Tuesday, July 21, 2009

Hell's Kitchen

As usual the new Hell's Kitchen begins with cooks who think they're 'all that' and ends with Ramsay spitting out their food, dropping numerous F bombs and kicking many a garbage can. The season started much the same as the previous, with one exception. It seems they've allowed a few people with 'rage' issues through. This is of course to create more drama, thus ratings. I'm no dummy, I know these shows are in a way scripted, why else would a guy get tossed half way through the first service, and, oh look, last years fat guy who had to leave is here to take his place. Also, it doesn't hurt to get the muscle guy from Texas and J.P. to face off. The whole 2 hour episode was basically all filler just to get to the end, to see one of the wannabe's, for no explicable reason, disrespect Ramsay and then want to fight him (and he wasn't even being called out to be tossed).

The writers have either drank too much and blown their wad in the first 2 hours, or, the new contestants are trying to get their literal 15 minutes of fame. Why not be the guy who slugged Ramsay on his own show ? That could get you all over Perez and TMZ, and possibly a date with Lindsay Lohan.

Well....in the end, they did what they set out to do. They have me hooked to watch next Tuesday to see what happens. And really, isn't this the only thing FOX wants ?

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