Wednesday, October 7, 2009

Apparently a life is worth 1.25 years in jail

Maybe I'm a hard ass, or too much in the favour of 'an eye for an eye'. I just seem to always have issue with verdicts given to criminals in Canada. Case in point, a guy, who threw back a bunch of Vodka, got behind the wheel of his cement truck and crazily drove back to town for whatever reason, and then, you guessed it, drove the massive weapon right through a car stopped at a red light, killing the entire young family inside. After the collision the guy tossed the bottle in the cement in the back of the truck and denied police a breath sample.
As far as I'm concerned this guy might as well have, gone down, bought a gun, and randomly pulled the trigger behind the heads of the people in the car.
You would expect a severe sentence for the killing of a young father,mother, 2 young girls, and a 16 month old baby...something in the neighborhood of rotting in jail until he dies. Nope. Our system found him guilty of Five cases of manslaughter which puts him in jail for....wait for it....8 years...with it being reduced to 5.5 ( and more than likely out on good behaviour in 2.5). And this was considered severe by the judge??????
This guy kills 5 and destroys the lives of countless families and he gets to go hang out for a couple years. Some say "oh, he has to live with what he did for the rest of his life"...BULLS**T...I think people miss the fact that he still has LIFE...what about the 16 month old and the young girls? They didn't even get a shot at life...and I'm suppose to feel bad for the dude who killed them cause he'll have possible feelings of regret ? I hope the people who say this never have to live with the fact that their baby or child was killed by a drunk driver.
I won't even get into the fact that the defence lawyer was shooting for probation and house arrest....
I get sick just thinking about this whole thing....

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