Wednesday, September 23, 2009

Next Trip - Dover ?

We still haven't decided 100% where we will land for our next trip. Napa is are still cheap. Quebec City is still in the running since there are seat sales on Air Canada right now. However, Quebec in November is a crap shoot. It could be mild, it could be cold. UK still seems to call me.

If we do go to the UK, I think the coast will be in order. Possibly Dover. I've never been to the coast in England and I think, if it's the first time, why not hit the white cliffs. I'm trying to do some research about what else is in the region of interest. We'll have a week to keep ourselves busy (I'm sure the pubs will keep me busy, but considering this won't be a 'man-cation' I'll need to break up the daily pubbing with some sight seeing and eating)
We'll need to make a decision soon.

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