Friday, December 31, 2010

Tron: Letdown

It really is too bad that these clowns in Hollywood can't take the time to craft a good story. They spend millions on sub par actors and effects and then gloss over a script.

Case in point, Tron:Legacy. Much like the new Star Wars trilogy, I was excited (some my say 'pee my pants' excited) about the release of these flicks. When Star Wars episode 1 came out I was pumped...I thought 'this SHOULD be a movie that kicks all movies collective asses'...and while it, and it's sequels, looked cool (sometimes) the stories out right sucked ass.

Then comes Tron:Legacy...a sequel to a movie from 1982. The original didn't have the most groundbreaking story, however, it made sense and was fun. And the visuals were amazing for the time.

I had thought that, since it has been almost 30 years, they had enough time to create an amazing story that would blow everyone away. I mean, god good, technology has exploded since 1982....The Internet, Wifi, Viruses, everyone and their dog has a smart phone and a laptop and an ipod...they could have done so much

and they failed...

So here's the story in a nutshell (SPOILERS).

Flynn (hotshot from the original) disappears around 1992...he was working on something groundbreaking....flash forward to today...his son is now the biggest shareholder of Encom (and because of his lack of daddy he's the stereotypical rebel rich kid who doesn't give a s**t). Alan Bradley (Tron from the first one) gets a page from Flynn's old arcade (been closed since 1992....) so Sam (spoiled rich kid) goes to check it out. He enters a secret room behind the Tron video game and sits down at the old computer desk from the first one and then gets shot into the computer. (all of this is in 2D as well...the 3D starts when he enters the computer).

So far so good.

Then the bad story begins. He's picked up by a recognizer...possibly believed to be a stray program and taken to the sirens who dress him like a program...

OK...we've only begun and I have my first problem. In the first one, when he was 'beamed' into the computer he was already in his program outfit....I can let this slide a bit since Flynn created this world and the, I'll leave that for now....

Then after being changed to his new gear off to the games....I have a big problem with this. The games make no sense in the context of this movie. In the first one, arcade games were all the rage...and that's what Flynn was trying to find inside master control...and master control was running programs though the games for kicks. Here...they would have had no why would there be light cycles ?


I realized that I'm now bored recounting the flick so I'll just cut to other issues I have...
Quorra makes a comment that CLU's people can't come out their hideout, yet they do. Funny he would use CLU again since his original CLU program was a search program and was derezzed by Master Control....
Sheen's character made no sense and the whole scene could have been cut.
The basic story was the same as the first.
The whole Tron didn't die but was bad (Renzler) then just was good again (a la Darth Vader) thing was plain old stupid.

And how was Quorra able to be in the real world ?

Anyway...good things about the flick...The effects kicked ass ! The addition of Dillinger's kid for another sequel was a good idea, and 13 is hot.

Here's what they should have done...
Dillinger's kid is a hot shot hacker and hacks into Encom to create s**t as revenge for his dad being ousted. He finds corrupt code that he messes with and soon realizes that he's managed to rebuild Master Control. He figures he can use the master control to create an awesome virus that will ruin Encom (and make him rich ?)...but of course Master Control has other ideas...The whole idea of Flynn creating a new world is fine, but here's where it could get interesting...Master control finds a way to hack into their system and pulls the kid in to punish Flynn...meaning, I'm gonna wack you kid in cyber then Flynn gets Alan to upgrade Tron (2.0 ?) and they both go in after Sam.
Then you have the Internet, Massive Online Games like WOW etc, Viruses etc to play with in the cyber world.
And away you go...this could have been an awesome story.

But, if you haven't seen the first one or can't remember it...then this flick might be pretty good to you.
Go see it and make up you own mind...for me it was about 60%.

Sunday, December 19, 2010

I don't care who knows it....I like Ben Affleck

I like Ben Affleck. Yes, that's right. Not as much as I like Brad Pitt, but he's a close second. I like the fact that this guy has done his time doing all sorts of shit movies and has now become a 'Film Maker'. He's now hit that point where he can do quality movies and not have to do shite scripts so he can eat. (it is true that he was in He's Not That Into You last year....I'm hoping this is the last time he shows up in that kind of crap)

Gone Baby Gone was a fantastic directorial debut, not to mention script (I don't count I killed my lesbian wife, hung her on a hook, and now I have a 3 picture deal with Disney as his first since he was like 20 and I can't believe they took it that serious)

I just watched The Town the other night. This one he was the main character, director and shared writing on the screenplay. As far as I'm concerned, another home run. Not as good as Gone Baby Gone but damn close. Any movie that has this line in it kicks ass

Doug MacRay: I need your help. I can't tell you what it is, you can never ask me about it later, and we're gonna hurt some people.
James Coughlin: ...Whose car we takin'?

If you haven't seen Gone Baby Gone or The Town, rent them now...they are both great flicks !

Thursday, December 16, 2010

Great sign in front of a pub

I wish I was out with my wife 'shopping' and came across this is really hard to argue that this is a great's free daycare people...for guys like me !!!!

Wednesday, December 8, 2010

Tuesday, December 7, 2010

Christmas draws near

We're getting down to the last few weeks before Christmas...the busy time. Not necessarily good family busy. Work busy too. This means 1 possibly 2 trips out to job sites before we settle in for our long winters nap.I may have to schedule a few trips to visit the neighbor provinces sometime next week. Let's just say, I'm not too excited about visiting Esterhazy this time of year....Vancouver ? That's not so bad...
Back at the home front, Boy #1 is starting to really get the Santa thang but I don't think he really gets what he does (just that when he sees a fat guy in Red he knows it's Christmas)...we don't want to explain too much because up until now he's kind's ignored the presents under the tree...I think if he really understood what those where he'd have them outta' the wrapping paper in seconds.
Boy #2 is just happy to be hangin' out.
Christmas is at our place this year so we'll be doin' the full on turkey dinner (there has been talk of Christmas if that happens there will definitely be Christmas Tron)
Hopefully we get a nice dusting of Snow on Christmas day so we can take in some sledding.
Other than that, other upcoming events are our company Christmas Party, Flames game on the 13th, Dinner with Friends, a going away party for friends, work work and more work....and then full on relax !
2011 will be the year of the vacation ! SO SAYS ME !

Wednesday, November 24, 2010

F U - 40. We made the news, but not in a good way

It was FREAKIN' cold here yesterday....we were the second coldest place on the planet...that is ef'd up. Here's a story from

Bone-chilling temperatures broke eight same-day record lows across Alberta and left the small town of Sundre with the dubious distinction of being the coldest place in North America on Tuesday, clocking in at -39.3 C.

Calgary gained momentary notoriety early in the day when one website reported the city to be the second coldest place on Earth, behind only the South Pole.

Well, turns out that's not true, according to Environment Canada: the temperature of -36.5 C out in Springbank, and -31.2 C at the Calgary International Airport, weren't even the lowest in the province.

Still, it was no easy day, and it didn't begin well.

Thousands of commuters in the northwest were delayed by up to an hour after a bus broke down across the LRT tracks near SAIT.

Moving it was next to impossible as its brakes had lost their air and wouldn't release. The vehicle had to be pushed out of the way by another Calgary Transit bus.

With the severe weather also came growing concerns about the homeless population.

One shelter reported being near capacity, with grave worries about some homeless who refused to come inside and continued to sleep out on the street.

At the Mustard Seed, there is also shortage of cold-weather wear. Donations are going out the door as fast as they come in. The shelter needs all kinds of winter clothing, including underwear.

"We have a desperate need for warm winter clothing, especially now," said spokeswoman Courtney Johnson.

The call for clothing comes as EMS has seen a significant spike in exposure calls, and dealt with people suffering hypothermia and frostbite.

Power use also surged across the province Tuesday. In Calgary, Enmax said it was likely consumption would set a one-day record.

This frigid weather is thanks to a cool pool of air from an Arctic ridge of high pressure that is over the province.

Cloud cover in recent days had provided some insulation from very low temperatures as it reflected back the heat of the Earth, according to Environment Canada meteorologist Bill McMurtry.

That all changed Tuesday.

"When that cloud cover isn't there, that heat from the Earth, it gets radiated away from the Earth, just goes up into the atmosphere and essentially is lost," he said.

Calgary didn't set a same-day record for its low temperature, but eight other jurisdictions did, including Banff, which has records dating back to 1892.

Another record-setter was Sundre. The town, about 125 kilometres northwest of Calgary, is used to setting temperature records, both high and low, according to former councillor Joe Henze.

It bottomed out as the coldest place in North America on Tuesday, according to Environment Canada.

"This morning it was cold, bloody cold," Henze said.

Many vehicles didn't fare too well here in Calgary. In a week that saw plenty of work for mechanics, one shop reports a series of cold-related problems, including dead batteries, broken windshield wipers and vehicles that simply weren't running properly.

"People try to turn their wipers on first thing without pulling their wiper away from the window," said Ryan Meyer, assistant manager with Mike's Auto Service in Marda Loop. "That burns out the motor."

And at the Canadian Tire on Macleod Trail by Southland Drive, there's been a run on winter-type gear, from batteries to block heaters and power cords.

"This past week has just been phenomenal for us," said general manager Cory Free.

The store isn't the only beneficiary of the frigid temperatures. At the Calgary Zoo, the Siberian tigers apparently find this weather comfortable.

But most animals, even those accustomed to some cold, had to be kept inside by staff, according to spokeswoman Laurie Herron.

Outside, attention was paid to making sure water supplies for the animals didn't freeze.

The cold snap brought warnings from EMS, with spokesman Stuart Brideaux noting people should take particular care to protect themselves and their children.

"Any exposed skin will be highly susceptible to frostbite. In the worst cases of someone who is not prepared for the weather, it can cause tissue damage to enough where you might lose things like the tips of your fingers or the tips of your toes," Brideaux said.

There is some good news. Temperatures are expected to rise later this week, according to McMurtry. "Thursday is the day where we start to see warm air."

Tuesday's lows in Alberta:

Calgary Springbank Airport -36.5

Rocky Mtn. House -37.8 (Record)

Edmonton International Airport -34.9 (Record)

Red Deer -35.3 (Record)

Sundre (North America's cold spot) -39.3 (Record)

Wednesday, November 10, 2010

The other voices of Vader

Ha...other James Earl Jones quotes put into star wars...some of them are awesome...enjoy !

Tuesday, November 9, 2010

3rd Trailer for Tron:Legacy

This movie is gonna kick some fierce ass.....

STFU Parents & Stuff White People Like

For those of you on social network sites...don't you find that some people over share ? A little too much info here, a little too much 14 year old drama there, a little too much blah blah all over.

Well, here's a site that grabs that info and posts it and does what we all want to...laugh at it and make fun of it...

check it out, it's high-larious....

(I of course will have to make sure I don't update my status with 'River just crapped his first duke on the potty' so I don't end up on this site)


Another blog I just came across that made me lolz-foh-realz is simply


I obviously don't need to explain this one, other than I found it funny

Tuesday, November 2, 2010

Home Made Beer Batter Cod

I had fish and chips on the brain so I decided to make me some home made beer batter's what i did.

  • Get a couple pieces of fresh Cod (roughly a couple lbs)
  • In a bowl mix 2 eggs, 1 cup of flour
  • add 1 can of beer (i used some cheap lager i had in the ' time i would use a stronger darker beer

  • add salt and pepper to taste

Get a pot or pan with oil up to temp....drop the fish in the batter...get it all nice a gooey... and slowly lower it into the oil....then watch it bubble in the oily love for a few minutes and watch it puff up in beer batter goodness. (Note: drop a spoon full of batter in the oil first to test the taste...i had to drop a couple in to make sure the salt and pepper was right)
Add some fresh cut baked chips, coleslaw and.....ahhhhh...home made fish and chips.

This is also a very inexpensive and fast meal. Prep time is all of about 10-20 minutes.

Tuesday, October 26, 2010

Crazy sh*t you find on Youtube when you can't sleep

I'm always amazed at some of the stuff people put on you tube...wacky weird...usually makes you laugh at how ef'd up some people are (case in point, the star wars kid)...but what's better is when someone takes the video and does stuff to it and makes it awesome...(like some people did to the star wars kid)

But this one kicks ass like ass has never been kicked....some wacky ol' hillbilly lady boozin and making up a song (I'm surprised she 1) knew how to use a digital camera 2) has a computer 3) knows what the Internet is and 4) knew how to download the video)...and through the power of digital technology, the tune is now a hit !

Take it away toothless Suzie !

5 sleeps to Halloween

Only 5 sleeps left...
This year should be interesting since the bog boy seems to get what Halloween is about...or at least the 'hold out the plastic pumpkin and say trick or treat and people give you candy'...
Looks like he'll be a big dog this year.
Little man has inherited the pumpkin outfit...
Hopefully we'll have enough self control that we won't have to visit the store to buy more 'treats' before Sunday.......let's just say, the little 'snacks' seem to be disappearing quickly.....
I'll need to get a full supply of scary movies for the weekend ! (SAW marathon ?)

Cool Daft Punk Tron Vid

Monday, October 25, 2010

Nerd Ramblings

A few comments about upcoming nerd stuff:
  • First off, WTF are they rebooting Spiderman already? And then they decide to go with The Lizard as the villain? Good gods...what a lame bad least in the Raimi trilogy they were building up Prof. Conner in the background for a possible visit from the Lizard...but really ? They have much cooler bad guys to go with...redo the Green Goblin (the metal outfit was lame in the first one), and/or redo Venom (it was just bad in the third one)...but then they have Mysterio, Electro, The Vulture, Craven, Hob Goblin, Carnage, etc etc etc....who knows what to expect with this new version
  • Rumors are the Klingons are the bad guys in Star Trek 2 even though I thought it was already going to be Khan....
  • Darren Aronofsky WILL direct Wolverine 2 and it's rumored that they are using the Frank Miller Mini Series (in Japan) as the be honest, anything will be better than the first one (wow, did they f**k that one up)...but if they stick to the story, and not try to add a ton of characters for spin offs, refrain from casting Rap Stars, and paying just a smiggin of detail to what they're doing, it will be a hit...
  • Captain America and Thor trailers will preview before Tron....I still think they're pumping out these comic book movies waaaaaay too fast...we'll see how they do...
  • Killar Croc better not be the bad guy in Batman 3....nuff said (1 Lizard is enough in Spiderman)
  • I think I'm going to rent all the SAW's this weekend and watch them for Halloween....I have a copy of Human Centipede but I don't think I'll be able to get the wife to watch that one

Tuesday, October 19, 2010

Beijing - Round Two

A last minute thang had me rush off to Beijing last week. Here's a couple snaps.

Tuesday, October 12, 2010

File under WTF ?

Here's some dude doin' his best impression of Gangur...I mean really, WTF is this guy doing ??

Just add some porn music and away you go !

Children of the corn

Hit the corn maze on the weekend with the boys. Not really sure it was worth it....might go again if the boys ask...

Friday, October 8, 2010

How to pick up chicks.....Gangur, take note

Turkey Weekend - Let the eating begin !

Friday work is mid way done and all I can think about is turkey din din on Sunday. We'll be starting the weekend off with a trip to the corn maze....let the boy run free and have fun. Then we'll be hitting the Millerville farmers market for it's last day of the season (mmm Elk).

I think we'll do up a nice dinner Saturday to get the weekend food juices flowing.

Sunday will be the turkey day......mmmmmmmm

Then Monday will be hang out day (although I plan to spend a few hours at the shop...need to get caught up on some work...we're freakin' busy at the moment).

Well....time for lunch !

Tuesday, October 5, 2010

Damn funny blog

In my relentless search for a good/interesting blog, I stumbled upon this one. It's called Go Away or 27/6 or something.

I found it from another blog I read....that person said this guy completes her...

I wasn't sure what that meant or what I would find, but I have to say that I actually laughed out loud at a few of the things I might not be for everyone, but I sure as hell find it funny.
(it kinda makes me think of the time I had email exchanges with the African million dollar email scam...I was having a great time responding to this guy who wanted my passport info etc and I just strung him along trying to get him to send me money....some people thought I was being dumb....I thought I was being funny...humor is in the eye of the beholder i guess)

enjoy the blog...the first one made me laugh out loud with " Also, as it is probably far more acceptable for men in West Virginia to hold guns than hands, I will assume the term 'shooting me in the face with your .32' is not a euphemism "

The missing cat one is freakin funny too.

Monday, October 4, 2010

Awesome weather for a wedding

The wife and I headed out of town for the weekend to a friend's wedding and celebration. The weather couldn't have been better. 24 degrees C on an October day, not a cloud in the sky ! Awesome. The outdoor ceremony was fantastic, as was the dinner. Great time had by all, especially the Bride and Groom ! Best wishes for the future !

Wednesday, September 29, 2010

Short Week

I'm finding it difficult to keep my motivation up....why ?....I'm off for the week at the end of today. A friend, who is now living in the UK, is getting married here on Saturday and his stag is tomorrow.
So, tomorrow morning, I'll pick up the best man, hit the highway and begin the afternoon of supreme misbehaving.

Friday will be a long day of recovery.

Saturday, the wifey and I will get ourselves gussied up and head back for the wedding...and additional misbehaving sans tornado and rumblebum.

Sunday, second recovery.

Right now is just the 'gawd, I wish the day would move a bit quicker' period.

I'm so not motivated I have nothing to type....

I'll be sure to get some pictures....they will be censored of course.

Speaking of pictures, I'm still on the hunt for a new camera and since the Tornado decided to give the wifey's camera a watery death, I may need to kick the search into high gear. Maybe it will be a gift from Santa this year (along with a imac maybe ? Hmmmm ?)

I'll leave you with this...a picture of the baby spa at the Tornado house....

Tuesday, September 28, 2010

On the hunt for new blogs

Anyone reading any funny, insightful, interesting, cool blogs these days ? My wifey has turned me on to a couple but they're not updated that often (those being Hyperbole and a Half and The Oatmeal)

I'm kinda interested in some of the travel blogs out there (that aren't selling stuff) as well as some sort of adventure blogs. As well, I like food reviews, photo blogs ( Scotland in the Gloaming ) and UK Pubs (oddly i can't find any good ones - there was a great one from a dude who bought a pub and ranted each day but he shut it down [the blog not the pub]...i at least got to meet him and have a pint at his pub last time i was in the UK).

So comment which ones you're reading....if you only read this one...well...get out there and find some others...and thank you for reading....i promise it will get more interesting (when I start to find more free time)

London - The Real Ale Trail

The title should be self explanatory. It's just what this guy needs for his beer weekends in London. I stumbled upon it on a blog I follow and it looks right up my alley.

If you like old man pubs, real ale and London...this is probably for you.

The Real Ale Trail

The next time I'm able to get away for a weekending pint in the UK I will be doing this...I'll let you know how it goes (FYI - I'm trying to negotiate March 2011...wish me luck)

Friday, September 24, 2010

Rex Murphy on the UN

Great article from Rex Murphy of the National Post on the UN

On Thursday, Stephen Harper visited the United Nations to make a plea for Canada having another turn on the UN Security Council. Why? After so many instances of the UN’s impotence, corruption and waste, why does the body still retain any residue of prestige. Is a seat on the Security Council worth the public begging?

The UN is a study in moral relativism: It presents the same countenance to the most despotic regime as it does to a genuine democracy. Its so-called Human Rights Council is a byword for farce. In situations where urgent intervention is required, it is either incapable of acting or deliberately temporizes at crisis moments. Who can forget Rwanda?
It inserts itself into the great questions of the day — the planet’s climate, for instance — and then seeks to monopolize or control the arguments and input into that question. It affects impartiality, but is agenda-driven. The United Nations may have begun as a noble dream, but it has become just another bartering house for international politicians, a quick prestige stop for some, a chance for Third World diplomats to sample the gaudy West.

Thursday’s roster at the UN featured two speakers other than our Prime Minister. The always elegant and poised Barack Obama made a speech urging support for his Middle East peace initiative. Then, barely an hour later, grinning like a cheshire cat, the President of Iran took the dais, to articulate the wicked and asinine canard that the Sept. 11 attacks were the work of the United States government — as a pretext to launch wars that benefit “the Zionist regime.”

Of course, Mahmoud Ahmadinejad has been cursing and excoriating Israel, and threatening it with extinction, for as long as he’s been in power. Indeed, his hatred is obsessional, and dominates his view of the entire world. (“All values, even the freedom of expression, in Europe and the United States are being sacrificed at the altar of Zionism,” he declared.) But to blame America for the slaughter of its own citizens — and to do so in a speech on American soil — this is a step beyond. This is bile at its most rancid.

I can understand overhearing this pathetic junk in some sad coffee shop or bar. Combinations of vitriol and nonsense are, unfortunately, not rare. But this was not some sad coffee shop or bar. This was the general assembly of the United Nations — where, one would think, accusations of this offensiveness and derangement would be out of bounds.

Delegates from some nations, Canada among them, did not stay for the speech. But the mere fact that the UN provided a forum for Ahmadinejad to ventilate his outlandish and hateful speculations tells us something about the worth of the body.

One would like to think this speech will give our Prime Minister pause in seeking to win a seat on the Security Council: Some signals from responsible nations that they are no longer willing to extend automatic respect to the United Nations, to continue playing its games, might work to wake it up.

But I’m not hopeful on this. The thing with long-maintained pretenses is that no one wants to be the first publicly to shatter them. And so we will persist in seeking the “honour” of a Security Council seat. But if we get it, Canada will bring far more honour to the bargain than we are going to receive.

National Post

Rex Murphy offers commentary weekly on CBC TV’s The National, and is host of CBC Radio’s Cross Country Checkup

Read more:


Thursday, September 23, 2010

Not giving a f**k is good for you

Check Ups

Reed and I went to see the Doc today. He went for his 2 month and I went for my 'I'm 40 and I need to start seeing the doctor more often so...get er done'.

Reed is doing issues there...

As for me......I'm strong like Ox...that's right ! Blood pressure average was 117/74 I think, I am apparently more flexible than my doctor, no nasties on my skin, eyes, throat, ears look great, heart and lungs parts good....I'll be doing some blood work, but he didn't see anything to be worried about. Strange knees didn't jerk when he whacked them....hmmmmm...and big surprise, he told me to lose weight...but not as much as you might think (he said 15 lbs would be a good start)

And yes hux...I'm 183 cm tall...that's 72.04 inches....6 FEET !

So...looks like I'll be here for a while yet Powell....

Tuesday, September 21, 2010

Where did summer go ?

This had to be the worst year for weather. While I don't mind rainy days, we had too many overcast low temp crap weeks. I barely got a farmer tan this year. And now ?

This makes us really want to push the move into high gear. We're still planning on saying 'good bye' to this place sometime within the next 4 years....but, to where ?

Sicamous and Salmon Arm seemed nice and average Jan temp is between 0 and -10...that is do-able...although it can feel pretty closed in out the in the winter (grey skies and mountains all around). Who knows...if this winter is what the farmers almanac predicts we may do some serious looking come Feb.

A couple updates:
- We're freakin' busy at work....I'll be doing a bit more travel to round off the year...possibly New York and Chicago...unlikely but maybe China again (we'll see over the next month)
- Little big man has now decided that bed time is the devil. I think it has to do with all the disruptions from the summer...we have to get him back on track because I'm going to start having hallucinations from sleep deprivation pretty soon.....[as I nod to the flying blue cat next to me]
- #2 is growing nicely....still has an issue with the puking but he's getting bigger (not a beast like his brother but still a big boy). He's also a smiling machine [pictures to come]
- I now own a loser cruiser......yes....I did what i said I wouldn't....oh well....the only consolation is I got an awesome deal on it.
- I haven't seen a movie for quite some time so I'll need to play hooky in the next couple weeks to catch up....although, there doesn't seem to be that many I want to see right now....and I heard Devil sucked....

I just received 2 free tee times for golf in town....I wonder if the weather will hold out so I can get 1 round in this year....


I'll leave you with this....

Wednesday, September 15, 2010

Devil - Ths Friday

A new flick opens this weekend, produced and written by ol' M. Night, but screenplay and directing by someone else (that's probably a good won't suck). I know it's hard to judge by the trailer cause those friggin' guys in Hollywood can make gold out of s**t when it comes to trailers. That being said, this one looks interesting...a bunch of people trapped in an elevator of them is possibly the devil....oooooooooo

They should have waited another month to release this one...but that's just me...

have fun

Tuesday, September 14, 2010

Pics from the last two weeks

As per previous post, I was in China (Beijing) for a week and on return went to Sicamous for a week of house boating and my Brother 'n' law's wedding. I've been to Beijing before and I didn't have much time to get out and see the city other than a drive past Tienanmen Square and the Forbidden City. I did spend a few hours at the Summer Palace (I had been there before but it was during winter). I did manage to eat some great meals as you can see in the pictures below. Twice we had spicy Szechaun, once was Thai and lastly was from a southern area (the name escapes me). Each time the food was fantastic. No complaints. My stomach held out until I got home......or was there something in the sausage I ate when i got home ? hmmmm.

I had never been house boating before so I had no idea what to expect. Even though the weather was crap, it was a great time. We had plenty of food, drink, good conversation and exercise chasing River around.

I would highly recommend China and BC House boating for vacations.

Saturday, September 11, 2010

Small Break

I was just in China (Beijing) for a week and then in the BC Interior house boating....I'll do an update once the pictures are downloaded....

Friday, August 20, 2010

News report - BEAR ! claims it's a real..if this is a real news report I would have the entire staff fired...

End of the week....WEEKEND ! and other stuff

It's Friday, 2:29....where did my motivation go ?

We'll be getting ready tonight for what is now the weekend Harvey Hike. We'll actually get prepared vs. last weeks last minute decision. (it still wasn't bad last week...we just could have packed more snacks).
So, I'll be busting open the Kananaskis Hike book and the interwebs to see where we'll go. Again, we'll keep it someone low incline and easy since boy #1 gave up pretty early last week and dad had to carry him (better me than dudes Sherpa...see older post about the hiking losers).

Hopefully the air will clear and it won't be so hazy....and...let's hope we don't get a downpour like this morning (although, I like those early morning storms....nice to listen to...soothing....)

We've got a few things to prepare for this weekend since we have a couple travel weekends coming up. I'll be off to Whitefish next weekend (can someone say barn burner ?) and the following off to a wedding in BC. So, we'll have to get a few things for the new Harvey Wagon....(an ipod cable for the stereo, seat covers, and a bunch of other stuff that escapes me right now).

I also have to do some shelf building in the basement. Look at me, I'm all mr handy around the house...I'll be making shelves for the basement and then ripping the north side fence down and redoing it (it was ok until we built our mr fantastic the north fence looks lame so we're going to make it look the same) I have a couple more weekends where i'll need helpers for beer.....and BBQ ;-)

Oh....boy update.....boy #1 has learned a new little connection of words...this morning he asked me for milk so I obliged...then he asked me for 'Mo milk' and I said 'no'...and he said 'why not?'
That was a first....
And he used it a few more times after that when the answer he got from me was 'no'....this little guy is soaking up stuff like a we REALLY need to be careful with the curse words....

Monday, August 16, 2010

Unseen clip from Return of the Jedi

Georgy Boy released a scene they clipped from Return of the Jedi at the Star Wars Celebration. It looks to me like this would have taken place right at the beginning before C-3PO went to Jabba's palace (Luke was finishing up building his light saber).

Not too sure why Lucas didn't put this in when they re-released the trilogy....but, Georgy is such a whore, he's probably got tons of scenes so he can release new versions every few years and make an additional fortune...


Sunday, August 15, 2010

Pretty sure that's not in the job description

So...after a lovely breakfast of dad's french toast, the wife and i decided to take the boys for a hike. I quickly checked the interwebs and we packed up some snacks, water and diapers and headed to Canmore. We went for something short in the 3 to 4 km round trip area. That had us heading up towards Spray Lakes to a place called Grassi Lakes.

Here's a hike description:
This is a popular hike and a very popular area for sport climbers. The trail leads to two small turquoise blue lakes. Their colour is absolutely amazing. From the parking lot the trail starts behind the washrooms. Approximately 100 meters into the hike is the first intersection (waypoint #002). At this point you can choose the easy or more difficult route. The easy route appears to be a fire road but by taking this route you miss out on the views of Canmore and the Bow Valley. The more difficult route is not very difficult but as always you have to watch your footing. On the more difficult route there is a series of stairs to make the climb easier. On the way up are great views of Ha Ling Peak and at the top the two lakes.

The hike is about 3.9km round trip and goes up about 165 meters...should take about 1 to 2 hours. We were there about 3 since we had some snacks at the bottom and top [along with a couple diaper blowouts].

The whole trip was fun and we're planning to make this a weekly thing. (I'll post some pictures from this and the Elbow Falls trip when i get a chance to download them)

So what's up with the title of the post you ask?

Well, for the most part going up and for the entire trip coming down, River had it easy since he was on my shoulders....but no, that still has nothing to do with the was the young couple ahead of us.

I'd place them somewhere in their late twenties early thirties....their child was at least a year and a half...possibly two....maybe over 2...hard to say.
The woman was wearing tight sweat pants, and a tight 'name brand' shirt and had a small pack on. The dude was all tanned up, thin, wearing some 'name brand' shoes, shorts and muscle shirt. He looked pretty fit...slick hair...wasn't sweating like me. The nanny followed behind.
So...what's the big deal you ask........? was the fact that their nanny carried their son ALL THE WAY DOWN THE FREAKIN TRAIL !!!!!
At first I thought that the small Asian woman in front of us just happened to be walking very close to the young couple....I even cracked wise to the wife and said 'we should get our own Sherpa next time we go hiking' was when the couple stopped to wait for the nanny to catch up is when we clued was almost like they were saying 'hurry up bitch, get a move on....gawd, what do we pay you for ???'

We were speechless.....i thought, at any moment the dude is going to grab the boy and carry him...but no...never once did he or his wife make a motion to relieve the nanny. The nanny was also carrying a pack (that probably had diapers, food, change of clothes, etc for the boy).
We were almost to the bottom when they had stopped long enough for us to pass and I think the dude was a bit embarrassed when he saw me and he said 'say, maybe you want to ride on dad's shoulders'...and the kid promptly said 'NO' and was clinging to the small Asian nanny...the kid didn't seem to want any part of mom and dad.
THEN...the dude makes a crack about the snuggli my wife is wearing {which had Reed in it}...something about how they suck and are bad and should be higher or some such stuff....obviously he's a Doctor and/or ergonomist....we were a bit shocked that this dude had the nuts to make a loud statement like this when i just watched his nanny carry his kid down a mountain trail for almost 2 Km's....
We saw them a bit later as they walked by...nanny still behind them with their kid....

The people are the definition of douche.......or just simply, losers....

Wednesday, August 11, 2010

It touches me

ha...i made a funny...this song touches does the gaunch


  • We had a fence building party last weekend and got the thing done in record time...I'll see if I can dig up a few pictures.
  • Because we made the new fence so beautiful...we're going to rip the other side down and redo it......yes....i'm real happy about that....i love building fences......
  • Reed is now weighing in at 8lbs 13 oz today and is a ripe ol' age of 4 weeks and a day.
  • The first 'return of the man-cation' will be in 2 weeks to Whitefish (the boys & mama will be hangin' at the lake with Gramma and Great Uncle and Aunty)
  • Freakin' busy at work...when it rains it pours...
  • Might have some work travel firing up again with trips coming to New York & Chicago.
  • I may begin seriously looking for a Loser Cruiser......i know.....i feel shame.
  • Upcoming known travel - Whitefish, Koocanusa, Kelowna, Armstrong, Sicamous, Canmore, St. Lucia.
  • Upcoming travel we're planning - Either Spain, UK, France or Italy, Napa, Quebec.
  • I will be doing camera shopping this weekend. I hope to narrow it down to a couple.

and since i have absolutely nothing to say....other than 'Hux...grow up'.....

I will leave you with this gem...(and no.....this is not me)

Tuesday, August 10, 2010

New Soundgarden

A new Soundgarden tune is floating around the interwebs and it definitely has an old school vibe.

Check it out here at Rock It Out Blog

Friday, August 6, 2010

Lucas Shelves new Star Wars TV Show

It looks like ol' Georgy Boy is putting his plans for a live action TV show to bed. He claims he has scripts but the cost of doing the show would be too high.

Why do I have a feeling that it was all CGI....Seems to me that Battlestar Galactica looked pretty good and I never once heard about budget issues...and the new Stargate looks good (again, no budget issues)...

It's probably a good thing this won't happen...I have a feeling it would have sucked huge and would have killed that little bit left inside me that still loves the original movie...

here's the news bite from

Star Wars creator George Lucas has put plans for a live action TV series based on the legendary sci-fi franchise "on hold" because of financial issues.

The filmmaker announced plans for a small screen Star Wars spin-off back in 2005 and, after a long hiatus spent writing scripts, he began casting actors for the show last year.

However, fans will have to wait even longer to see the project on TV - it's been put on hold indefinitely.

At a recent screening of The Empire Strikes Back in Chicago, Illinois, Lucas told the audience the project had been shelved because of budget restraints.

He explained, "The live action TV show is kind of on hold because we have scripts, but we don't know how to do them.

"They literally are Star Wars, only we're going to have to try to do them (at) a tenth (of) the cost. And it's a huge challenge, (a) lot bigger than what we thought it was gonna be."

Tuesday, August 3, 2010

DVD's, Movies & TV oh my

Since there's really nothing to watch during the summer we borrowed the complete set of The Soprano's and watched 1 or 2 episodes per night. I pretty much agree with the mass population that this is a fantastic series. The actors, the writing...everything. I however, like the ending. I wasn't one of the people who bitched that Tony didn't get it in the end...even though they were screwing with the viewers during the last few minutes.

I interpret the show as follows: Tony leads a charmed life, therefore, he will continue on until he's an old man, complaining about life but always coming out on top. There were numerous times when he would bitch 'nothing works out for me' and in the next scene we see a guy who's just about to rat him out die or some such thing. He was also shot in the gut, targeted for termination, and flipped around in a car crash...nothing stopped this guy. But at each instance, something good came of it...reconciled with his wife, got rid of his problem cousin, made up with New York and got rid of the new boss who was a pain in everyones ass.

I would highly recommend this to anyone who doesn't get squeamish at the sight of blood or hearing grown men drop the f bomb every sentence and toss around the C word like it were nuthin.

We plan to move onto another. I now believe this is the best way to watch a series. We have the complete set of Firefly so that could be next. I plan on getting the set of Band of Brothers. And possibly the entire Battlestar Galactica.

Due to the new arrival our movie outings have died a quick death. The last one we saw was Iron Man 2 at the cheap theater just before #2 was born. To be honest, it was a bit dissapointing. We have now taken to renting the movies on the TV through Shaw. The other day I watched Clash of the Titans and The Losers. I heard bad things about both movies so I went in with low expectations. I think I should have had even lower expectations. Clash of the Titans had the makings of what should have been a summer blockbuster. Remake of a cool but cheesy flick from my childhood, mythology, CGI, good quality actors....but it all just fell flat. I did snicker at the nod to the original movie when Perseus found the robot owl...but how many people would have got that ?? There just was no passion...and it had no drive. They should have saved the big budget and just done a SyFy mini series.

As for the Losers...apparently it's a comic book...I've never heard of it...hopefully it's more interesting that this pile of crap...this flick was BORRRRRRRRING...and a waste of 5$. I fell asleep twice. Expert mercenaries go after the guy who hired them cause he tried to kill them and killed a whack of kids instead and they're all angry and shit and blow stuff up....terrible. Don't even think about renting this...just go to the rental store and pick up The Professional.

I'll try to get to Inception, Prince of Persia, The Other Guys and others....

Speaking of TV. I gave Haven a try. It's a new series based on a Stephen King novel that just seems like a X-Files lite. It really didn't hold my intrest. I plan to try out Rubicon. We'll see if that one is better. New TV seems to be lacking.

Reed at Three Weeks

Friday, July 30, 2010

Long Weekend - What to do ?

I'm getting ready to bolt for the long weekend and realized that we hardly have any firm plans. Some might think this is a bad thing. Not me ! Tomorrow we had thought of going on a day hike with the boys...this will depend on the weather. If it looks nice we'll load the family and hit the mountain trails. The tornado kid liked the previous hikes and burito rumblebum just likes being strapped to his mama.
As for Sunday and Monday....they're wide open. This means I can do some camera shopping. I've been doing a bit of research online for the last few weeks and hopefully I'll be able to get out there and talk to some people about what I'm looking for and want to do. Who knows...maybe a purchase could be in my near future. This could be the perfect thing to do if the weather is shite. I'll also need to find something to do with the torando kid...he gets a bit stir crazy when he can't out 'ah-side'. (I also need to see a couple movies that are out now...Prince of Persia, Inception, A-Team, The Other Guys, and others....I'm getting behind on my movie viewing)

We can also plan out our next 12 months travel plan. As per previous post, our confirmed travel plans are a trip to the BC interior for a houseboat wedding and to visit family, a trip to Canmore for a wedding, and a wedding in St. Lucia in the new year. In addition to that we will finally use a time share in either Vegas or Orlando and we'll be looking at possibly doing a 2 week stint in a villa in France, Italy, Spain or the UK. We'll look at booking that before the end of this year (we'll take the whole family and enjoy a couple weeks in a small community somewhere in Europe...mmmmm be a blast !).

I'll snap some pictures of our Saturday adventure along with some new pictures of Rumblebum (people have been asking).

Tuesday, July 27, 2010

Flash Storm !

My oh my. Last night we were hit with a flash storm. It started to sprinkle then BAM it was if someone had turned the water on high. The picture doesn't do the storm justice. When you looked toward the right we couldn't see the houses on the other side of the street (through the back window). Some of our neighbors 'stuff' ended up in out backyard. Shortly after I took the video the hail started. It wasn't huge, just lots of it. It say it was the size of small pebbles. The deck was covered so it looked like we were hit with snow.

I think it lasted about 10 minutes and afterwords the only casualty was one pot of flowers at the front door. Our neighbors blue bin was knocked over and all of his recycling was up and down the street. I have heard there was some major flooding in the older neighborhoods.

Wacky weather these days....could it be that we're in the countdown to 2012 ? Dum dum dummmmmmmmmmmm.