Friday, January 22, 2010

Repo Men - New Jude Law Flick

Jude Law's new flick is a dark sci fi that looks to be a mash up of Logan's Run, Minority report and any movie where the hunter becomes the hunted. In this case, Jude Law plays a Repo Man. What's he repossessing ? Replacement Organs that keep people alive. If you need a new liver, the union provides it as long as you can pay...slip on a few payments and the Repo Men come and take it back...ripping it out of your body. So...let that be a lesson to you people late on credit card payments. Anyway, Jude Law, a Repo Man, of course gets into some accident and gets a new heart and then or course, can't make his payments and becomes the dude dodging the Repo Men...let the action begin !

Not sure about this one...I'm mixed. I'll check it out when it shows up.

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