Wednesday, September 30, 2009

Where can I go to rant.... ?

I'm not a negative guy. Really I'm not. However, when I discuss work, or drivers I encounter, or people in airports or planes, the anecdote is usually prefaced with " you know what pisses me off ? " I think my wife has become desensitized and barely listens to what I have to say after she hears the infamous phrase. BUT NOW, finally, I have a forum for my rants. (other than on here)

If you're like me (or the guy in the IKEA kitchen commercial) who comes home and needs to get a bunch off the chest, you can now log in and vent. or "do you know what pisses me off" .com

I will probably be a featured poster on this site considering everything I see on a daily basis....

...calm blue ocean, calm blue ocean, calm blue ocean, calm blue ocean....


Tuesday, September 29, 2009

Can I see some ID please ?

We were in Banff on the weekend and were looking for a place to eat lunch. And, being with the boy, it usually limits the places we would go to. In this case, we walked by a pub and I wandered in to see if they were considered a 'family' restaurant during the day (some places do this so they can attract more biz...which makes sense to me). I didn't have to ask, as the high chairs and booster seats at the front door gave me a pretty good hunch we could saddle up.
We found a seat out of the way in the back so Mr. Grabby wouldn't cause too much commotion. He kept pretty busy coloring....until the food came. As soon as he saw it arrive he HAD to have everything at once. He tried a bit of Dad's fish and chips and a bit of Mom's Turkey Brie sandwich and soup. Like his dad he REALLY liked the salty chips. A couple times he reached for Dad's pint to wash back the tasty food (Like father like son). I told him he had a few years to wait for that.

Monday, September 28, 2009

Where the wild things are

I have to see this movie. I recall reading (looking at the pictures) this book a long time ago. That or it was read to me. And I recall it being a great story. When I heard it was being made into a feature film I was intrigued. I wasn't sure what they would do. Would they make it an animation or cartoon ? Would they make it with muppets ? I heard Spike Jonze was directing and for some reason I heard Spike, I thought 'weird', the dude who did 'Do the right thing' and 'Malcolm X' is doing a kids movie? ...anyway, next time I saw the preview I kept my ears open. After the first time I saw the preview, I think this will do well. It looks great. I WILL go see this flick.


I'm a big fan of the post Buffy / Angel campy humor shows. David Boreanaz ended up on Bones (which has it's moments) and Nathan Fillion (good Alberta boy) has his own show Castle. He plays Rick Castle, a famous horror writer that hangs out with a hot detective to gather info for new books (and helps solve crimes along the way). The show so far has me hooked, but just barely. I like Fillion. I've liked him since his stint on 2 guys and a pizza place with Ryan Reynolds (really like him on Firefly). He has great comedic chops and has the right look/act for the cocky writer. The writing on the show seems to be getting better, adding the right amount of 'silly' when it's needed. I'm not a fan of the 'hot' detective...I think they could have looked a little harder for someone...with a bit more acting talent. I hope the writing continues to get better/funnier like Buffy and Angel, and Castle goes on to making Fillion $$$$ (I hope Stephen King gets a cameo).

Thursday, September 24, 2009

Foo Fighters - Wheels - Tribute to Tom Petty ?

Is it me, or is Dave trying to do his best Petty imitation ?

You decide

6 year old girl escapes being hit by a car

I just finished writing the post about dummies behind the wheel when I saw this....


Things that drive me crazy when stupid people are behind the wheel of a car....

There is nothing more aggrivating than a dummy behind the wheel of a car. They are indeed where the phrase "an accident waitiung to happen" came from. Here is a sample of some of the things that get my blood pressure up:
  • Rubber Neckers - These are jack-asses who stop paying attention to what they're doing, typically slow down and stare at an accident or some other thing on the side of the road. Recently our receptionist was rear ended by a person doin' 100 Kmph because they were looking at an accident on the other lane...AND THEY ADMITTED IT TO THE COPS !?!?!?
  • People who have no idea how to use a traffic circle - and then honk and shake their fist at the people who many times do they need to side swipe someone until they learn ??
  • People who stop at the beginning of a merge lane....THERE'S A MERGE LANE SO YOU DON'T HAVE TO STOP !
  • People who don't know the rules of a 4 way stop and sit and stare at everyone else when they have the right of way. I have one near my house and daily I shake my head at people and then just go or I'd be sitting there for hours.

I could go on about people who pass on the outside of people turning, people who don't slow down in playground zones & residential areas, etc need to get the blood pressure up

Wednesday, September 23, 2009

Next Trip - Dover ?

We still haven't decided 100% where we will land for our next trip. Napa is are still cheap. Quebec City is still in the running since there are seat sales on Air Canada right now. However, Quebec in November is a crap shoot. It could be mild, it could be cold. UK still seems to call me.

If we do go to the UK, I think the coast will be in order. Possibly Dover. I've never been to the coast in England and I think, if it's the first time, why not hit the white cliffs. I'm trying to do some research about what else is in the region of interest. We'll have a week to keep ourselves busy (I'm sure the pubs will keep me busy, but considering this won't be a 'man-cation' I'll need to break up the daily pubbing with some sight seeing and eating)
We'll need to make a decision soon.

Tuesday, September 22, 2009


Just caught the season premiere of NCIS and NCIS L.A. I'm a big fan of the humor of the original NCIS and the new episode didn't disappoint. DiNozzo is the best character on the show and his comedic delivery is top notch. The overall story tonight was lame, but served to get Ziva back and possibly introduce a new hot girl to the mix (maybe extra tension for Tony and Ziva). The jokes were good...just have an issue with how fast ol' Gibbs must have been moving to get from his sniper perch to the terrorist hang out, then how stealthy he must have been to get inside and be able to save the day. Hmmmmmm.

As for NCIS L.A. It's a little early. It doesn't seem to have the same appeal. Doesn't have the same humor. It might take half a season to find it's groove. If it doesn't it might not last (even with LL).

Monday, September 21, 2009

Green Hornet: Nic Cage out, bad guy from Inglorious Basterds in

Looks like Nic Cage dropped out of the upcoming Seth Rogan flick, Green Hornet, due out in 2010. He was going to play the bad guy Chudnofsky. He apparently he felt the character needed a bit of flushing humanize it a bit and give the audience an understanding as to why he's bad. WTF? How 'bout you just act and STFU Cage ! It's a movie based on an old campy T.V. show, not some deep insightful drama.

Quick to step in is Christoph Waltz, the dude who played Landa in Inglorious Basterds. I have a feeling this dude will show up more due to his awesome performance in Basterds.

I'm not sure what to expect with the Green Hornet. I don't see Seth Rogan in the main role...not sure if it's supposed to be a spoof or a comedy....we'll see come the release date in a year.

Tuesday, September 15, 2009

Enjoy The Oscars next to the Red Carpet !

You can join a bunch of celebs and paparazzi and watch the stars strut their 'over payed' stuff on the red carpet. Sign up to hang on the bleachers. I hope I get picked so I can heckle Lindsay Lohan. I still have no idea how this girl gets hired. WHY with all the talent out there would she get a role ? She used to be cute in her Disney days, now she's a whacked out, too skinny, orange colored, puffed up fish lipped wash out.
Anyway.... go here to apply. See you at the movies !

iphone picture: The boy enjoying the sun in September

What Every Blog Needs !

I've had this blog for a while and I just realized I have never posted a picture of a girl in a bikini. I know, where's my head at ??? So....enjoy

Kanye is at it again

Monday, September 14, 2009

Patrick Swayze: 1952-2009

Patrick Sawyze, actor in such riveting films as Youngblood, Next of Kin, Roadhouse, Black Dog & Donny Darko, died today at the age of 57. I believe his best work had to be on SNL with Chris Farley in the Chip and Dales try out skit. I have a sneaking suspicion that he went out now so he wouldn't have to live through the remake of Red Dawn due out next year with Conner Cruise starring.

Some upcoming movies I'm interested in

Like I said...I'm interested, not necessarily excited (although some I'm giddy about). First off, Tron: Legacy...this one I'm excited about. Who wouldn't be ? If you grew up in the 70's this movie would have had an impact like Star Wars. Let's just hope to god that Disney does this one up right. And honestly, why wouldn't they ? They spent the time crafting a good story. Whereas LUcas, just pumped out a bunch of crap to make $$$.

Other flicks of interest: Green Lanturn, Thor, Ironman 2, Wolverine 2, Ant Man, Avengers, Batman 3, Spiderman 4, Kick Ass. There are a bunch of other Super Hero movies on the go, but I'm worried they're just churning these things out to capitalize on the hot market. Case in point, X3 was utter crap, and Wolverine was a let down. They took one of the most popular characters with a mixed up past and made a run of the mill made for TV flick. They messed up his origin, added characters for the sake of spin offs, had lousy character development and glossed over soooo much of his history and why he is like he is (Wolverine makes a comment "I'm the best at what I do and what I do ain't nice....well, what did he do ? Cause it couldn't have been fighting since he got his ass kicked all over the screen...also, they don't explain his name, and the admantium bullet was the worst idea ever). Let's hope they look at the comments seriously and make a change for #2.

A couple others such as Guy Ricthies Sherlock Holmes, and Del Toro's The Hobit (if it ever gets out of the courts ) could be worth the wait. Also, the new Alien Prequel from Ridley Scott and James Cameron's Avatar should both create buzz.

Not sure about the A-Team, T.J. Hooker, and Battlestar Galactica reboot...we'll see what happens.

Sunday, September 13, 2009

Fall SHows I'm Looking Forward To

In no specific order:
  • Supernatural
  • House
  • Fringe
  • Flash Forward
  • How I Met Your Mother
  • NCIS
  • new NCIS
  • Law and Order UK
  • Bones
  • Lie To Me
  • Lost

Thursday, September 10, 2009

Kid show sing alongs are not like they used to be

Seems kids shows have changed since I was little. I don't recall remixes with rap stars. Here's a lazy town remix with Lil' Jon (e'fing hilarious)

enjoy (not for kids)

Be sure to wear proper PPE when ghost hunting

Not only do I watch 'Ghost Hunters' on T.V. I have participated in a ghost hunt in the UK (I might have to blog this story since a few weird things happened....I'll save this for Halloween). To be quite honest, ghost hunting is a very long, tedious, boring, endeavor...taking pictures, asking "is there someone here?", and a bunch of other non-life threatening things. In other words, anyone can do it and at most you might be sleepy.

In this case, some woman just died....yes...DIED. Fell off a roof. WTF ?!?!

see deet's here: Woman Dies While Ghost Hunting

Random stuff

It's interesting to me to watch how employment and the world economy work together on a graph. As the world economy goes up and down like a sine wave, employment mimics this but in a much more pronounced fashion; like a whip. From what I'm seeing, real estate in our area has bottomed, reduction of business has bottomed and things seem to be picking up. The 'pick up' will be gradual and not explosive like what we saw over the last few years, but it will start trending upward (we have already seen this happening in the local housing market). Even though there seems to be a 'pick up' layoffs are still happening. A company next to us laid off 50% of their staff and the remainder received a 10% reduction in salary. I suspect this will happen for a while yet until the whip effect brings hiring back up (we saw the opposite happen a year ago when people were still hiring even though the market was dropping).

Another encouraging thing we're seeing is the opening of small businesses. Case in point, a new 'Pilipino Bakery' opened fairly close to our place. This place is very compact and has a lot of neat products along with interesting breads and buns. We've been pleasantly surprised with each try and will continue to go back and support these people.

My prediction is that by year end, things will be back to a 2005 level (oil hovering around 75$, business on the rise, companies hiring, there has already been investment from China in the oil sands and we've been hearing about many projects that have been getting dusted off...and not just Fed $ projects)

At the home front, the boy never ceases to amaze me with his daily learning. From all the chit chatter, to the pointing and deliberate movements. He's now recognizing that I leave in the morning for work and it's a bit heartbreaking when he cries. Although, it is fantastic when i get home and he runs to meet me at the front door with a big hug. Today was the first day he didn't cry when I left. Instead he smiled and waved bye bye. Maybe hes starting to understand that Da Da always comes back. With the way this guy is chattering and copying his mommy and dada I suspect we'll be hearing words very soon

Tuesday, September 8, 2009

Where to go ?

I've been working oh-so hard and's time for a break.

I'm trying to decide where to go for the next getaway for me and the wife. I'm thinking somewhere in October to possibly take advantage of the trees changing colors. Here are a few ideas:

Vegas ? Who doesn't like Vegas ? We already have a pre-paid room at Planet Hollywood so we can book this at any time. But, we've already been this year so maybe this one will be the last resort (if there's super cheap flights this one might win)

Napa Valley ? It's supposed to look fantastic in the fall. The views along with the food and drink make this destination appealing. Flights are around 400 return through San Francisco. So there would be a rental car and (i'm sure) pricey accommodation. BUT, we've never been, and we like food and hooch.

Quebec City ? Again, fall in Quebec is supposed to look awesome. And, food with the French is always top notch. The country sides are very cute. It's like Europe in our back yard. The flights however, are not cheap, although I think there is a seat sale right now. So cost would be inline with Napa.

So, we'll be mulling this over for a little while and let you know where we decide.
If you've been to these places and have suggestions, please post them. Thanks !

Saturday, September 5, 2009

Late night lame post

Just hangin' out, watching THE DEPARTED, and muckin' with the new laptop. Just finished loading important software (pokerstars) and playing with don't like it. Thank goodness I get a free upgrade to Windows 7 and initial reports are good.

We went and checked out the Millerville farmers market again and picked up some more Elk (the elk NY steaks kicked butt and picked up some elk smokies this time)

Getting back to THE DEPARTED...the best thing about this flick is Alec Baldwin...just like in Glengarry Glen Ross, he steals every scene he's in....

Thursday, September 3, 2009

Laptop = Dead

I've about had it with the fact that new technology is not built to last. My 3 year old laptop just had a motherboard crap least that's what the dell tech people 'think'.
The screen gives me a 1982 graphics glob look at start up and some times gives me a partially readable blue screen with "parity error" written on it.
This just began out of nowhere two nights warning...nothing. I crapped my drawers as I hadn't done a back up in a while and I had, not only, work shite on my desk top, I had all our recent photo's of the boy.
Thankfully, my Jebuz laptop fixed itself long enough for me to get all my personal files onto an external hard drive. phew.
Now I get to spend $$$ on a new laptop. Weeeee.
Let's hope the new one lasts a bit longer than 3 years.