Wednesday, December 30, 2009

colds are awesome during the holidays

the wife got sick just before christmas which has now spread to the boy and me (oh no H1N1...oh wait, is that crazy train over ?). Well...I'm not really sick...just a few sniffles...I'll just drown it with beer tomorrow night. That always works right ?
needless to say, due to the family sniffles, the household is moving in slow motion (also there's this weird 'grandma's basement' smell in the air.....not River's Grandma of course as she reads this...i mean, like olden days grandmas). I think I know what it is...but I was just told if I write it down I may get bitch slapped upside the head....

moving on. the boy has fired up a new trick. he's now started taking his pants off and running around the living room....this is fun (well, he thinks so). the little bugger has also decided that he is a full time 'climber'. Stairs, furniture, chairs, tables, whatever he can get his hands on and his belly on top of. this makes for more parent sprints across the house. have to stay nimble.

well...due to the haze in my head that's all i've got. 10 more minutes of the office and i'm in bed.

tomorrow is new years eve.......i think the blender will get a work out !

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