Tuesday, January 5, 2010

Airports are getting 'Total Recall' on our asses !

Airports are getting the virtual scanners ! See news report here
Of course the whiners start getting all 1984 on the government. Like:So....what do we do if we hear snickering coming from the people viewing the monitor ? Will self conscious people stop flying ? That's infringing my rights in some way ! WAAA WAAA WAAA
Hey jackass, if it makes flying safer, crank it up ! Some idiots out there would rather sacrifice safety just so they can carry on an extra bag or a big friggin purse. Or they bitch that it took an extra hour to go through security cause the dude was ACTUALLY CHECKING PEOPLE FOR BAD STUFF!
Maybe we should have 2 types of flying...the safe kind, and the kind all the dummies who carry tons of carry on and who complain about the security taking too long and 'don't frisk me that's a violation of my civil rights' can fly on...my guess would be that the whiners planes blow up a lot more than the others (just speculating)....well...wait...that might not be too bad...I won't have to listen to someone complaining at the security if they all fly the unsafe planes.....hmmmm

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