Monday, January 4, 2010

Future Adventures.......

Those who know me, know I like to travel. I usually enjoy all aspects of travel as it all provides funny anecdotes. From the flight delay to the funny guy behind the counter at the hotel, each step of the way I usually find something interesting or memorable (I may complain, but truly I enjoy i). I haven't been doing as much travel for work this past 6-9 months, however, if things keep going the way they have over the last little while I will find myself on a plane pretty soon. I'm looking forward to what adventures the next year and next ten years will bring (outside of the obvious with the sequel.....really, who needs sleep?). Maybe on one of these future adventures, we'll set up shop in some far away land for a year or so...who knows....anything is possible (I've met people who's tales always go 'I came here on vacation and never left....').

Here are some places that I hope we get to in the next decade (trying to be realistic...possibly 1 big trip a year):

  • Mexico (I know, can you believe I've never been ?)
  • Hong Kong (the last time I was there was almost 10 years ago and I was only there for 2 days)
  • New Zealand (We've talked about going for minimum 3 weeks)
  • Australia (We'd try to combine this with New Zealand)
  • Germany
  • Switzerland
  • Quebec City
  • New Orleans

It goes without saying that I'd like to hit the UK a number of times in the next ten years (a return trip to Italy would be great). Also, some weekend trips to Montreal, New York, Boston & L.A. would be in order. I suspect the addition to the Harvey clan will limit the solo and Mom/Dad trips...we'll need to plan more 'family' friendly things (can anyone say Disney in about 5-6 years ?). Road trips may happen a bit more...the boy has yet to meet his cousin in the B.C. interior so we'll try to make that happen.

Let the adventures begin !


Anonymous said...

Stream of consciousness...change...looks like change is on your horizon...hmmm...change is it change for the sake of change?...or change because I'm bored?...or change because that's what 21st century people do? must ask...change to...what?...or, change to..why?...or change to what? or change...because someone, somewhere said, "JUMP!" it "spare" change? it change that means "turn around, change direction" it "social, biological, mathematical"?...CHANGE! interesting concept on which to contemplate...Best wishes on your 2010 Journey of Change?...

The H's said...

Hmmm...good questions. But since the post was not about change and more about vacation destinations over the next ten years, i wonder where the question came from. But to answer...yes, there is change coming. First, the sequel. That will change the family (and how much I get to a pub...meaning...rarely). Second, some of the change will be 'grass is greener' change and a need to try something NEW. I think the only people saying 'JUMP' will be us. I think a post on this very thing may be in order