Thursday, September 24, 2009

Things that drive me crazy when stupid people are behind the wheel of a car....

There is nothing more aggrivating than a dummy behind the wheel of a car. They are indeed where the phrase "an accident waitiung to happen" came from. Here is a sample of some of the things that get my blood pressure up:
  • Rubber Neckers - These are jack-asses who stop paying attention to what they're doing, typically slow down and stare at an accident or some other thing on the side of the road. Recently our receptionist was rear ended by a person doin' 100 Kmph because they were looking at an accident on the other lane...AND THEY ADMITTED IT TO THE COPS !?!?!?
  • People who have no idea how to use a traffic circle - and then honk and shake their fist at the people who many times do they need to side swipe someone until they learn ??
  • People who stop at the beginning of a merge lane....THERE'S A MERGE LANE SO YOU DON'T HAVE TO STOP !
  • People who don't know the rules of a 4 way stop and sit and stare at everyone else when they have the right of way. I have one near my house and daily I shake my head at people and then just go or I'd be sitting there for hours.

I could go on about people who pass on the outside of people turning, people who don't slow down in playground zones & residential areas, etc need to get the blood pressure up

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