Thursday, January 7, 2010

The Gut Truck

Ah....the gut truck....the trader of nasty bites that brings their wares directly to you at I loathe and love thee.
Usually, I'm never at work when the gut truck arrives (none of your business why....maybe i like to sleep in). But on these rare occasions like today, when I need to be here before 8am, I hear the sirens call of the roach coach arriving in the back sings to you.....and I basically become Gollum (I waannnnts it....)
These things are filled with the common assortments of chips, pop, juice, and pre-packaged sandwiches. Sometimes they may have pizzas or tacos. But what usually gets me every time is what I call...the heart stoppers
These are prepackaged (supposedly made fresh each morning) hot breakfast sandwiches consisting of either toasted/fried bread or bun with egg, sausage, cheese and bacon. ALL THE GOOD STUFF. Not only are they tasty/incredibly bad for you...they're expensive. I think the one I had this morning was 4.75$...I begrudgingly/eagerly buy it, eat it, wipe the grease from my fingers/face and spend the rest of the day feeling the lump move through my body......and some time around 2pm I'll scream like Gollum "it burrrrrnnnnssssss" if you're pickin up what I'm layin down....
I always wonder what the profit margin is on these trucks and what the owners make...I know, for example, that they buy pop from places like Costco at a cost of 33cents for a can and then sell them for anywhere from 1$ to 1.50$. That's pretty good. I have to believe that they're getting the same on everything. If they're smart they keep their routes tight and try to maximize the amount of people that hit these things....although...I'm not so sure how smart some of these vendors are. We went through a few at this shop and I was amazed that some of these people could tie their shoes let alone drive a truck and manage a business. Maybe one day I'll dig deeper and ask one of them....I don't think anyone is getting rich on these things, but it might be a relaxing thing to do as a part time job (drive around and serve people)....something to ponder....I think the only reason I am so curious right now is I can't concentrate on my own work CAUSE I'M SO FREAKIN TIRED FOR BEING HERE AT 5am....but i digress...

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