Sunday, January 17, 2010

Big Man Hair Cut 2.0

Saturday was a busy day. The boy got to go swimming and water sliding for an hour and half then we took him for his second ever haircut. This time we were prepared with an appointment at Beaners . I have to give it to these people, they know their market. (you may recall his first experience at the hair cut place - click here) He started with some play time in the ball room. Then off to the stool that looked like a motorcycle. They had enough distractions there that the boy sat still and didn't cause any problems. The gal asked us what type of cut we wanted and all we thought was 'short'...she suggested 'a little boy haircut'...I wasn't sure what that meant, but alright, do that. And when she was was just that, a little boy haircut.
After we were done he had a big boy lunch and capped off the afternoon with a scoop of ice cream with Chocolate sauce. Big day.

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