Tuesday, January 5, 2010

Big boy is a tough guy & Jr's WTF ?

The big boy went for his 18 month shots tonight. I was fully prepared for 'the look' and tears ('the look' = HOW COULD YOU LET THIS HAPPEN TO ME YOU FAT BASTARD !). I held the boy and the nurse gave him the shot in his first arm. He watched it the whole way....and...

didn't make a sound...nothing.

Then we flipped sides and I held him ready for the shot in the other arm and.....


He didn't make a sound. No tears. No crying. No giving the look. He was more pissed off that I tried to put his shirt back on and kept him from pressing every button in the room (the little so and so turned the nurses computer off....thank goodness she had saved everything first). He impressed the hell out of me...he acted like this was no big deal (again, he makes a bigger fuss when we change his diaper). I was a little disappointed though...since there was no fuss there was no need to go and get an ice cream cone....

We made it home to catch the last 15 minutes of the Jr. gold medal game (Canada Vs USA). Again, Canada seemed to be slow to the puck...it was tied 3-3. Then the USA came on strong...bang bang now it's 5-3. And like the previous match up on New Years Eve Jordan Eberle is in the right place at the right time and ties the game (he's a heck of a player). Canada seemed to gain all this intensity and dominated in the last few minutes.....then the break for OT. It was obvious in the first play of O.T., they cooled off. They weren't moving to the puck. It was just a matter of time until the USA got the 3 on 1. I'm surprised by the winning goal though. The dude beat the goalie on the short side. It was a great shot. It's tough for me to say this, but the US out played the Canadian team in both games and deserved to win. Better luck next year...it will be tough...the US is hosting 2010.

Next Vancouver....let's hope the Team Canada comes out swingin !

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