Thursday, July 30, 2009

Annoying people at the poker table

poker has become a very popular past time. And with it, there is a shwack of info on the Internet and in those old fashioned book thingys on how to play, how to read people, the math behind the cards, etc. This has created a new generation of good poker players....and people who 'think' they know how to play because they can spew quick statistics. Now, don't get me wrong, there is a whole math side to poker that I won't get into (and since I have a degree in Math, I won't bore you either)...however, what annoys me, are the 'know-it-all' people at the table that act as if they know everything about every hand and they'll impress you with their computer like brains.

Case in point...this evening, i put in a couple hours on the felt and there was a young lad beaking off about 'pot odds' this and 'percentage that'. Usually I ignore this, but this loud mouth was annoying everyone at the table so I started to put my two cense in. Telling him that his percentages were 'implied' and that he could never be 100% sure of what he was saying since there are millions of permutations...not to mention, he can't see the players hands, and that what he was saying should be one of a number of tools to help him make a decision but not the only one He scoffed at what i was saying. I knew his time would come and I hoped it would be me to put him in his place.

And it was. The clincher for me was when I turned a full house on him and he was chasing a flush...and he rambled on that he had 33% yadda yadda...I laughed and he called me. He hit his flush on the river which was awesome for me since he was already beat. Needless to say, he grinned and moved all in (the smug look on his face was icing on the cake)...quick call for me. He laid down and started to talk about his percentage to win and why he which I began to explain to him again about why he was wrong...showed him the cards...explained a bit more (the table could barely contain their laughter). From that point on, Mr. Know-it-all was a bit more quiet.

Everyone...even though I am very much a novice at this game, I KNOW that just because you've figured out how to multiply and divide a few combinations of 52, does not make you the next greatest poker player. If nothing else...please keep your statistics to bug everyone at the table. And when you lose you will be laughed at.


I remember back when I was a teen in the 80's there were a bunch of movies that came out that all had the word NINJA in them. All of them seem to star the same dude...Shoe Kosugi. He was the king of the Ninja movies, such as Enter the Ninja, Revenge of the Ninja, Ninja 3, et al. Pretty much all of these movies were low budget B flicks, but they were entertaining. It was fun to imagine being a dude in a black outfit tossing throwing stars at the bad guys.

Fast forward 20 years. With movies like The Matrix & 300 and dudes like Ray Park, action fighting movies are now all the rage. And what better way to celebrate than to bring back the Ninja.

What once would have been the cheesiest movie title of a low budget flick is now a movie all us geeks will go to see (it doesn't hurt that the Wachowski Brothers are producing).

NINJA ASSASSIN !... and....yes people...Sho Kosugi is in this one too. Awesome.

Check out the trailer here:

Wednesday, July 29, 2009

The wholey crap TR2N update

Just found this link to a super clean copy of the TRON LEGACY teaser. It's so much cooler when you can actually see it.

Also, note that it says it's coming out in 2010 ! (i think i just peed my pants)

Also on Youtube (Embedding disabled)


The fanboy inside me almost peed his pants - TRON LEGACY

It looks to be official. The sequel to Tron is on IMDB as Tron:Legacy or Tr2n. Looks to be due out in 2011 (supposedly shot in 3D...awesome). I HOPE TO GOD THEY DON'T BLOW IT. I'm not worried about's got to be about the story. They've had years to work on and rework scripts. So let's cross our fingers and enjoy the preview again....


Sorry for the was the best one I could find with a quick search:

iphone pictures - Chicago [gotham?]

Tuesday, July 28, 2009

Hell's Kitchen - 2nd Episode

Damn...what a let down. They played up the confrontation between Joseph and Ramsay so much last week I thought for sure there would be more. A couple 'I ain't no bitch' comments and Ramsay saying 'you're just doing this for the camera's' and a few security guys and it was over in 4 minutes.

Oh well...I guess I shouldn't have expected anything more.

Poker - Update

Update to my post on Feb 21st. I've played about 13 sessions for about 51 hours (2 of the sessions were big stinkers, 1 was a long haul 10 hours that ended as a break even, 5 were nice winners with the rest being small gains). Roughly I've made about 33% on my buy ins which equates to about 17$ per hour average. If I was to keep that average up and play 8 hours a day it would mean around 35K a year. Not enough to quit my day job.....yet. But if I have more nights like last Friday (i made 456$ in 3 hours...1 drunk guy and a couple guys with no idea sure help the wallet) the averages will start to be more impressive.

After the 13 sessions, I'm still very weak on player reads and I find I can get distracted easy. I'll find after a few hours I start to forget past plays. I lost a hand to a guy and the person next to me knew exactly what my opponent had based on a hand he played an hour before (i had no recollection).

I need to work on a number of areas to improve, but I do find that after each game I am getting better. I'll still be grinding for some time before I buck up and join the CPT and start chasing tourney points.

Look for more updates a few months down the road.

See you at the tables.

File under Dick and Fart Jokes - Weiner Falls

Friday, July 24, 2009

Alice in Wonderland - Johnny Depp

The trailer for the new Tim Burton - Alice in Wonderland is now out. And it looks exactly like what you would expect....Tim Burton doing Alice in Wonderland. I'm sure this will be a box office smash !

Tuesday, July 21, 2009

Hell's Kitchen

As usual the new Hell's Kitchen begins with cooks who think they're 'all that' and ends with Ramsay spitting out their food, dropping numerous F bombs and kicking many a garbage can. The season started much the same as the previous, with one exception. It seems they've allowed a few people with 'rage' issues through. This is of course to create more drama, thus ratings. I'm no dummy, I know these shows are in a way scripted, why else would a guy get tossed half way through the first service, and, oh look, last years fat guy who had to leave is here to take his place. Also, it doesn't hurt to get the muscle guy from Texas and J.P. to face off. The whole 2 hour episode was basically all filler just to get to the end, to see one of the wannabe's, for no explicable reason, disrespect Ramsay and then want to fight him (and he wasn't even being called out to be tossed).

The writers have either drank too much and blown their wad in the first 2 hours, or, the new contestants are trying to get their literal 15 minutes of fame. Why not be the guy who slugged Ramsay on his own show ? That could get you all over Perez and TMZ, and possibly a date with Lindsay Lohan. the end, they did what they set out to do. They have me hooked to watch next Tuesday to see what happens. And really, isn't this the only thing FOX wants ?

New Hells Kitchen

Tuesday night marks the beginning of the new Hells Kitchen. It's always funny to see the new set of clowns dance as Ramsay hurls insults and curses. F**king Hell.

Monday, July 20, 2009

THE BOSS - Dublin Fine

Apparently the fine the Boss received for going past the 11pm curfew on the Sunday Show I was at, wasn't a measly 3K. It was 50,000 Euro !

I'm sure Bruce and Little Stevie can handle's not like it will break the bank and they'll be living on Kraft Dinner for the next year.

Wednesday, July 15, 2009


Returned from Dublin on Monday afternoon. And much like my trips to the UK I need a vacation from my vacation.


Landed in Dublin at roughly 8am and grabbed a cab to our Hotel [Fleet Street Hotel, on...of course, Fleet Street...right at the start of Temple Bar]

Temple Bar of course is the big time tourist bar area that is right downtown and runs along the Liffey River (just go to google maps, type Dublin, Temple Bar, Pubs and it will give you an idea what's there

Now, the Fleet Street Hotel is no Westin, however, it was clean, reasonably priced for the area, and felt safe (they locked the doors at 10pm and you had to buzz the front desk with your room number and name to get in). Keep in mind, Temple Bar is NOT a quiet area at night.

We began the early day with a full Irish Breakfast (I am still not a fan of Black and White Pudding). The place we ate at was mediocre and not worth mentioning (we were told by a nice old man on the street that their food was 'brilliant' so we gave it a wasn't).

After breaky we decided to go for a walk and take in the Guinness Storehouse Tour. We did this right away for two reasons: 1) it would keep us from starting to hit the pints too early 2) it would keep us from hitting the pints too early.

Seriously we wanted to check the place out. The tour is self guided and takes you through the history and making of Guinness Stout. And then at the end....they pour you a perfect pint.

After checking out the over priced merchandise in their store we headed back to Temple Bar. I received a text from a friend who was meeting us and would be in Dublin by 6pm. I told him we would behave until he arrived.

On the walk we slowly hit a couple pubs keeping to the rule that we have to have 1 pint in each pub we see.

My friend showed up an hour early and so we headed back to the Hotel, cleaned up and by 6:15 we were ready to show Dublin what we were made of......

We went straight up the street jumping from pub to pub. Enjoying the traditional Celtic tunes of BROWN EYED GIRL coming from the first 4 pubs.....I kid you not, we walked into these 4 pubs and they were all blasting BROWN EYED the last pub it was being played live. Even a busker was playing it...god i hate that song.

The night was a blur (some might say a runaway) of Guinness, Harp, Smithwicks, Coors Light (?), and other assorted pints. We did our best and managed to make it until the sun came up. Then off to bed to do it again.

Tuesday came, and thank god for being at sea level (no hangover) we were up and ready to do it all over. We wandered through Trinity College to Grafton Street. Here we hit a wonderful pub called the Porterhouse that brews it's own beer. The food there looked and smelled great (all I had were wings..just a snack..they were pretty good). From there we were working down a list of pubs/places to visit.

I do have to say that Irish people are very very friendly. We met a number of people along the way. One was Tom the Rickshaw Mathematician (GRAND !). Very nice guy who picked us up and stayed with us the rest of the night. He rolled us from pub to pub (even when they were next that was lazy...but fun !). We showed Tom our gratitude by buying him rounds at each pub. Along the way we met a nice couple from NJ, a few eastern Canadians, many Irish people and a gal from New York who was busking and let me play a tune (or half of one...forgot the lyrics half way through...Tom seemed to like it....or was it the pints he liked ? ). This night was like the first and ended with us having a sandwich at 6am watching people start their day.

Saturday was the rest day. A very very very very lazy day (you do the math)

Sunday was a fantastic day of sight seeing, taking the train to Howth (ocean side town) and partaking of the terrific seafood (I ate way too much). We stopped in at the Oarhouse and I had (take a guess) Calamari, Mussels and Fish and Chips. All delicious ! It's a great place, highly recommended for a quick jump on the DART (the train) for an afternoon. Be sure to grab a pint at the station in the pub underneath.

We headed back to Dublin for the 'icing on the cake'. We joined 50,000 other people for BRUCE SPRINGSTEEN AT RDS ARENA !

The concert was supposed to start at 8pm, but was delayed for about 15-20 minutes (unknown). Bruce came on and did an amazing show. According to my buddy that came with me (he's a Bruce fanatic...he's seen Bruce live probably over 50 times, and he went to Saturday nights show in Dublin as well) Bruce played a number of 'rarities'. Songs he never plays live. The show went on until 11pm when Bruce said ' Little Stevie...I guess 11 is curfew'...Little Stevie replied 'F**K curfew'...Bruce said 'But there's a fine'...Little Stevie yelled 'I'LL PAY THE F**KING FINE' and BAM they continued for another 20 or so minutes ending with Twist and Shout.
According to the paper the next morning that show was one of the top 3 shows ever in Dublin. I concur.
As always, it was a great trip and I look forward to the next one.

Tuesday, July 7, 2009

2012 - The New Trailer !

There's a new disaster flick coming. 2012. And, someone has decided to redo the trailer as a throw back to the 70's. I LOVE IT ! [the music kicks ass!] I think this is better than the movie ever could be (just have a look at the cast and who's Oscars here).


Monday, July 6, 2009

Independence Day is right !

The boy celebrated the US Independence day by taking his first unassisted steps. And then went on to show mom and dad that this whole walking deal is no big 'thang'. Now it seems that every chance he gets he's 'goin for it'. Yesterday he went all the way across the living room and only stopped because he got to where he was going. Mom has been having such a great time I don't think she's yet realized the next step is running........and the fun is just beginning.

[2 more sleeps until Ireland]

Friday, July 3, 2009

Let the week and a half party begin - CALGARY STAMPEDE

Yes indeed, it's that time again when the tight wranglers come out of the closet and the wedding rings get put away. The Calgary Stampede starts today and with it, the raising of prices at all downtown restaurants and beating to death of Big & Rich's "Save a Horse, Ride a Cowboy".

It happens ever year and every year the work productivity drops like neck lines of all the 'cowboy cougars'.

The Stampede really is a thing to behold. for 10 days the city loses all it's inhibitions and just becomes one big ass college kegger. Even Carrot Top could get action this week.

Time for me to cut out of work early for a free BBQ and then downtown beer gardens [no good can come of this]