Friday, January 8, 2010

Lack of ideas in Hollywood

It seems to me that Hollywood has a noticeable lack of new ideas (or good ideas). I get this weird feeling that the studio heads are just a bunch of monkeys that fling money like feces at the first thing that gets their collective attention (that being what they think is a safe bet for making $$$.....and many times it isn't).

For many shitty, run of the mill vampire movies can we sit through. For some reason the tweens and teens have fallen in love with Cedric Diggery gone Vamp in a teenage cheesy romance flick and are willing to spend huge bank to go see it (can you believe New Moon broke Dark Knights opening weekend?!?!?). But that does not mean that everything with a blood sucker is going to be a hit. Case in point The Vampire Diaries (crap) and Daybreakers...I haven't seen it but it looks lame...also, when was the last time Ethan Hawke was in a good movie..Gattica ? Reality Bites ?

You see this all the time, Hollywood has a block buster and a bunch of copycat movies start coming out almost immediately....Armageddon comes out, then Deep Impact....and inevitably they all suck 'cause they have shitty stories and are rushed to the theater.

And for gods sake, I wish they would stop beating an genre dead horse...look at what they're doing with comic book movies...they're just churning them out. Iron Man 2, Hulk 2.5, Avengers, a reboot of fantastic four (already?), Deadpool, Green Lantern, Wolverine 2 (the first one sucked), G.I. Joe 2, Spiderman 4, Ghost Rider 2 (STOP GIVING NIC CAGE MOVIE ROLES...HE SUCKS !), Superman reboot, New Batman 3, X-Men First Class, Antman (really ? Why the hell would anyone make this one)....and the list goes on.

Instead of trying to make a great flick, they're just blindly throwing these out there in hopes that at least one hits the bullseye.

Then there's the remakes...good god...this is the laziest thing ever. One coming out soon is The Karate Kid with Will Smiths kid in the Ralph Machio role. Jadens not the worst actor, but he needs to work on his expression...he's got the scowl/frown down pat, he needs to work on others. Now, the remake of the Karate Kid isn't necessarily that bad's been over 20 years...BUT, what I have an issue with is when they do it they don't pay attention to details from the first one...this one takes place in CHINA...yes CHINA...and he's instructed by Jackie Chan (which is cool)...but they're calling it the Karate Kid....Karate is from see my issue?

Anyway...I've kind gotten sleepy while writing this and lost interest because the whole thing gives me a headache....

My point? More movies that are original....Avatar, The Imaginarium of Dr. Parnassus, etc...


Anonymous said...

get off your fat, lazy, wide ass and write, direct, act, and produce your own short film. instead of bitchin online like the rest of the nerdy losers, of the lack of hollywood creativity.


The H's said...

True enough...if only I had the time to do say, a guy like YOU !