Monday, October 26, 2009

H1N1 Vaccination = New Zombie Movie ?

Doesn't this whole H1N1 Vaccination thing have the makings of a real life Zombie break out ? Compare it to, let's say, 'I am Legend'...worlds population is given an experimental drug, it kills off a chunk right away and then turns a big population into weirdo vampire zombies. Or '28 days later', 'Zombie Land' etc.

If the world does go all Zombie, I think I'll do ok. I'll need to work on my cardio (and I hope H1N1 Zombies aren't like the Rage Zombies in '28 Days Later'...meaning, they stumble and don't run).

So, I'll just be mindful of the news over the next few weeks and see if I'll need to stock up on water and shot gun shells.

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