Tuesday, June 30, 2009

where have you been ?

Sorry for the lack of posting and lame posts. I've been busy with home/work and then I'll be jetting off to Dublin. So I should have plenty to spill after this trip. Let's see...Temple Bar, Trinity College, Springsteen in Dublin, Temple Bar, Rain, Sea Food, Temple Bar, More Rain....

I'll try to get something interesting up here in the next bit

Monday, June 29, 2009

Big Boys Big Weekend

The big boy had his first B Day weekend BBQ with family and friends. Thanks to all who came. Here's a shot of a couple guys hangin' poolside.

Thursday, June 25, 2009

Another Celeb bites the dust - Wacko Jacko dies at 50

Word on the street is that Mr. Bad himself had a heart attack and died today at the age of 50. Or will this be the making of a new "is he really dead" thing and he's gone off to live on some island with a big fat Elvis and wacked out Jim Morrison.

End of an era

In the last 2 days we lost 2 notable celebrities. Yesterday, Ed McMahon passed at 86, and today Farrah Fawcett at 62.

Wednesday, June 24, 2009

Happy B Day Big Boy

It seems like it was just yesterday that I was jolted awake at 1:55am to "it's time...I think", and at 3:33pm out you came. Where did the year go ?

Tuesday, June 23, 2009

Quick Update

-Got home on Sunday night from the trip to Chicago and Orlando (both shows were productive)
- Got great deals on awesome hotels (The Allegro in Chicago and the Peabody in Orlando)
- Chicago is a great town. Found a hole in the wall bar that had good food and prices called Stocks and Blonds. Worth a visit.
- Orlando was hot. over 30 each day and humid.
-Didn't have any alligator on this trip (but did eat a Sizzler......)
- I'm still annoyed with a lot of people who are meat head travellers. I now put on the ipod and close my eyes and try to ignore the dummies (case in point, the dude/dummy next to me on the flight from Orlando to Toronto. First it's a big production getting into his seat. As soon as he sits he's throwing elbows like he's playing hockey. Then he decides he wants to pee before take off...I know this because he told me "I need to get rid of my nervous pee before we take off". Then he wouldn't sit still at all. He orders a few beers. Then when he has to pee again, spills the beer all over my seat and doesn't say "sorry"...but his wife gives me a look like I did it....bozo's...I could go on....but I won't...remembering it gives me a headache)
- Saw THE HANGOVER....good movie. Worth a watch !
- Big boys birthday is tomorrow with a BBQ on Saturday. Should be a good time. We just tucked in our baby and he'll wake up a toddler....where did the year go ?
- I leave for Dublin in 15 days...we'll be staying in Temple Bar....weeeeeeeeeeee
- I'm going to get me a bowl of ice cream when I finish typing this line.

Friday, June 12, 2009

Quick Update

Just a few Updates (kind'a like twitter):
- Getting over a crappy cold....coughing sucks
- Will be taking the little man for his first trip to the ZOO tomorrow. That should be a good time
- Flying out Sunday for a week of trade shows. One in Chicago, and then off to Orlando (I'm sure I'll have a few updates of places I've had food and beverages)
- People who drive 200KM on a crotch rocket on Deerfoot deserve what happens to them (right Darwin ?)
- Brett Michael's is a moron...serves you right you has-been
- The new BBQ has been working O.T. the last week. Steaks, Chickens, Kabobs, et al.
- I need to go see Drag me to Hell and The Hangover. I have heard both Movies Rock
- I give about 2 craps for the lives of Jon & Kate plus 8. Who cares.
- For that matter, I give about 2 craps for the lives of Lindsay Lohan, Paris Hilton, and however happens to be all over the tabloids right now
- H1N1 is now a Pandemic...how come it's been absent from the news ?
- WTF was with the raining tadpoles in Japan ?
- Ireland in a month.

Wednesday, June 10, 2009

Moses is back....and he's pissed with Japan ?

In what I can only say is, why isn't this bigger news, it looks like Moses might be back and for some reason...he's pissed with Japan.

According to the Telegraph, the sky over Japan open and rained TADPOLES. That's right, clouds of dead tadpoles fell to the ground in central Japans Ishikawa Prefecture.

Some local 55 year old dude, who was caught in the downpour, said he heard a strange sound and after investigating he found over 100 dead tadpoles covering cars in an area measuring 10 square meters.

Local Meteorologists, Officials and Scientists are baffled.

You don't mess with Moses man.....whoever peeved him off better say they're sorry before he brings more plagues and the sky starts raining down flaming hail.

See the article here: http://www.telegraph.co.uk/news/newstopics/howaboutthat/5491846/Sky-rains-tadpoles-over-Japan.html

Thursday, June 4, 2009

New X-Box - Project Natal

This new product for X-Box will make all the other competition look like you're playing pong. Project Natal goes one step beyond the Wii where you, the gamer, is the controller. Check this video out...it's cool ( no idea when it will hit the market )

here's a link with more info: http://www.telegraph.co.uk/scienceandtechnology/technology/e3-2009/5437978/E3-2009-Project-Natal-hands-on-preview.html

Wednesday, June 3, 2009

Terminator Salvation Review

Unshaken by the Christian Bale rant, negative reviews and comments I went and checked out Terminator Salvation. To be honest, I was pleasantly surprised...possibly due to the fact that my expectations were very low.

SPOILERS: Recap first, rant after.

The movie opens in 2003 with a death row inmate, Marcus Write played by newcomer Sam Worthington, signing his "after life" away to Cyberdyne Scientist on deaths door played by Helena Bonham Carter. As Marcus dies by lethal injection, we jump into 2018, where the human war against the machines is in full effect.

We are thrown into a battle/mission with John Conner [Bale], who's not yet the leader of the resistance. After losing his entire squad we find out that this mission was to retrieve information on a signal that can shut down the machines for good. Immediately after the initial battle we see Marcus Write, unaged and gasp ALIVE, emerge from the underground base, confused and covered in muck. He gets all clothed up from one of the dead resistance dudes and heads off towards what's left of L.A.

Conner, soon after returning to base, finds out that the machines have targeted specific people. One being him. And the number one target is Kyle Reese,Conner's future dad played by Anton Yelchin who I liked better as Chekov (you need to have seen the original Terminator to get this). Now, Conner's mission is to find Reese and protect him.

Back to Marcus, who has now made it to L.A. and stumbles unwittingly right towards a Terminator and is saved by the young Reese ("come with me if you want to live"...his line in T1 and of course Arnie's line in T2). The two bond and head off to join the resistance. On their way after a bunch of cool action with big Terminators and Motor-Bike Terminators (very cool....although, McG was getting close to treading on transformer territory), Reese is kidnapped and taken to SkyNets main base. And off Marcus goes to rescue him.

Along the way, Marcus runs into a resistance fighter (played by hot chick Moon Bloodgood) who drags him back to their base to see Conner, but he ends up going boom on a magnetic landmine. This is where, gasp, we find out he's actually a Terminator...But wait, he doesn't realize he's a machine...he thinks he's human. WTF ? Conner is confused...this isn't what was supposed to happen ???

There's a two second morality battle and the chick breaks him [Marcus] out. He doesn't seem to care about Conner, and is now hell bent on saving Reese. While trying to track him down, Conner gets in the s**t and Marcus saves him from a few snake Terminators and they make a deal to save Reese together.

Once Marcus infiltrates the SkyNet headquarters, he heads to a white room control center and connects to the mainframe to find the location of Reese and knock out the sentries so Conner can get in. During this daring jail break, we find out that SkyNet has actually pulled a Emperor Jedi move on the resistance and fed them the info on the signal to reveal their location, which they do, so their HK can clean house, which it does.

Back at SkyNet, the computer is enlightening Marcus to the fact that he is one big Terminator plant. He was to infiltrate and bring both Reese and Conner to them so they can be "TERMINATED". Marcus rebels, there's action and fighting, yadda yadda yadda, they kill everything and get away. But not unscathed. Conner has been mortally wounded and needs a new heart. Thank god, Marcus, the ex-inmate / Terminator is there with a strong heart and is wanting a "second chance". Fade out.

Ok....now to pick it apart.

This movie is not bad. It's got action. Good looking actors. Good Special Effects. A simple plot to follow. And, a few (just a few) plot holes/issues that could have been fixed with just a few minutes of thinking.

Here's what I mean:
  • When it's revealed to Marcus about what and who he is, you would have thought the machines would have built in some sort of failsafe that would then click and he would become 100% Terminator. That or a self destruct assuming that his humanity might win out.
  • And what was with the super clean control room ?? I wasn't aware the T-600's were neat freaks. Maybe they had dust busting Terminators, terminating grime and grease. It seemed a bit silly to me that there was such a place. To me, if it was just machines running the place, it would be just a server room...I guess that wouldn't make for good movie sequences though
  • The computer seemed to know about the other failed attempts on Conner's life. This could either be from data stored in the T-800 that was used at Cyberdyne in T2 and/or another time traveler. The latter might make sense since the Marcus prototype is more advanced than the T-800. That begs the question, if they did get future help, who or what was it ? Is it what made SkyNet self aware ?
  • When SkyNet gets Reese and Conner both at their base, why wouldn't have made 100% sure they were killed ? Why didn't the SkyNet computers reactivate the sentries ? Why would they only send 1 Terminator to kill Reese and 1 to kill Conner ? Did they watch too many Kung Fu movies and think that 2 or more against one would be bad form, so, just one on one ? Why not gas Reese in the cell ? Why not just snap his neck as soon as they grabed him ? As a friend put it, when they began fighting, were all the other Terminators getting oil changes ? Why keep Reese alive as long as they did, they could ended everything by killing him..or at least created the Paradox that is Conner's life if he dies before going back in time.
  • The pipe through the back/chest should have killed ol' Conner on the spot.
  • He lasts all the way back to the base and then they say his heart won't make it. So the best thing is Marcus gives him his heart. This makes no sense, you're telling me there aren't dead guys everywhere with perfectly good hearts for transplant ? And, their idea is to kill their best weapon against the machines to save Conner ?

But, because I know most movie makers seem to rush stuff at the end, I'll let most of these things slide. In the end, it was a pretty good action movie (better than Wolverine, but no Star Trek). The little inside jokes from the previous movies were funny (the "come with me..." line, the driving the tow-truck and knocking the windshield out after the motor bike comes from overhead, etc ) AND THE ARNIE TERMINATOR KICKED MAJOR ASS ! It looked amazingly real !! I would say hit this one on a rainy day or at the cheap theater.

Damien Walters - Kick Ass Movie

There's a new comic book turned movie being filmed now called KICK ASS. It's a great book (not for kids). A dude named Damien Walters is the stunt double for the main character and this dude Damien is unreal. This guy jumps around like his attached to wires. He's all about Gymnastics, Free Running, Martial Arts and Tumbling. Check this video out...it's crazy.

Go here to his You Tube Page: http://www.youtube.com/user/damienwalters

Tuesday, June 2, 2009

The painful part of travelling

The worst part of travelling, outside of the end of the vacation or whatever, is when you come back to YYC. That airport has to be the most painful for checked bags. And it seems the worst is on domestic flights.

I have no idea what it is they do when they take the bags off the plane. Maybe due to some weird union regulation, they can only transport 5 bags 5 feet and then there is a mandatory 15 minute break. Who knows. All I can tell you is if you've checked bags, plan for a wait.

Last night when I got back to YYC, I walked slowly from the gate to the baggage carousel knowing it takes a while for these guys to get their act in gear. We landed at 10:40pm, and for the most part the airport is dead, so I'm thinking that the people dealing with the bags are probably not all that busy. But obviously I was wrong.

I stood at the carousel for around 20 minutes imaging my bag in the pile of the other travelers, like a scene in an Indiana Jones movie. There's my bag, on the top of some ancient hieroglyphic covered pedestal. Indy carefully approaches, being mindful of the booby trapped flooring, that with one false step would set off a mechanism that would shower him with poison darts. He scans the pedestal for signs of a lever or switch. Assuming the pedestal is rigged with some sort of weight sensor, he pulls out a bag of sand. Trying to judge the weight of my luggage, he removes sand from the bag and then slowly moves the bag of sand in the place of Samsonite. Indy smiles, pleased with himself. But then, he could hear the faint sound of ticking. Indy looks back at the pedestal to see the bag of sand moving downward, obviously heavier than the dirty clothes filled suitcase. Indy knows he's in trouble and begins to run setting off the booby trapped darts. Dodging and ducking he makes his way through the back areas of YYC, looking for the light at the end of the tunnel that would be the me waiting patiently.

My day dream was broken by, praise god, the lights and buzzers announcing the elusive bags were coming (in other words, Indy made it past all the traps and would be dropping the bag down the shoot momentarily). It took at least another 5 or so minutes and then the stuff started coming. First a big black bag, then a small box, then a big box........then ?.....nothing (in other words, Indy was caught by one of the traps and didn't make it).

I sat and stared at the moving carousel. And stared. And stared. After another 20 minutes I was beginning to think this was some sort of social experiment to see who would crack first.

We sat there for almost an hour in total waiting for our bags. Even bags at Heathrow, where it's normal for your bags to disappear, they move 10 times faster.

All this does is reconfirm that when i travel, I only take carry on. No matter what (so, too bad you other travellers, I'm taking all of the overhead storage on my flights).

If you are travelling to YYC, do what you can and carry on. That, or plan at least 1 hours wait for your bags.