Thursday, December 3, 2009

News = Tiger bangs some waitress = Some Actor had lunch

I hope to god that the vast majority of thinking people in the world care as little as I about the fact that Tiger Woods was bangin' some chick on the side. Who cares. He got busted and it's going to cost him. This happens daily to unknown people all around the world, and unless it's happening to you, you could give a s**t.
Why is it that this is what's considered breaking news these days ? Why would I give a rats ass that Tom is paying Katie 75 mill to have another kid, or that Lindsay Lohan had a sandwich today ?
Is it because we are programmed to receive news 24/7 and that there really isn't anything interesting going on so this is what fills the void ? I think that says something about the current state of the world.
When someone like Spencer Pratt is writing a book about how to be famous when in true fact the guy is a douche who has no redeeming qualities....but seems to make a s**tload of cash for just that, is a sad sad sad thing.
What's even worse is I KNOW who all these people are so I'm just as guilty.
COME ON WORLD ! There needs to be a huge backlash. People need to stop feeding this ridiculous monster that keeps pumping out this crap. Stop watching TMZ. Stop reading Perez Hilton. (don't stop reading Tyler Durden cause he's funny and he posts pictures of girls...that's different).
I think if people start to fight this crap, people like Lindsay Lohan and Spencer Pratt will disappear and/or at least been seen for what they are.....talentless, uninteresting wastes of skin.

now to check facebook ( ha...that's a whole other rant in the making)

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