Tuesday, November 3, 2009

UK Nov 2009 - The last 'mancation' of the year

I'll be leaving today for my last 'mancation' for the year... tonight. For those who don't know, the 'mancation' is what my wife calls my trips to the UK to visit pubs. Along for the ride is the same person who's done a few of these with me.
Like previous trips, we always had good intentions of coming up with a plan and possibly hitting a new place, but it looks like we're up to our usual 'fly by the seat of our pants' approach. I will be booking a hotel for the first couple nights just to be sure we have a roof over our heads. Also, we'll be crashing at a friends place for a few days.

I'll try to update when I get there (I'm planning on hitting a pub that has a blog to see if I can get my smiling face posted...we'll see what happens).

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Anonymous said...

please no pic's of large brit men in pub's this time.....or mancation turns into gaycation.