Monday, March 9, 2009

Enough is enough

OK...I've had it with winter. Global warming my's freakin cold outside. According to it's currently -27 degrees C, but feels like -39 from the wind. Tomorrow we'll wake up to -30...Tuesday will be -18, and then possibly on Thursday it will hit 0 and we get into the pluses for Friday, Saturday and Sunday....I think it's time for another hot vacation and this time, not come back until it's at least +15 !


Anonymous said...

hey fatso your not skinny like gobble, at 250lbs you should have enough blubber to keep you warm! Happy belated birthday fat man!


p.s. i know i'm one that should not comment, but no one else comments on here but me.

Anonymous said...

Yup...I think everyone else is too afraid