Thursday, December 17, 2009

What i want for Christmas

I have no idea what I want/need for Christmas. This is such a simple time when you're young. You just open a Toys'r'us catalogue and point randomly. For me, it's become a time of doing a sock and underwear inventory...toss out the ones with holes, count what I have left and voila (for those non-French, that's pronounced WHA-LA....I just don't know how to put the accent above the a on this laptop) the difference is what I need for my stocking. Other than socks and man panties, I really can't think of what I want/need. Ok, let's be reasonable...I would love a PS3, XBOX 360, a new car, a remote controlled helicopter or plane, a Mac Laptop with music software loaded, new skates, and the list goes on....but I really don't NEED these things (the XBOX etc will come later when the boy is old enough to ask for it, so that's taken care of in time).

I've hit the point now where I don't want to accumulate 'STUFF' anymore...we're trying our best to de-clutter. So, I suppose the best gifts are things we can use...Gift Certificates for Restaurants, Trips, Hotels, Food, Diapers for the boy...wait, that's what I'm getting him scratch that (and I don't need them.....yet).

Yes. I think for Christmas, a trip to Vegas....that would be what I'd like to find under the tree this year. A weekend in Vegas in January, or Feb, or March, or all three (I'm not picky).

So...if this is being read by wife.....I think there's a pretty good hint above for what you can put in my stocking and under the tree :-)

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