparently I snore quite loudly after a pint of the 'black stuff'.

Even though the trip is still roughly 4 months away, I'm starting to get excited. It should be a good time.