Sunday, November 22, 2009

UK Pub Tour - Day 2, 3 and 4

The next day I got up, shook off the cobwebs and jet lag...laughed about the chicken bones strewn about the room and proceeded to get myself ready for day 2. We had a room booked at the Chelsea Football Club Hotel (as you may recall, we stayed at this place last time). Even though we wanted to hit new areas, it's hard to pass up a great deal for an awesome hotel (140$ CDN all in), also, it's near my buddies place (he's an architect in London and also likes his pints).

It took most of the day to get to the place and check in (I also did a few hours of work while I had a good Internet connection).

I met up with my buddy in Parsons Green at the White Horse. This is a great looking pub (and well known in the area for having a great selection of beers). I meet my friends and we headed upstairs for some supper. I of course sampled the fish and chips (very nice) and we sat and chatted while throwing back a Czech beer Staropramen. It's a light tasting beer that goes down nice (and quick....). My friends girlfriend wasn't feeling well so she left early and left us to sample a few more pints. We ended up killing the night there and I stumbled back to the hotel (even though a few places were open, I didn't really feel like hitting the 'night clubs').

The next day was slower day, we headed back to the same area to a Pub called the Duke (see previous trip). I think I only had a couple and then headed back to the hotel (yes...can you believe I went to do some work). After working we hit the pubs close to the hotel and I even broke with tradition and had a Pizza for dinner. The even was an early one...I believe I packed it in around 9pm.

The next day we packed up our shite and headed to my friends place in Parsons Green (he had given me the keys to stay at his place for the remainder of the trip....he was off to Spain to propose to his girlfriend). This was awesome. It was 1) FREE 2) FREE and 3) FREE. And did I mention it was FREE ? Also, it was near a train station, and PUBS !.

After we were squared away we decided to head west into an area we had never been. We worked our way to Putney Bridge. We stopped in at a fish and chippy who gave us directions to pubs (he liked our story and why were there so much he gave me an extra piece of fish for free...did i mention i like free? ). We tried to hit every pub we could (at times my phone would connect to free Internet so I could check the map for more near by pubs). It was interesting to see the price differences from pub to pub. The best prices are obviously in the 'old man pub locals'.

We slowly made our way back to the pad (hitting the Duke before it closed....the Duke would strangely become our 'go to' place for the next few days...the Bartender started to recognize us and what we drank).

More to come.

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