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Just watched Gamer. Not much to say other than this is just an update of Running Man. It's allright. Kept me interested. Not worth much more than a few bucks.

Tuesday, January 26, 2010

Monday, January 25, 2010

From Paris with Love Trailer - Bald Travolta

Not sure about this Travolta trying to toughen up his image after that nasty dancing Bobby brown video with his daughter ?

Best Movie Bar Scenes

Collected by's a list of the best movie bar scenes.

Click Here

I like the list since Star Wars made the cut.

Countdown to LOST final season

The countdown is on...only a couple more weeks until the final season of lost. I wonder if they're going to wrap it up with a neat little bow or leave it with questions so they can always come back or turn it into a movie franchise. Who knows. We'll find out when it fires up again.

Friday, January 22, 2010



Doin your mom (not for kids.......or moms)

Just cause it's funny.....

Repo Men - New Jude Law Flick

Jude Law's new flick is a dark sci fi that looks to be a mash up of Logan's Run, Minority report and any movie where the hunter becomes the hunted. In this case, Jude Law plays a Repo Man. What's he repossessing ? Replacement Organs that keep people alive. If you need a new liver, the union provides it as long as you can pay...slip on a few payments and the Repo Men come and take it back...ripping it out of your body. So...let that be a lesson to you people late on credit card payments. Anyway, Jude Law, a Repo Man, of course gets into some accident and gets a new heart and then or course, can't make his payments and becomes the dude dodging the Repo Men...let the action begin !

Not sure about this one...I'm mixed. I'll check it out when it shows up.

Fishing for Bacon

I always enjoy hearing about the success of my friends and family. I just recently (last night) connected with a friend I haven't seen for a number of years (we all hung out in the good ol' days of University). I knew he was a creative dude, but had no idea he had aspirations of being a writer. I chatted with him briefly on Facebook and found out he is now a published author (to awesome reviews I might add).

Michael Davie's first book, Fishing for Bacon, is a coming of age story about Bacon Sobelowski who with bad timing and all sets out to find 'the one'.

Seeing as how I just found out about this in the last 16 hours I haven't had a chance to read the book yet. But judging by the reviews it sounds like it will be an enjoyable read. (I plan to pick it up this weekend)

Click the link above for an overview and where to purchase.

Thursday, January 21, 2010

I will never eat at Nelie's again

There's a restaurant chain in Calgary that we used to enjoy going to and in our past form (pre-child, living downtown) we used to frequent almost every weekend. I was quite offended and disgusted to find out that these restaurants have had health citations for almost 10 years without any resolution or correction. Now, they have finally been fined.

Also what really bugs we is that the owner is playing the victim...she was on the news going on about how hard it is to be a single mom and to find good staff etc (like this excuses her for serving me food with mouse shit in it)...well dummy, then don't expand your cafes to the point where you can't control them...Also she said " I guess this is a wake up call"...WTF? some of these citations date back 10 years !!! wake up call ?!?!? AND SHE JUST NOW TOOK A FOOD SAFETY COURSE ????I don't buy her excuses for one minute. I've always heard she was a flake, but this takes the cake (mouse turd cake in her case). Sorry lady, I will never go to your cafe again...EVER !

Here's the article from CBC:

The owner of a popular breakfast chain in Calgary has been fined more than $60,000 for health code violations that span 12 years.

Roxanne Taylor-King pleaded guilty to 43 charges under the Public Health Act at five of her six Nellie's restaurants across Calgary, resulting in a fine of $61,870 handed down on Friday.

Citations handed out by health inspectors date back to February 1998 include notices for mouse droppings in food in the kitchen, said Rob O'Neill, a lawyer for Alberta Health Services.

Officials also found that perishable foods were being stored on the floor, not being kept at a proper temperature, or not being handled safely by staff.

Other violations listed utensils and equipment not being cleaned and sanitized properly, and the lack of soap or paper towels in kitchen areas.

Provincial court Judge Barbara Veldhuis said Taylor-King had been given far more opportunities to clean up her restaurants than she deserved.

Officials with Alberta Health Services admitted their own high staff turnover with inspectors led to delays in prosecuting the charges.

Nellie's locations cited:

Nellie's on 4th - 2308 Fourth St. S.W.
Nellie's on 90th - 209-2515 90th Ave. S.W.
Nellie's Kitchen - 738B-17th Ave. S.W.
Nellie's on Kensington - 104-1414 Kensington Rd.
Nellie's Cosmic Café - 1001 17th Ave. S.W.
Violations found at the Nellie's in Marda Loop were satisfactorily cleaned up, according to AHS reports.
Taylor-King said the height of Calgary's boom also meant high staff turnover for her restaurants and an inability to hire tradespeople to complete necessary renovations.

However, she pointed out that she has fixed several problems since prosecution began, such as personally passing a food safety handling course.

Outside of court, Taylor-King told reporters she would be working to keep all six of her restaurants up to provincial standards.

"I am sure it will be a wake-up call for a lot of people and it will definitely be a wake-up call for me," she said.

O'Neill said that any more violations at the restaurants will likely result in their closure

The violations at Nellie's were no worse than others found in other establishments, he added

Tuesday, January 19, 2010

Spiderman 4 Director Named

The new trilogy is off and running. It seems strange to me that they will reboot this so soon, but, it's always about the mighty $$$$ and I don't think anyone would say that studio heads are the brightest bulbs on the tree....

Here's the news:


Director Marc Webb.

LOS ANGELES - Marc Webb has caught the job of "Spider-Man" director.

Sony Pictures and Marvel Studios announced Tuesday that the "(500) Days of Summer" director will helm the next "Spider-Man" film following the departure of Sam Raimi and Tobey Maguire, the director and star who worked on the previous three Spidey films. The fourth installment is set for a 2012 release and will focus on a younger version of the superhero.

Webb said in a statement he was not taking over the series from Raimi but instead wanted the "opportunity for ideas, stories and histories that will add a new dimension, canvas and creative voice to 'Spider-Man."' Webb previously directed music videos, including Green Day's "21 Guns" and The All-American Rejects' "Move Along."

Monday, January 18, 2010

Jerk Cameraman.....what the hell

So, if you're doing a story on how dangerous ice is on sidewalks, do you a) warn people walking by that there is a patch of real slippery ice and to be careful or b) set up your camera and wait for the fun to begin.....

I believe dude picked b.

DUDE HAS GOT TO HAVE A CONCUSSION AFTER THAT SMACK....he's for sure black and blue and probably doesn't have a clue where he was marching off to in such a hurry that he couldn't see the ice (his head makes a nice sound as it smacks off the sidewalk...almost like a snare drum....notice, he cracks the wall first just for good measure)


How come I never watched 24 ?? I just watched my first episode yesterday.....I may have to get past seasons....

Sunday, January 17, 2010

Big Man Hair Cut 2.0

Saturday was a busy day. The boy got to go swimming and water sliding for an hour and half then we took him for his second ever haircut. This time we were prepared with an appointment at Beaners . I have to give it to these people, they know their market. (you may recall his first experience at the hair cut place - click here) He started with some play time in the ball room. Then off to the stool that looked like a motorcycle. They had enough distractions there that the boy sat still and didn't cause any problems. The gal asked us what type of cut we wanted and all we thought was 'short'...she suggested 'a little boy haircut'...I wasn't sure what that meant, but alright, do that. And when she was was just that, a little boy haircut.
After we were done he had a big boy lunch and capped off the afternoon with a scoop of ice cream with Chocolate sauce. Big day.

Saturday, January 16, 2010

No more movies on a Saturday night

We've decided that we will never go to another movie on a Saturday night. It's so crowded and the theater we go to is poorly designed. They have an escalator going into the middle of the atrium that they have to shut down every Saturday night because people get blocked at the top. Then you get the slow lines at the concession. It's so painful. We'll stick to mid week when there aren't as many people (that or afternoon shows).

We foolishly showed up an hour before the movie we intended to go see....Avatar 3D IMAX was sold out all showings tonight...and tomorrow night. Wow.

So we hit The Imaginarium of Doctor Parnassus. I'll review it tomorrow.

Friday, January 15, 2010

Just give your head a shake

I fully understand Einstein's quote "The definition of insanity is doing the same thing over and over and expecting different results"

I live in an insane world with insane people.

And here's Matt Damon on Jimmy Kimmel

Did you know ?

Test from blogpress from my iPhone

Just testing a free app on my iPhone. This could come in handy when I'm travelling and need to rant.

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Thursday, January 14, 2010

What was I thinking ???

How could I start a new year let alone a new decade without a picture of some random hot girl.....where's my head at ??

Wednesday, January 13, 2010

First night of ball hockey

Just got home from my first night of ball hockey....and will I pay for it tomorrow. Even after not playing for 3 years, I still managed a goal a game, plus a bunch of assists (as well as a skinned knee and elbow) lungs need work.

Yes Powell, I do exercise every now and then.....

Tuesday, January 12, 2010

couple nice shots from Victoria

The All Time Best Ad to Fire You Up For the Olympics !

I don't care that it's a coke ad. This thing fires me up for the games...and since the Jr's took silver, the Canadian Men have to come out flying ! Only a month left to go !

UFO to come close to Earth.......

A mystery object from space is about to whizz close by Earth on Wednesday. It will not hit the planet, but scientists are stumped by what exactly it is.

Astronomers say it may be space junk or it could be a tiny asteroid, too small to cause damage even if it hit. It is 33 to 50 feet (10 to 15 metres) wide at most.

NASA says that on Wednesday at 7:47 a.m. EST, (1247 GMT) it will streak by, missing Earth by about 80,000 miles (128,750 kilometres).

Spiderman Reboot ? Already ?

I can't believe what I'm reading but apparently things went off the rails for Sam Raimi with the new Spiderman. The studio is moving forward without Raimi or good ol Toby. New Cast. New Flick. I had heard rumors that the script was not liked by Raimi and that he wasn't helping...some of the rumors were kinda funny....anyway, not sure what to make of it. I was hoping Carnage would be in the new movie so that they could redeem themselves for what they did with Venom.

Here's what Before it's News had to say (God help the franchise if Bay directs):

The internet was and still is a frenzied mixture of hate and rejoicing over Sony's decision to scrap plans for Sam Raimi's Spider-Man 4 and entirely reboot the franchise in 2012 with a new director and cast. There was already two reboot films planned for when Raimi wrapped up his series of films with the original cast. But after postponed start dates due to script problems, Raimi felt he wouldn't be able to make the 2011 release date while maintaining the integrity of the film, so Sony opted to scrap the fourth installment altogether and focus on solely rebooting the franchise.

Though the dust still hasn't settled on the bomb that was dropped on Hollywood and the Geek Community yesterday, more details have come out on the new Spider-Man film and a couple of good names (as well as a not so good name) are being thrown around as possible directors to take helm of the new franchise. The move on the Spidey franchise is being likened to Christopher Nolan's Batman Begins, which relaunched the franchise with a more gritty realistic seven years after Batman & Robin was a critical and commercial disaster. But the 5 years between Raimi's Spider-Man 3 and the planned 2012 release of the Spider-Man reboot is more in line (mathematically at least, or in terms of "too soon") with the time frame between Ang Lee's Hulk (2003) and Louis Leterrier's The Incredible Hulk (2008) -- though the latter didn't dive back into the origin of the character.
Peter Parker on the other will find himself back in highschool, with the series re-exploring his origin in a more contemporary setting, as a teenager battling today’s issues. The word "gritty" is also being thrown around, but I always felt the Spider-Man comics had a bit more of a comedic and colorful tone. After all, he's got a bright red suit on, not black kevlar. The one thing that was a lock as of yesterday is that the new film will shoot of an already completed script by Zodiac scribe Jamie Vanderbilt.
Still up in the air is who will direct and who will be the new web slinger. Rumors will start on a new Peter Parker soon enough, but there are two great names being thrown around for possible director's already. (500) Days of Summer director Marc Webb is being talked about after previously being in discussions with Sony to take over Moneyball. That job went to Bennett Miller, but it might work out for the better if Webb lands the Spider-Man franchise -- Webb wanted to make the horror film The Strangers, after losing out on that gig he took on (500) Days... I think it worked out better for him. If you've seen his feature debut in (500) Days then you know Webb can masterfully depict male issues in a smart, funny, honest and realistic manner. If you're worried about his non-action background, keep in mind he has a slew of music videos under his belt that would show otherwise.
Another good name who's expressed interest is Seabiscuit director Gary Ross, who had worked on one of the drafts of Spider-Man 4 and is said to know the ins and outs of the comic book series. But a name that is causing some fist clenching on my part is Transformer director and professional pyro-maniac Michael Bay. He expressed interest in taking over the franchise in the past, but there is no word on whether or not he's still interested. I'll let you guys eviscerate him in the comments below.
What do you think of the new Spider-Man movie being "Gritty and Contemporary" and the possible directors being thrown around?

Monday, January 11, 2010

Advice for Retail Owners - FIRE THE CHUMPS !

There is nothing more annoying than a person working retail who just doesn't give a shit. I don't buy into the 'oh, they're just young'....who the f**k cares about their age...and what the hell does that have to do with it anyway, like somehow the fact that a person is young gives them carte blanch to just show up and get paid because somewhere down the line they're smarten up and get a career. Funny enough, I've come into contact with bad retail people of all age, so it's not limited to the 16-19 crowd.

I'm sure you have all been in this situation. You walk up to a counter ready to fork over your hard earned cash for whatever...and the person behind the counter either 1) acts like you just ruined their life 2) acts like you're a moron 3) acts like they have half a brain or 4) is just plain rude.

Then there's the best one ever...the person is looking down at the register or some such thing and continues to do whatever...never acknowledging you...THE CUSTOMER...and possibly leaves to do something else.

I seem to attract these people...let me give you a few examples of what I've dealt with over the last week.

The first occasion I was picking up an order that my wife called in (mmm British Fish and Chips). I walked up to the counter and stood behind a person who was completing their transaction. Once they were done I moved to the counter. The dude who gave the person ahead of me their order walked back into the kitchen. This left a girl at the register who was looking directly down at some receipts and sorting through them. I was standing directly in front of this girl. I waited politely for her to finish....and waited...and continued to wait while she looked through her receipts (never once looking up). Another girl came from the people sitting and walked by me, by the other girl and began to wash her hands. Original dude came back, gave me a look and then began to chat with second girl about salt shakers or something. Girl at register continues to look at her receipts. Second girl goes back to the tables but gives me a smile as she walks by...obviously assuming that register girl has got me covered.

At this point I begin to scream in my head. "HEY...HEY...LOOK AT ME !"

Dude comes back and begins to move like he's going somewhere so finally I say "excuse me, am I invisible ? I'm here to pick up an order" and I nod toward a bag that's off to the side assuming the one that's been sitting there is mine. He gives me a look like I've just told him his mother is a whore (maybe the invisible thing was a bit snotty but I had been standing politely and not being served). Dude looks at the order and asks me my name and determines it's mine. He loads it up with the ketchup and tartar sauce. Register girl has STILL not looked up and just seems to be shuffling receipts with no end in site. Dude tells me the total and moves toward the register. Register girl turns to the left...not once lifting her gaze and and heads into the kitchen, never looking up. I paid...and left...gladly.

The second example was at a 7-11. Now I don't expect to be treated like I'm a king, but these places are supposed to be fast...that sort of defines the 'quicky mart' industry. I walked up to the counter with a drink. There was a woman being helped by one staff member, and another woman in line. There were two other clerks stocking or counting the cigarettes and had their backs to us. The woman being helped had a stack of scratchy lotto cards and was going through each was obvious she was going to be there for at least another 20 minutes. After waiting about 3-4 minutes, the woman second in line gave up and left her stuff at the counter. So I moved up (AGAIN SCREAMIN IN MY HEAD..HEY HEY HEY HEY!).

At no time did the clerk look at me and say "sorry for the wait, I'll be with you in a second" or "hey you dumb bitches filling the cigs, one of you get over here and help this dude". No, she just focused all her attention on the soon-to-be-tenthousand-dollar-aire. After a few more minutes I gave up. Got the girls attention, dropped a two on the counter and said "That's for this, I don't have time to wait for an hour to get 16 cents in change" and I walked out.

In both cases, I probably won't visit those establishments again.

Look. Mr/Mrs retail manager/owner. There are simple rules to follow. ACKNOWLEDGE your customers when they come to the till. Even if you're busy, saying "I'll be right with you" goes a long way and lets people know that they will be helped soon. If there's more than one person on staff and you have them doing inventory...TELL THEM TO STOP AND HELP AT THE TILL...what good is inventory if no one comes in to buy it ! Also, if you're helping a customer that is going to take longer than normal, you can still help someone else if you see that they only have a couple things to ring through.

There's more, but as usual, when I think about this stuff it gives me a headache...

I'm sure you have all been through this, and I've made a decision that the Canadian in me will disappear. I will have no problem being vocal about how bad the service won't make me friends but it will make me feel better (I won't have an aneurysm waiting to pay for my squishy by bottling up the rage).

Sunday, January 10, 2010

Me and the boy

just me and the boy goofin on a lazy Sunday afternoon.

Saturday, January 9, 2010

The future of LOST

From Variety:
Don't despair, "Lost" fans. The island won't be disappearing come May.
Anything and everything is on the table, as Disney execs map out a long-term strategy for "Lost," the ground-breaking mystery/sci-fi series that returns in February to begin its sixth and final season.

In the short run, that could mean "Lost" novelizations and comicbooks, as well as gaming extensions, digital distribution, recut "Lost" DVDs and an oft-rumored "Lost" amusement park attraction. But further down the road, that might also mean a new TV or feature take on "Lost," complete with new auspices and cast -- in other words, "Lost: The Next Generation."

"We've been talking about this for a couple of years now," says ABC marketing exec VP Mike Benson. "We want to keep it alive but make sure we maintain the integrity of the franchise. We're not about milking this thing for all that it is right now; it's important to see this live for years to come."

But "Lost" exec producers Damon Lindelof and Carlton Cuse won't likely be a part of those plans. The duo have made it pretty clear that they have no intention to keep the show going after the finale, and would like their work to stand on its own once "Lost" slams the hatch door shut.

"People deserve an ending, and to promise a continuation of the story in any form in some way negates the finality in some way," Lindelof says.

If and when new "Lost" content emerges, Disney/ABC will have to find someone new to entrust with the franchise.

"What 'Lost' becomes after it ends its run is up in the air," Benson says. "It really depends on who comes in to interpret it next."

There's plenty of precedence for franchises being reinvented by new voices. Most of TV's recent remakes have been produced without input from their original auspices -- be it ABC's "V" or the CW's "90210."

And then there's that constantly reinvented sci-fi franchise that boasts even more passionate fans than "Lost" -- "Star Trek."

Benson and fellow marketing exec VP Marla Provencio say they would like to handle the "Lost" franchise much in the same way Paramount navigated "Star Trek" through the years.

"We do believe 'Lost' can be a 'Star Trek' for us," Benson says.

Originally created by Gene Roddenberry, "Star Trek" carried on even after its initial TV run, eventually returning via a string of movies. That led to four smallscreen spinoffs: "Next Generation," "Deep Space Nine," "Voyager" and "Enterprise." Coincidentally, "Lost" creator J.J. Abrams was behind the recent "Star Trek" redux, while Lindelof is co-writing the next one.

"I loved J.J.'s interpretation of 'Star Trek,' " Benson says. "It was smart of Paramount to bring his interpretation of that franchise."

That's not to say Disney/ABC wouldn't prefer that Lindelof and Cuse stick around on "Lost."

"Damon and Carlton laid such groundwork, it's going to be a challenge for us, and we have to rise to the occasion," Provencio says. "We have to find different, creative and innovative ways to keep the fans happy and to keep the franchise healthy."

Benson and Provencio admit to quite a bit of nostalgia as they head toward the final season of "Lost," having worked closely with Cuse and Lindelof on the show's marketing campaigns and ancillary content from the beginning.

"It's been such an amazing collaboration," Benson says. "Most of the time we were not just creating promos, we were creating content that surrounded the program. It helped define who we are today as TV marketers."

For the final season, ABC has kept its marketing campaign close to the vest. Promos and clips have utilized footage from past seasons only -- but that will change a week before "Lost's" Feb. 2 season premiere, as 815 fans give the correct answer to "Lost" trivia online and receive a message in a bottle.

That bottle will include a USB drive that features a clip from the season's first episode. The network is fully expecting that clip to then quickly go viral online.

Meanwhile, the net will hold a final season-premiere screening on a beach in Hawaii, as well as a wrap party in Southern California. ABC is also sending half-hour "Lost" specials to affiliates and will include "Lost" "starter kits" in People and Entertainment Weekly.

"We're building anticipation and making this a pop culture event," Benson says. "We want to build to the end of the series, like when 'MASH' or 'Seinfeld' ended and people wanted to be there for the end of it."

Why the effort to keep "Lost" going? Quite simply, it's too valuable a commodity for Disney and its various divisions to just let it go.

Lost" has already experienced a robust existence off the air: Disney's Hyperion Books has released several novelizations of the show, while several websites have been produced over the years featuring Easter eggs and clues for "Lost" fans.

Lindelof and Cuse have also hosted a podcast for the show; mobisodes ("Lost: Missing Pieces") were produced for Verizon's V-Cast; a videogame ("Lost: Via Domus") was created by Ubisoft; McFarlane Toys produced various "Lost" toys and action figures; and much more.

TV properties that can morph into massive, multiplatform franchises remain rare. News Corp. has enjoyed the fruits of animated series like "The Simpsons" (which has been worth billions to the company) and reality shows like "American Idol," but most hit programs can't sustain themselves beyond the smallscreen.

It also remains to be seen whether a show like "Lost" can keep the fires burning once it's no longer in originals. "Star Trek" actually reps one of the few shows that has maintained a following for decades; in a more recent example, "The X-Files" (which didn't have much luck stoking interest in a recent feature revival) has failed to hold on to its once white-hot relevancy, eight years after signing off.

Lost" may not be as huge as it was in the beginning, but it still signs off in a solid place -- and could very well experience a ratings revival this season.

The show ranked a strong eighth among all series last season in adults 18-49, and held its own against the powerful "American Idol" juggernaut, dominating its scripted competition in the young adults demo. The show was also tied for second place on the list of most popularly recorded shows on DVRs.

Friday, January 8, 2010

Lack of ideas in Hollywood

It seems to me that Hollywood has a noticeable lack of new ideas (or good ideas). I get this weird feeling that the studio heads are just a bunch of monkeys that fling money like feces at the first thing that gets their collective attention (that being what they think is a safe bet for making $$$.....and many times it isn't).

For many shitty, run of the mill vampire movies can we sit through. For some reason the tweens and teens have fallen in love with Cedric Diggery gone Vamp in a teenage cheesy romance flick and are willing to spend huge bank to go see it (can you believe New Moon broke Dark Knights opening weekend?!?!?). But that does not mean that everything with a blood sucker is going to be a hit. Case in point The Vampire Diaries (crap) and Daybreakers...I haven't seen it but it looks lame...also, when was the last time Ethan Hawke was in a good movie..Gattica ? Reality Bites ?

You see this all the time, Hollywood has a block buster and a bunch of copycat movies start coming out almost immediately....Armageddon comes out, then Deep Impact....and inevitably they all suck 'cause they have shitty stories and are rushed to the theater.

And for gods sake, I wish they would stop beating an genre dead horse...look at what they're doing with comic book movies...they're just churning them out. Iron Man 2, Hulk 2.5, Avengers, a reboot of fantastic four (already?), Deadpool, Green Lantern, Wolverine 2 (the first one sucked), G.I. Joe 2, Spiderman 4, Ghost Rider 2 (STOP GIVING NIC CAGE MOVIE ROLES...HE SUCKS !), Superman reboot, New Batman 3, X-Men First Class, Antman (really ? Why the hell would anyone make this one)....and the list goes on.

Instead of trying to make a great flick, they're just blindly throwing these out there in hopes that at least one hits the bullseye.

Then there's the remakes...good god...this is the laziest thing ever. One coming out soon is The Karate Kid with Will Smiths kid in the Ralph Machio role. Jadens not the worst actor, but he needs to work on his expression...he's got the scowl/frown down pat, he needs to work on others. Now, the remake of the Karate Kid isn't necessarily that bad's been over 20 years...BUT, what I have an issue with is when they do it they don't pay attention to details from the first one...this one takes place in CHINA...yes CHINA...and he's instructed by Jackie Chan (which is cool)...but they're calling it the Karate Kid....Karate is from see my issue?

Anyway...I've kind gotten sleepy while writing this and lost interest because the whole thing gives me a headache....

My point? More movies that are original....Avatar, The Imaginarium of Dr. Parnassus, etc...

The view from our parking lot.....for now

This was the view from our parking lot when I left for the day last night...that was a long day. We'll see how this snow holds up since the forecast is going to have above freezing temperatures for the next week (great...I can take down the Christmas lights). Since we've had one of the longest cold snaps in the last 13 years, once the temp gets to about 3 I may just put shorts on.....

Thursday, January 7, 2010

2009 Darwin Awards

Darwin Award winners revealed

Two bank robbers have been declared winners of the 2009 Darwin Awards after they blew themselves up while trying to crack open a cash machine.

The Belgian pair used so much explosive to get their hands on the money that they destroyed the whole bank building.

When police arrived at the scene, they found one of them with severe head injuries, and rushed him to hospital where he died shortly after arrival.

Investigators initially assumed that his accomplice had managed a getaway, but the second one's body was excavated from the debris twelve hours later.

Wendy Northcutt, the founder of the annual awards, declared them the 2009 winners of the Darwin Awards, given to those "doing the most to improve the human gene pool by removing themselves from it".

The bank robbers just edged ahead of their main rival Shawn Motero who was stuck in a traffic crawl in Florida when he needed to answer a call of nature.

With no toilet handy, he got out of the car before jumping over a concrete wall to find a more secluded spot.

Unfortunately, the 30-year-old had not realised he was on a bridge, and fell 65 feet to his death. Award organisers said it proved you should "look before you leak".

In third place was the first ever woman to be nominated for the award. Rosanne Tippett drove her moped into a flooded river, despite the warning signs.

She was rescued by police, but died after jumping back into the river in an attempt to recover the two-wheeler.

What Darth and Padme really fought about......

The Gut Truck

Ah....the gut truck....the trader of nasty bites that brings their wares directly to you at I loathe and love thee.
Usually, I'm never at work when the gut truck arrives (none of your business why....maybe i like to sleep in). But on these rare occasions like today, when I need to be here before 8am, I hear the sirens call of the roach coach arriving in the back sings to you.....and I basically become Gollum (I waannnnts it....)
These things are filled with the common assortments of chips, pop, juice, and pre-packaged sandwiches. Sometimes they may have pizzas or tacos. But what usually gets me every time is what I call...the heart stoppers
These are prepackaged (supposedly made fresh each morning) hot breakfast sandwiches consisting of either toasted/fried bread or bun with egg, sausage, cheese and bacon. ALL THE GOOD STUFF. Not only are they tasty/incredibly bad for you...they're expensive. I think the one I had this morning was 4.75$...I begrudgingly/eagerly buy it, eat it, wipe the grease from my fingers/face and spend the rest of the day feeling the lump move through my body......and some time around 2pm I'll scream like Gollum "it burrrrrnnnnssssss" if you're pickin up what I'm layin down....
I always wonder what the profit margin is on these trucks and what the owners make...I know, for example, that they buy pop from places like Costco at a cost of 33cents for a can and then sell them for anywhere from 1$ to 1.50$. That's pretty good. I have to believe that they're getting the same on everything. If they're smart they keep their routes tight and try to maximize the amount of people that hit these things....although...I'm not so sure how smart some of these vendors are. We went through a few at this shop and I was amazed that some of these people could tie their shoes let alone drive a truck and manage a business. Maybe one day I'll dig deeper and ask one of them....I don't think anyone is getting rich on these things, but it might be a relaxing thing to do as a part time job (drive around and serve people)....something to ponder....I think the only reason I am so curious right now is I can't concentrate on my own work CAUSE I'M SO FREAKIN TIRED FOR BEING HERE AT 5am....but i digress...

I knew it

got up at 4:20...made it here by 4:58am....and...of course...the meeting has been delayed for about 40 minutes or so....

maybe I'll catch some ZZZ's under my desk like George Costanza

Wednesday, January 6, 2010


I have to get up at 4am to be at the office by 5am for a conference call with contractors on the east coast. Does this make me happy ? Ef No ! Do I want to do this ? Ef No ! Funny thing though....I'M NOT SLEEPY....

this freakin sucks and I have a feeling I'll probably fall asleep sometime around 2am and be a freakin mess most of the day

So...I figured, maybe do some surfin and a quick post about my predicament. Is it helping ? Ef No.

I'm watching my first episode of Modern Family...and in my current state I'm finding it mildly funny....does this mean I'm tired ? I hope so....

I've got nothing else on this matter...I'm just gonna bury my face in a pillow and hope for the best....I leave you with this...stupid people doing stupid things (the skateboard dudes gives me that nasty feeling in the groin area.....eesh)

2010.......the year I turn 40

I'm not sure if you can tell the age of the person writing this blog....seeing as how a number of posts have Star Wars stuff all over them. But yes, I am 39...turning 40 this year. It is a monumental occasion to be sure. 18 was a big step, then there was 21 and being legal in the states. 30 was interesting. There was another date that was interesting in the last 10 due to my birthday and month (I wanted to do something special but it ended up being just me and my wife and a pizza). NOW....2010....I turn 40.
I remember being a kid and thinking how old 20 was (OLD!)...I remember once at 18 saying 'If you catch me in a bar at 30 put a bullet in me'...I seem to recall frequenting the bar quite a bit when I was 30....(there was a time when I was 26 and an 18 year old guy laughed at me and said "YOU'RE SOOOOOOO OLD !")'s 40.
What is 40 ? Middle age ? Over the hill ? Or is 40 the new 30 ? or the new 25 ? Do I FEEL 40 ? What does 40 FEEL like ? Mentally I think I still feel 21....I don't feel old....well, physically I feel 90 (I do plan to change that this year though... a little ball hockey here a little squash there). Let's get back to the mental thing.....How am I supposed to feel at 40 ? More so, how am I supposed to act ? Am I supposed to act like an adult ? What does that mean exactly ? Farts STILL make me laugh...I have a kid, so I guess that means I should at least act my age...but what does that mean ? (If I ask my closest friends, the guys I've known for the last 25 years, that very question, I'll bet I get a different answer from each one).

SO...what should we do to celebrate such an occasion...there was talk a while ago about getting all of my old buddies and their wives/girlfriends (not both...that would be awkward) together for a week in Jamaica. Unfortunately, that's a scheduling nightmare...I think only 3 couples booked to leave in 2 weeks (that's 3 out of around 14 or so). So...that won't work...what to do. A night of boozing is almost mandatory...this has been scheduled and looks to be a go. But what else....


that's right....Vegas...the plans seem to be in motion to recreate a weekend that saw all of us guys down in Vegas for a weekend...we all made it back intact (some with lighter wallets than weddings to strippers that anyone would admit to).
I think this could be the 'be all end all' of bashes....if it comes could be logistically difficult...not to mention the tricky negotiating that will need to be done between many guys and their wives....but I think the 'I TURN 40' card will have to be played heavily....

anyway....2010 already has a number of adventures, this will be just 1 more to add to the list. I'm sure we'll all look back at this year as being one of the best.

Tuesday, January 5, 2010

Big boy is a tough guy & Jr's WTF ?

The big boy went for his 18 month shots tonight. I was fully prepared for 'the look' and tears ('the look' = HOW COULD YOU LET THIS HAPPEN TO ME YOU FAT BASTARD !). I held the boy and the nurse gave him the shot in his first arm. He watched it the whole way....and...

didn't make a sound...nothing.

Then we flipped sides and I held him ready for the shot in the other arm and.....


He didn't make a sound. No tears. No crying. No giving the look. He was more pissed off that I tried to put his shirt back on and kept him from pressing every button in the room (the little so and so turned the nurses computer off....thank goodness she had saved everything first). He impressed the hell out of me...he acted like this was no big deal (again, he makes a bigger fuss when we change his diaper). I was a little disappointed though...since there was no fuss there was no need to go and get an ice cream cone....

We made it home to catch the last 15 minutes of the Jr. gold medal game (Canada Vs USA). Again, Canada seemed to be slow to the was tied 3-3. Then the USA came on strong...bang bang now it's 5-3. And like the previous match up on New Years Eve Jordan Eberle is in the right place at the right time and ties the game (he's a heck of a player). Canada seemed to gain all this intensity and dominated in the last few minutes.....then the break for OT. It was obvious in the first play of O.T., they cooled off. They weren't moving to the puck. It was just a matter of time until the USA got the 3 on 1. I'm surprised by the winning goal though. The dude beat the goalie on the short side. It was a great shot. It's tough for me to say this, but the US out played the Canadian team in both games and deserved to win. Better luck next will be tough...the US is hosting 2010.

Next Vancouver....let's hope the Team Canada comes out swingin !

Airports are getting 'Total Recall' on our asses !

Airports are getting the virtual scanners ! See news report here
Of course the whiners start getting all 1984 on the government. Like:So....what do we do if we hear snickering coming from the people viewing the monitor ? Will self conscious people stop flying ? That's infringing my rights in some way ! WAAA WAAA WAAA
Hey jackass, if it makes flying safer, crank it up ! Some idiots out there would rather sacrifice safety just so they can carry on an extra bag or a big friggin purse. Or they bitch that it took an extra hour to go through security cause the dude was ACTUALLY CHECKING PEOPLE FOR BAD STUFF!
Maybe we should have 2 types of flying...the safe kind, and the kind all the dummies who carry tons of carry on and who complain about the security taking too long and 'don't frisk me that's a violation of my civil rights' can fly guess would be that the whiners planes blow up a lot more than the others (just speculating)....well...wait...that might not be too bad...I won't have to listen to someone complaining at the security if they all fly the unsafe planes.....hmmmm

Monday, January 4, 2010

Future Adventures.......

Those who know me, know I like to travel. I usually enjoy all aspects of travel as it all provides funny anecdotes. From the flight delay to the funny guy behind the counter at the hotel, each step of the way I usually find something interesting or memorable (I may complain, but truly I enjoy i). I haven't been doing as much travel for work this past 6-9 months, however, if things keep going the way they have over the last little while I will find myself on a plane pretty soon. I'm looking forward to what adventures the next year and next ten years will bring (outside of the obvious with the sequel.....really, who needs sleep?). Maybe on one of these future adventures, we'll set up shop in some far away land for a year or so...who knows....anything is possible (I've met people who's tales always go 'I came here on vacation and never left....').

Here are some places that I hope we get to in the next decade (trying to be realistic...possibly 1 big trip a year):

  • Mexico (I know, can you believe I've never been ?)
  • Hong Kong (the last time I was there was almost 10 years ago and I was only there for 2 days)
  • New Zealand (We've talked about going for minimum 3 weeks)
  • Australia (We'd try to combine this with New Zealand)
  • Germany
  • Switzerland
  • Quebec City
  • New Orleans

It goes without saying that I'd like to hit the UK a number of times in the next ten years (a return trip to Italy would be great). Also, some weekend trips to Montreal, New York, Boston & L.A. would be in order. I suspect the addition to the Harvey clan will limit the solo and Mom/Dad trips...we'll need to plan more 'family' friendly things (can anyone say Disney in about 5-6 years ?). Road trips may happen a bit more...the boy has yet to meet his cousin in the B.C. interior so we'll try to make that happen.

Let the adventures begin !

Has Google created the 'iphone' Killer ?

Taken from CNN:

Tuesday at 1 p.m. ET, Google will make some kind of announcement related to its Android smartphone operating system.

It's expected to be the launch of Google's Nexus One phone -- the company's first full-on leap into the smartphone fray and one that will put the online giant head-to-head with the darling of the market, the iPhone.

Google scheduled the announcement for the day before the annual Consumer Electronics Show -- the Super Bowl of the technology world. In doing so, the tech giant is taking a page from the Apple playbook, rolling out a big announcement in the relatively clean air right before news from CES floods the tech world for days.

Follow CNN's coverage of the Consumer Electronics Show

While the Google-phone buzz has centered on whether Google can take down the Apple iPhone, analysts say unseating Apple probably is unrealistic.

"Is this going to be an iPhone killer? I don't think anything is an iPhone killer," said Kevin Burden, a mobile industry analyst with New York-based ABI Research. "Was the iPhone a Blackberry killer?

"It's never going to be that one device that was promised to us a decade ago."

The term "iPhone killer" has been bandied about virtually every time a new smartphone has been introduced in recent years. Each release has been followed with reviewers almost unanimously announcing, "Nope ... not this time."

Google recently released its to-be-announced phones for use by some of its employees, leading to the inevitable appearance of videos and unofficial reviews online.

Leaks suggest the Nexus One will be a global-system device with a 3.7-inch touch screen, five-megapixel camera, Wi-Fi connectivity, an accelerometer and a compass, according to partner, Wired magazine. It is expected to run the latest version of the Android operating system, Android 2.1, which is also made by Google but runs on other phones as well.

It's widely speculated that the phone will be "unlocked," meaning users won't have to sign up for long-term contracts with a particular mobile carrier to use the phones -- as is the case with most major phones now.

Unlocking would mean the price of the Nexus wouldn't be subsidized by a carrier, as is the case with iPhones and others. So the Google phone could carry a price tag of $500 or more. But analysts expect Google to address the cost difference through advertising on the phone, or by other means.

One possibility, Burden said, is that Google will be willing to sell the phones at or below cost as a way of ensuring Android, or some other future product, has a longstanding place in the market.

"Google could be thinking, whatever their endgame is, that [the phones] are really just part of the plan," he said. "I can't think it's really just about selling hardware.

"That goes back to the '70s and '80s. It's not a hardware business any more and Google's smart enough to realize that."

Tech blog Engadget reports that it got its hands on one of the phones. In a review, Editor-in-Chief Joshua Topolsky gives high marks to the Nexus One for design and performance.

But he, too, dismisses the "iPhone killer" speculation.

"Now, of course everyone seems to have one question about the device -- is this the be-all-end-all Android phone / iPhone eviscerator?" he wrote in the January 2 review. "In two words: not really."

He wrote that the Nexus One is not dramatically different than the Droid, Motorola's smartphone that runs the Android operating system. But Topolsky writes that the Google phone is "super fast" and "very smooth" in operation.

Saturday, January 2, 2010

Some of my Favourite Movies of the past 10 years

  • 300
  • Snatch
  • Hot Fuzz
  • Shaun of the Dead
  • Zombieland
  • 28 days later
  • X-men
  • X2
  • Amelie
  • Gosford Park
  • The Strangers
  • Dark Knight
  • Memento
  • Children of Men
  • The Royal Tenenbaums
  • Almost Famous
  • High Fidelity
  • A History of Violence
  • The Matador

I would add No Country for Old men...but I just had an issue with the ending. Also, Burn after was a typical Cohen Bros flick...but didn't have the pull of Fargo.