Tuesday, October 27, 2009

Bad Driving

I am amazed every morning and night at some of the shockingly bad drivers there are out there. And not just bad drivers, people who aggressively drive and THINK that everyone else is driving bad and they're just shite.

A week ago we were hit with a usual morning snow fall. One of these quick fall dumps that comes in like a lion, creates havoc and then melts and disappears in 24 hours. So...what do the dumb ass bad driving locals do? Yup..that's right...drive like it's a summer day.

On my way to work I get behind the wheel and give the road respect. I take it easy driving below the speed limit. I get to an area that's normally 90Kph. I'm doing 60Kph and that's pushing it. This arse gets right up on my tail. I'm already cursing this guy cause I can tell he's mister impatient and probably cursing me, the slow driver. It didn't take him long to switch lanes (into the lane that had more snow) and pass me at a good clip. It was only minutes when he switched lanes back into my lane. Except of course, he didn't respect the snowy road. His rear wheels hit the wet icy built up snow between the lanes and his ass end started to swing out. He did a 180 and ended up in the ditch. I came trundling by at my safe 60Kph and gave him a thumbs up. He gave me the bird. I laughed my ass off all the way to work. This guy was the definition of "an accident waiting to happen".

Dummies....they just won't learn until they kill someone...I hope it's just not me.

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