Monday, August 31, 2009

Big Boy at the end of Aug

mmmm...I'm pretty sure if I push i can get this all the way in my mouth

For some reason I have to pee

that's right...I'm Mr. Cool

Disney to Acquire Marvel Comics

4$B dollar deal. Funny thing about the article...they have Action Comics #1 (this is DC not Marvel...way to go

Disney to Acquire Marvel

Friday, August 28, 2009

Canadian's Influence on Facebook

Looks like a 3rd year law student managed to make a change to the way Facebook deals with personal info.

Canadian Influence on Facebook


In my case my email address account thinks I live in Thailand, my facebook thinks I'm a Jedi who was born in 1942...there's no need to populate these sites with exactly who you are, where you live, where you work, where you went to school...if you do that you're asking to have your identity thieved...

Low Rates Here To Stay ?

Here's a news story about where 'they' think things will be going

Central Banks Signal Low Rates Here To Stay

To Do: This weekend

Just a couple things that will keep me busy this weekend...and a couple things I want to do (in other words, this is a lame lazy post as I have nothing better)
- Sand Deck
- Stain Deck (should have been done long ago, but now we have good weather and I have a free day)
- See Inglorious Basterds
- See H2 (alone since the wife won't go)
- See GIJoe (again alone, for the same reason)
- Get oil change
- Eat Mussels
- East Sushi
- Visit Friends
- Sleep
- Clean Car (or get someone else to clean it...either way, it needs a good cleaning)
- Crank Call Powell
- Make some $$$ (my full house got run over by a Royal Flush the other day...took me for 85% of my stack...son of a...)
- Clean house (get rid of unwanted stuff...trying to live the 80-20 rule with household stuff)
- Run ( need to shake off this sympathy preggo weight)
- Go to the farmers market (The Elk I bought last week kicked butt)
- Read a few magazines (a couple have piled up)
- Clean the BBQ
- relax
- Have a beverage (defeats the purpose of the run, but I still want one)
- Sleep

Wednesday, August 26, 2009

Trail Mix is Addictive

Trail mix is nothing short of snack crack. Once you have one bite, you're hooked. I can sit and kill a bag of this stuff without even blinking...and then pay for it later [in more ways than one].
Nuts, Raisins, M&M's or's all good.
Just writing this has started the ol' salivary glands up and has me wanting/needing a taste. Just a little taste...that's all i need...come on man...just a little to get me over....

Monday, August 24, 2009 finally happened

Yes. The most dreaded thing that could ever happen with a baby happened to me. It's something I've heard horror stories about from friends but always thought "meh, it can't happen to me, I'm much too smart for that". Ha.
I took the little guy upstairs to his room to change his diaper, which I thought was just full of pee. I was in the process of removing it and turned my head to grab a fresh diaper. I had removed enough of the front so that the little so-&-so could get his hand down the front. He was being his usual feisty self during the change, which means, he won't sit still and tries to stand up. Because I didn't think it was a big deal I let him... and then it happened.
He stuck his fingers in my mouth.
At first, I didn't think anything of it as he does this all the time. But then I was hit. The smell. And that smell is unmistakable. I looked down quickly. It looked like the little dude was offering me a bit of icing from a cake.

To be honest I think I blacked out for a few seconds 'cause I can't really remember what I did next. I think it was a combination of laying him down and wiping down the offending finger and bum with my right hand, while the left hand vigorously slapped at my mouth while I spat & coughed and made some sort of "efggg-effggg-gaaagg" noise.
I obviously was making a pretty big fuss as the wife was behind me in seconds asking what was wrong....and then proceeded to laugh at me (I swear I think the boy was laughing at me too....hmmmm). I did survive the ordeal although I'm now scarred for life. I get chills each time I move in for a change thinking that the boy is just waiting to give me another fudgey surprise.
If the boy ever reads this when he's older...all I have to say wait...there will be payback...maybe when you're 18...maybe when I'm a senile old bugger in diapers of my own...but I will get you.
Now I need to go brush my teeth again...thinking of this has made me feel all dirty again....eesh

Sunday, August 23, 2009

Ryan Jenkins found dead

The dude who off'd his ex-playmate swimsuit model - wife, was found dead today in a motel in hope BC. Apparently died by hanging himself.

For those that don't know, Jenkins, an ex Calgary realtor, was hangin' in L.A. and was in a couple reality shows that are yet to be aired (probably won't be now....or will be for higher ratings). I guess he strangled his ex-wife and then cut off her fingers and pulled out her teeth and put her in a suitcase. He obviously watched too much CSI thinking this was going to hide her know how they found out who she was ? Serial numbers on her breast implants. Thanks cops for telling that to dead bodies will show up with no fingers, teeth and boobs removed. Why do they disclose this kind of info ?? They're just asking for copycats.

Anyway, at least the US taxpayers won't be flippin' the bill for this guy to be in prison for the rest of his life.

Friday, August 21, 2009

Troy Kent Art For Sale

Here is a link to an online gallery of art from a friend and up and coming California artist Troy Kent.

Thursday, August 20, 2009

District 9 Review

District 9 is the new Sci-Fi movie produced by LOTR captain Peter Jackson and Writer/Director newcomer Neill Blomkamp.
Without giving too much away, the movie is about an alien ship that arrived on earth 20 years ago and seemed to be stuck above Johannesburg South Africa. The inhabitants, malnourished and sick, are set up in a shanty town called District 9, are segregated from humans and are referred to as 'Prawns' due to their looks.
A company called Multi-National United [MNU] is set up to 'look after' the 'Prawns' and a field operative from MNU, Wikus van der Merwe, is given the task to relocate 1.8 million aliens into a new tent city 200KM's from humans.
During the eviction process Mikus is exposed to a 'fluid' and his adventure begins.
The movie is filmed like a documentary meets first person shaky cam style (since not all of what we are seeing could have been captured by the documentary).
The first half of this movie is well crafted and a very interesting social commentary (almost like a gritty Alien Nation prequel). This starts to collapse when it shifts into a 'I've seen this before' action Sci-Fi. I think this could have been a much more interesting tale if they would have stuck with the documentary idea and showed things from different view points thus creating the real tension of what's real, what are lies, who's involved and who isn't as opposed to angry bald military men shooting millions of bullets and being vaporized by alien weapons. Also, one big hole is left unexplained...if the aliens have all this tech (weapons etc) that is far superior to humans and bonded to their DNA, why wouldn't they use it to get out of the slums ? Why wasn't there a 'Kingpin Prawn' of sorts like in Alien Nation ?
Not worth full price, but hit this one at the cheap theater.

New Child Seat ? - Fail

Look what I found in the trunk (picture taken with iphone)

Salmon - RESULT !

My first kick at the Cookbook Project 'can' was a success. As I posted yesterday, I did a Salmon with Mediterranean Flavours from Gordon Ramsay's Fast Food Cookbook. See full details on the food blog.

After a tasty dinner I figured the best way to end the night was to curl up on the couch with my laptop and watch a completely mediocre horror movie. The movie in question is The Unborn.

The movie is about a girl who is a twin (her twin died before birth being strangled by her umbilical cord). She is tormented by some evil spirit that was released during Nazi tests on Jews and has followed the same family, ultimately to her.

Lame. Also, what I can't figure is what kind of dirt did the producers have on Gary Oldman that he agreed to be in this mess.

The only redeeming quality of the movie is that the effects were cool.

Stay very far away from this movie.

Wednesday, August 19, 2009

Cookbook Project

We have a number of cool cookbooks in the house....that we never seem to use. So we've now decided to cook at least 3 meals a week from one of the many cookbooks.
I'm starting tonight with a salmon dish from Ramsay's FAST FOOD book. At first glance it seems a bit on the simple side, but knowing that Ramsay's mantra is KEEP IT SIMPLE, I guess it fits.
Its a simple mixing of salmon, sun-dried tomatoes, olives, and a few other seasonings.
We'll see how it works out.

Tuesday, August 18, 2009

Sayings/Phrases/Words I hate......

Here is a couple of sayings/words/phrases I hate (or really dislike)....and I really hate it when the same people use the same word/phrase/saying over and over and over and over

  • My Bad
  • Sucks to be you
  • Sorry 'bout your luck
  • Right Arm (said for 'right on'...could be a local thing)
  • shweet (said for 'sweet')
  • Anything with the word 'Dawg' in it
  • irregardless (is this even a word?)
  • the word integrity when used on the show Survivor
  • Jon & Kate plus's not a word/phrase/saying, but I'm really tired of seeing them on the tabloids

Haworth closing in Calgary

600 people will be looking for work. Is NAFTA collapsing ?

Thursday, August 13, 2009

The death of the electric guitar innovator

Les Paul has died at the age of 94 due to complications from pneumonia.

Responsible for the Gibson Les Paul, one of the first solid body electric guitars that was prototyped in the 1940's. This guitar is still a favourite to many musicians today.

He will be missed.

First reviews for District 9 look great

First reviews for District 9. Looks like this should be a good movie (I like the fact that it's restricted means they're not pulling any punches)

Recession Over in parts of Europe ?

Looks like the French and Germans have ended their recessions.

Wednesday, August 12, 2009

Whirlwind Trip to NY - iphone pic

I did a whirlwind trip to New York this weekend. I left town Sunday morning, expecting to fly through T Dot and land at Laguardia by around 6:30pm. No such luck. Weather in New York had me stranded for the night in Toronto. >great<

I got the obiligatory shrug of the shoulders and paper slip with phone numbers on it from the Air Canada booth. I quickly called the flight line to arrange a flight. I had a meeting in NY for 1pm on Monday so I NEEDED to be gone in the morning. Thank goodness they had a seat on the first flight at 6:30am...I took it. Then they arranged a hotel.

By the time I got to the hotel it was roughly 6:30pm. I knew I needed to get my ass to sleep ASAP since I needed to be up for my flight was even early than I had thought, since the hotel had 1 shuttle that had 40 minute intervals so that meant I had to leave at 4am...>nice<...which of course meant I was up at 3:30 or 1:30am my time...needless to say...I was a bit tired when I got on the plane.

I landed at Laguardia and jumped a cab to the hotel. I stayed at the Duane Street Hotel It's a nice little boutique hotel in the Tribeca Area with fantastic service (the gals at the front desk were very nice and helpful).

I only had time to have a quick freshen up and then we were off to the meeting site. Once we got there I had to do a little fix up work and, of course, Monday was the hotest day of the year in New York, AND, the room was a garage with no airflow or aircon. I was drenched within 20 minutes. Thank god I wasn;t the only one leaking...pretty much all the men where sweating like pigs...funny...none of the women were...why is that ?

We finished up quickly and headed back to the hotel so I could grab some dinner and hit the sack since my return flight was......again at 6:30 am >nice<

For dinner we decided on The Odeon . It's a neat little place that has an upscale diner kind of feel. I was going to go with the Trout but was told by the waitress to try the Cod special. It was fantastic. The service and atmosphere of this place was also excellent. I would highly recommend this place if you're in the area.

The next morning I was up at 4am and off to the airport. I will say this...New York cab rides at 4am are not for the faint of heart. I asked the dude if it would take more than 30 minutes to the airport, he smiled and said "Maximum"....he obviously meant, we were going to move at MAXIMUM speed ! At one point we were almost doing 100+ mph zipping in and out of lanes past other cars...he laughed when we got there in 19 minutes.

I NEED to go back to New York to really have a look and see. I've now been there twice spending a total of 4 hours out and about, both times for dinner....I think I know someone who wants to go with me ;-)

Monday, August 3, 2009

First Looks at Kick Ass

Comic Book Movies website has some bootlegged vid from comic con of the new Kick Ass movie. IT LOOKS AWESOME !
For those who have no idea, Kick Ass is a comic book by Mark Miller and John Romita Jr about a kid in our reality who decides one day to be a super hero (and gets a ton of ass kickings along the way).

Check the movie footage here

Sunday, August 2, 2009

Transformers 2

I went and caught Transformers 2: Revenge of the Fallen this evening. And while this was no classic, it wasn't as bad as the critics said it was. I'd have to say it was better than the first one.

But, saying it's better than the first is not saying much since the first one kinda sucked. This one is full of holes, not to mention a whack of editing errors. The comedy relief was pretty lame...and the weird terminator/decepticon chick was confusing. Story overall was weak.

These movie makers really need to spend some time and create a good story THEN make the movie...for goodness sake it took Disney 27 years to create a sequel to TRON.

Save your money and see this one at the cheap theaters if you have to...or just wait until it's on TV.