Tuesday, September 29, 2009

Can I see some ID please ?

We were in Banff on the weekend and were looking for a place to eat lunch. And, being with the boy, it usually limits the places we would go to. In this case, we walked by a pub and I wandered in to see if they were considered a 'family' restaurant during the day (some places do this so they can attract more biz...which makes sense to me). I didn't have to ask, as the high chairs and booster seats at the front door gave me a pretty good hunch we could saddle up.
We found a seat out of the way in the back so Mr. Grabby wouldn't cause too much commotion. He kept pretty busy coloring....until the food came. As soon as he saw it arrive he HAD to have everything at once. He tried a bit of Dad's fish and chips and a bit of Mom's Turkey Brie sandwich and soup. Like his dad he REALLY liked the salty chips. A couple times he reached for Dad's pint to wash back the tasty food (Like father like son). I told him he had a few years to wait for that.

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