Thursday, July 30, 2009

Annoying people at the poker table

poker has become a very popular past time. And with it, there is a shwack of info on the Internet and in those old fashioned book thingys on how to play, how to read people, the math behind the cards, etc. This has created a new generation of good poker players....and people who 'think' they know how to play because they can spew quick statistics. Now, don't get me wrong, there is a whole math side to poker that I won't get into (and since I have a degree in Math, I won't bore you either)...however, what annoys me, are the 'know-it-all' people at the table that act as if they know everything about every hand and they'll impress you with their computer like brains.

Case in point...this evening, i put in a couple hours on the felt and there was a young lad beaking off about 'pot odds' this and 'percentage that'. Usually I ignore this, but this loud mouth was annoying everyone at the table so I started to put my two cense in. Telling him that his percentages were 'implied' and that he could never be 100% sure of what he was saying since there are millions of permutations...not to mention, he can't see the players hands, and that what he was saying should be one of a number of tools to help him make a decision but not the only one He scoffed at what i was saying. I knew his time would come and I hoped it would be me to put him in his place.

And it was. The clincher for me was when I turned a full house on him and he was chasing a flush...and he rambled on that he had 33% yadda yadda...I laughed and he called me. He hit his flush on the river which was awesome for me since he was already beat. Needless to say, he grinned and moved all in (the smug look on his face was icing on the cake)...quick call for me. He laid down and started to talk about his percentage to win and why he which I began to explain to him again about why he was wrong...showed him the cards...explained a bit more (the table could barely contain their laughter). From that point on, Mr. Know-it-all was a bit more quiet.

Everyone...even though I am very much a novice at this game, I KNOW that just because you've figured out how to multiply and divide a few combinations of 52, does not make you the next greatest poker player. If nothing else...please keep your statistics to bug everyone at the table. And when you lose you will be laughed at.

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