Tuesday, October 27, 2009

Bad Driving

I am amazed every morning and night at some of the shockingly bad drivers there are out there. And not just bad drivers, people who aggressively drive and THINK that everyone else is driving bad and they're just shite.

A week ago we were hit with a usual morning snow fall. One of these quick fall dumps that comes in like a lion, creates havoc and then melts and disappears in 24 hours. So...what do the dumb ass bad driving locals do? Yup..that's right...drive like it's a summer day.

On my way to work I get behind the wheel and give the road respect. I take it easy driving below the speed limit. I get to an area that's normally 90Kph. I'm doing 60Kph and that's pushing it. This arse gets right up on my tail. I'm already cursing this guy cause I can tell he's mister impatient and probably cursing me, the slow driver. It didn't take him long to switch lanes (into the lane that had more snow) and pass me at a good clip. It was only minutes when he switched lanes back into my lane. Except of course, he didn't respect the snowy road. His rear wheels hit the wet icy built up snow between the lanes and his ass end started to swing out. He did a 180 and ended up in the ditch. I came trundling by at my safe 60Kph and gave him a thumbs up. He gave me the bird. I laughed my ass off all the way to work. This guy was the definition of "an accident waiting to happen".

Dummies....they just won't learn until they kill someone...I hope it's just not me.

Monday, October 26, 2009

H1N1 Vaccination = New Zombie Movie ?

Doesn't this whole H1N1 Vaccination thing have the makings of a real life Zombie break out ? Compare it to, let's say, 'I am Legend'...worlds population is given an experimental drug, it kills off a chunk right away and then turns a big population into weirdo vampire zombies. Or '28 days later', 'Zombie Land' etc.

If the world does go all Zombie, I think I'll do ok. I'll need to work on my cardio (and I hope H1N1 Zombies aren't like the Rage Zombies in '28 Days Later'...meaning, they stumble and don't run).

So, I'll just be mindful of the news over the next few weeks and see if I'll need to stock up on water and shot gun shells.

Wednesday, October 21, 2009


Supernatural is by far, my favourite show on T.V. Nuff said.

Monday, October 19, 2009

Little big man's trip to the hair cut place

I say 'hair cut place' because it's not a barber and I wouldn't call it a salon. It's one of those 'cheap ass cuts by underpaid 0 experience hair hackers' kinda places. Don't get me wrong,I don't mind these types of places. I get my hair hacked there all the time...but i tend to keep it fairly short so it's hard to screw up a #3 on the side, back and short on top. And when they do screw up, it was only 10$ and grows out quick.

Anyway, we took the big boy in on Sunday to get his first chop and for some reason it was freakin' busy. They had a 9$ coupon in the local newsletter so every thrifty local with shaggy hair was in there lookin for a trim. We were asked if we were 'on the list' when we walked in. We said 'list' ? I asked if it was long and the woman sitting next to me giggled. I guess that meant 'yes'. The list WAS long, but we managed to squeak in. How, you ask ? Did we bride the girl who took our name ? Nope. Then how did we thwart their carefully managed list of 'who's next' ? We hung around for 5 minutes....yep...that's it. See..most people, came in said 'list' ? put their name on it and walked out the door. Either thinking that they had tons of time and they'd come back, or leave their name and leave and not come back. Also, it didn't help that the hair chopper girls weren't keeping the names in order and they didn't write times on the sheets. So, it didn't take that long until they called out a few names of people not there and then looked at us and said 'you're next'. Even the wife snuck in for a quick snip at the same time as the boy.

It was lucky that we got in so fast. We weren't so lucky with the girl we got. I believe we got the newbie, not necessarily to cutting, but to this particular shop and to english. Now, I don't want to tell people how to do their jobs, especially when I have no freakin idea how to do it, and I'm patient with non english speaking people....but, when dealing with a toddler, it seems to me, you have to move fast. Too much time was wasted trying to put the paper around the boys neck and the apron on him...and then the booster seat...and then something else (lots of needless fidgeting)....all this time, he sat still like the best boy in the world. Then the discussion about what we wanted. I was saying 'use the clippers and hack it down to an inch or so'...i was trying to think of something fast that wouldn't have sharp scissors next to his head (he tends to jerk his head around when he's and new places). It was unfortunate....all of the fidgeting and misunderstanding of what was wanted etc blew the boys' I'm gonna sit like a good boy' time.

I will give him credit...he did SIT for quite a while...he just didn't keep his head still. Again, not going to tell someone how to do their job, but I have no idea what this gal was doing....there didn't seem to be any reason to the madness. Little cut here, big cut there, do a bit in the back, maybe a bit on the side and front, spray a bit of water on the back, and start again (maybe she was just attacking what ever was the closest area she could get to). This seemed to go on forever....the wife managed to get her full cut done and we still weren't done with the boy until i sort of said 'OK...we're about finished' kowing it wasn't and fully expecting us to kind of trim a bit at home (even the girl who did the wives hair looked and said 'oh..how bout I fix that up'). I will give the girl credit for trying. She was nervous (hands shaking every now and then) and there was the pressure of all of the people waiting (they started turning people away half way through the boys cut). We declined the 'fix' from the other girl opting for stopping by sometime in the next few days. In the end...it's not THAT bad...he looks more like a boy now. Just needs it cleaned up a bit. I think next time, we'll buck up and go to the place that is specifically for little guys.

Lazy Post Weekend Update

  • Stamps Riders game...wtf? All the action was in the overtime
  • Calgary Food and Wine Show (lots of goodies there)
  • Big Boys first Bog Boy Haircut (no freak outs, just his usual 'can't sit still self')
  • British Fish and Chippy just opened by our place...I will return !

Tuesday, October 13, 2009

Here we go again.....The Dollar is on the rise

Taken from Telus.net - OTTAWA - The recent surge in the loonie could damage the pace of Canada's recovery, Prime Minister Stephen Harper warned Tuesday as pressure built on the Bank of Canada to intervene.

The Canadian dollar has risen more than five cents in the past two weeks, much of it in the last few days of trading.

It closed up 0.73 cents at 96.48 cents U.S. Tuesday from the central bank's posted rate Friday, although it had been above 97 cents for much of the day and was higher in overseas markets Monday when Canadian markets were closed for Thanksgiving.

Speaking in Vancouver, Harper said he was concerned, especially with the quick pace of the appreciation.

"As we said before, we're not out of the woods. There are many risks ... and obviously the value of the Canadian dollar is a risk to recovery," he said.

"I don't think it's a risk to choking off the recovery but if it goes up too rapidly it does have difficult effects on our economy."

The prime minister went on to say the currency is the responsibility of the Bank of Canada, but did not say what he believes governor Mark Carney should do, if anything.

Carney has taken to trying to jawbone the dollar down since it began its steady ascent from 76.53 cents on March 9 with little to show for it.

Avrim Lazar of the Forest Products Association of Canada said the time has come for Carney to match his words with action.

"This is not a penny mining stock we're talking about. It's our currency, the foundation of our economic growth," he said.

"I'm not going to tell Mark Carney how to do his business, but we're saying if you want to keep jobs in this country and you want to avoid destroying the recovery, he has to use the tools at his disposal."

The simplest way for the bank to intervene is to print Canadian dollars and use them to purchase the U.S. currency - in essence devaluing the loonie while increasing demand for the greenback.

Many economists have been forecasting the loonie would hit parity with the U.S. greenback in the middle of next year.

"It could happen middle of next week," said Derek Holt, vice-president of economics with Scotia Capital.

That is good news for consumers in Canada, who may see the prices of imported goods fall in what economists call a "back-door pay hike," and for vacationers or retirees who spend their winter months in the warm states.

However, a strong loonie is regarded as a net negative for the economy with about 35 per cent of the country's gross domestic product is tied of exports and three-quarters of those are destined for the U.S.

The Canadian Manufacturers and Exporters estimates a one per cent appreciation in the value of the loonie - roughly equivalent to one cent at current levels - reduces sales by about $2 billion, equating to about 25,000 jobs.

The bank's next opportunity to chime in on the dollar comes next week at its pre-scheduled policy rate announcement. Few Carney will intervene.

The problem is that Canada's currency is not the only one on the move. Since March 9, other so-called commodity plays have performed just as well, or as in the case of Australia, far better. The Aussie buck has risen about 43 per cent against the U.S. currency, to Canada's 26-per-cent appreciation.

"This is a freight train. There's only so much the Bank of Canada can do," said Douglas Porter, deputy chief economist with BMO Capital Markets.

Analysts say a number of factors are at play, including the fact that money seeking a safe haven in the world's most liquid currency during the crisis this past winter is moving elsewhere now that global growth appears to be resuming.

And the fundamentals favour Canada. Growth in China and other Asian countries is again leading to an increase in demand for commodities that Canada exports. As well, Canada is not as saddled with debt as the United States.

"Sentiment has turned very quickly, very negatively against the U.S. dollar. The market is very focused on the U.S. deficit and the plans for funding it... and the market is concerned about the general outlook for the U.S.," said Camilla Sutton, a currency analyst for Scotiabank.

In the past week, the loonie got additional turbo boosts from the surprisingly strong jobs gain reported on Friday - a net gain of 31,000 jobs - and the Australian central bank's decision to raise rates, leading to speculation the Bank of Canada would be among the next to move.

The loonie's strength, however, makes that even more improbable, noted Porter, since raising rates before the U.S. Federal Reserve does will only add more fuel to the loonie's boosters.

Thursday, October 8, 2009

Average Homeboy

I really can't understand why this guy is not a huge success like Kanye, Flave, Will Smiff, et al. This guy not only has the look, he has the moves and his rap chops are sick !

I have a feeling this guy will bust out huge and be all over Seacrest !

Wednesday, October 7, 2009

Apparently a life is worth 1.25 years in jail

Maybe I'm a hard ass, or too much in the favour of 'an eye for an eye'. I just seem to always have issue with verdicts given to criminals in Canada. Case in point, a guy, who threw back a bunch of Vodka, got behind the wheel of his cement truck and crazily drove back to town for whatever reason, and then, you guessed it, drove the massive weapon right through a car stopped at a red light, killing the entire young family inside. After the collision the guy tossed the bottle in the cement in the back of the truck and denied police a breath sample.
As far as I'm concerned this guy might as well have, gone down, bought a gun, and randomly pulled the trigger behind the heads of the people in the car.
You would expect a severe sentence for the killing of a young father,mother, 2 young girls, and a 16 month old baby...something in the neighborhood of rotting in jail until he dies. Nope. Our system found him guilty of Five cases of manslaughter which puts him in jail for....wait for it....8 years...with it being reduced to 5.5 ( and more than likely out on good behaviour in 2.5). And this was considered severe by the judge??????
This guy kills 5 and destroys the lives of countless families and he gets to go hang out for a couple years. Some say "oh, he has to live with what he did for the rest of his life"...BULLS**T...I think people miss the fact that he still has LIFE...what about the 16 month old and the young girls? They didn't even get a shot at life...and I'm suppose to feel bad for the dude who killed them cause he'll have possible feelings of regret ? I hope the people who say this never have to live with the fact that their baby or child was killed by a drunk driver.
I won't even get into the fact that the defence lawyer was shooting for probation and house arrest....
I get sick just thinking about this whole thing....

Read the story here: http://www.edmontonjournal.com/news/Cement+truck+driver+serve+years/2077725/story.html

Monday, October 5, 2009

Here zombie zombie zombie.....

I went and checked out 'Zombieland' on the weekend. I did have high hopes as I heard one review on the radio (yes radio) that gave it 4 out of 5 and a friend [Bonzo] gave it high praise. I had a feeling this could be one of those movies where the producers actually focused on a good script versus spending money on high priced actors.

And, I was right. This movie is no 'Shaun of the Dead' but it is a close second (very close). It had good laughs throughout the whole movie. The characters were well written and not completely predictable. It was very apparent to me that the side kick role was probably supposed to be Michael Cera, but he's kind of a hot property right now so they went for a cheaper version. Don't get me wrong, Jesse Eisenberg does an awesome job, it's just his delivery is very Cera (which works for the role).
Woody is Woody. Perfect for the role, like he was born for it...kind'a like Natural Born Killers and Woody on Cheers. The girls were replaceable. Nothing memorable about them. (Emma Stone looks better in this one than she did in Superbad...could be that she's not playing a teen...or maybe I have a thing for a girl with super eye liner that seems to change throughout the flick).

The cameo was funny, although I think there was a hell of a lot more they could have done in L.A. (like chase down celeb zombies and make movie/personal references while blowing their heads off "say hi to Xenu for me Cruise" or "you just shot the zombie paris hilton...she was a zombie?" stealing a line from the simpsons....but i digress.

This movie WILL have a sequel. It was #1 on opening weekend doing 24 Mill on a movie that had a production budget of 23.6 Mill....that's good economics boys when the flick makes all the money back on the first weekend and then gravy rolls in...and it will.

Friday, October 2, 2009

What is Google Wave

If you're like me, you wish you were up too speed with all the new tech but in reality, I'm just barely in front of mom...ok...I'm a bit further than that (not saying my mom isn't tech savvy...she is...she also reads this...so...sorry mom for using you as an example...no nasty comments please), but since new tech, apps and online features and tools seem to come out daily, it's not hard to get behind and say"what is that?". Case in point...today I said "wtf is Google Wave?". A quick 'google' search and I found this helpful vid.

Thursday, October 1, 2009

Bitch Slap : The Movie

There's a special place in my heart for B movies. The old style, that had interesting stories but sub par acting and low budget special effects. It seems there's other people out there that like these a la Grindhouse: Death Proof and Planet Terror. Well, it seems like a few more are getting on the band wagon. Not sure if this one will have the same appeal, but if it's going for cheap thrills and tons of T & A it seems to be on the money.We'll see when/if it hits theaters. (I have a feeling it's a straight to DVD).

Ladies and gentlemen...I introduce...BITCH SLAP: THE MOVIE


Time to nut up or shut up !

I think I'm going to love this flick...I hope it doesn't suck