Wednesday, January 6, 2010

2010.......the year I turn 40

I'm not sure if you can tell the age of the person writing this blog....seeing as how a number of posts have Star Wars stuff all over them. But yes, I am 39...turning 40 this year. It is a monumental occasion to be sure. 18 was a big step, then there was 21 and being legal in the states. 30 was interesting. There was another date that was interesting in the last 10 due to my birthday and month (I wanted to do something special but it ended up being just me and my wife and a pizza). NOW....2010....I turn 40.
I remember being a kid and thinking how old 20 was (OLD!)...I remember once at 18 saying 'If you catch me in a bar at 30 put a bullet in me'...I seem to recall frequenting the bar quite a bit when I was 30....(there was a time when I was 26 and an 18 year old guy laughed at me and said "YOU'RE SOOOOOOO OLD !")'s 40.
What is 40 ? Middle age ? Over the hill ? Or is 40 the new 30 ? or the new 25 ? Do I FEEL 40 ? What does 40 FEEL like ? Mentally I think I still feel 21....I don't feel old....well, physically I feel 90 (I do plan to change that this year though... a little ball hockey here a little squash there). Let's get back to the mental thing.....How am I supposed to feel at 40 ? More so, how am I supposed to act ? Am I supposed to act like an adult ? What does that mean exactly ? Farts STILL make me laugh...I have a kid, so I guess that means I should at least act my age...but what does that mean ? (If I ask my closest friends, the guys I've known for the last 25 years, that very question, I'll bet I get a different answer from each one).

SO...what should we do to celebrate such an occasion...there was talk a while ago about getting all of my old buddies and their wives/girlfriends (not both...that would be awkward) together for a week in Jamaica. Unfortunately, that's a scheduling nightmare...I think only 3 couples booked to leave in 2 weeks (that's 3 out of around 14 or so). So...that won't work...what to do. A night of boozing is almost mandatory...this has been scheduled and looks to be a go. But what else....


that's right....Vegas...the plans seem to be in motion to recreate a weekend that saw all of us guys down in Vegas for a weekend...we all made it back intact (some with lighter wallets than weddings to strippers that anyone would admit to).
I think this could be the 'be all end all' of bashes....if it comes could be logistically difficult...not to mention the tricky negotiating that will need to be done between many guys and their wives....but I think the 'I TURN 40' card will have to be played heavily....

anyway....2010 already has a number of adventures, this will be just 1 more to add to the list. I'm sure we'll all look back at this year as being one of the best.

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