Friday, August 28, 2009

To Do: This weekend

Just a couple things that will keep me busy this weekend...and a couple things I want to do (in other words, this is a lame lazy post as I have nothing better)
- Sand Deck
- Stain Deck (should have been done long ago, but now we have good weather and I have a free day)
- See Inglorious Basterds
- See H2 (alone since the wife won't go)
- See GIJoe (again alone, for the same reason)
- Get oil change
- Eat Mussels
- East Sushi
- Visit Friends
- Sleep
- Clean Car (or get someone else to clean it...either way, it needs a good cleaning)
- Crank Call Powell
- Make some $$$ (my full house got run over by a Royal Flush the other day...took me for 85% of my stack...son of a...)
- Clean house (get rid of unwanted stuff...trying to live the 80-20 rule with household stuff)
- Run ( need to shake off this sympathy preggo weight)
- Go to the farmers market (The Elk I bought last week kicked butt)
- Read a few magazines (a couple have piled up)
- Clean the BBQ
- relax
- Have a beverage (defeats the purpose of the run, but I still want one)
- Sleep


Anonymous said...

like hell your gonna run....maybe run for a case of beer. downloaded gijoe and basterds. gonna turn off the phone. hope your kid sticks poo in your mouth again.


Anonymous said...

Mr. Powell:

Rather harsh, don't you think? Are you dealing with Freudian issues??? hmmmmm....

Anonymous said...

take that powell