Thursday, February 25, 2010

Big Day for Canada

Wednesday was a big day. 4 medals (The womens 2 person bobsleigh OWNED the podium and won Gold/Silver) and the mens hockey stomped Russia 7-3. Awesome !

Wednesday, February 24, 2010

Canada vs Russia

It's do or die for Canada tonight (and Russia of course). I'm not sure what I give them for chances. They haven't been playing well as a team and that seems to be the excuse du jour. They'll be starting with Luongo so we'll see how he stands up the Alex and the Russian boys. The top guys have to bring it tonight or they're out...people talk about Iginla and Crosby scoring but they seem to have a tough time against the good teams (they were scoring big against Norway and Germany but not against the Swiss and US). Pronger will have to step up as well because the Russians have 2 powerhouse lines that can score at will.

The jury is out. I will cheer Canada on, but I think if they don't have the lead by the mid point of the second period they might be done.

Tuesday, February 23, 2010

olympic fail

Ha Ha Ha Ha - Stupid greasy sales people....

I love it when Karma happens. I Love it when finally "what goes around comes around"...or is it 'what comes around goes around' ?

anyway...I can't be specific because I'm not entirely sure who reads this, but let's just say that the people I was directing the negative thoughts at with my 'greasy sales people' post have not left well enough alone....and this time someone bit back. [side note, it's funny what you can find on the Internet and what you can buy for 4.99$]

Who knows if it will amount to anything, but just the fact that someone stood up and said 'F**K YOU!' is awesome !

How's that for a post about nothing ?....Larry David would be proud

Monday, February 22, 2010

Dummies behind the wheel

I'm always amazed at how stupid and predictable people are behind the wheel when the weather is a little off. Every year when we get snow it's like people are like "what's this white stuff ?? It's probably nothing....I should speed and slam on my brakes...why am I not stopping ??" and we get 100's of collisions. It's not just could be rain...and recently....fog.

i was driving to work the other day down a long stretch that is normally 90kmph. I was doing roughly about 60kmph since the fog was super thick and the road had that look...the look like it was covered in ice. All of a sudden there are stopped cars in front of me and police so I hit the brakes and even at 60kmph I slid a bit. Nothing crazy and I slowed down and stopped (in other words, 60 was the right speed to be at). I pulled up and the young RC told me there were big trucks in the ditch up ahead and I had to turn around. Also, there was a big tanker trailer trying to turn around and it was blocking the entire highway. While he was talking to me I'll bet he might have thought I was rude, because I wasn't looking at him....I was staring in my rear view mirror. Why ? Because I know people are stupid....I figured, if I was doing 60 and had to be careful when I was slowing down...what if someone was doing 90 or more....

and sure if on cue....lights came blazing out of the fog and I was watching a Lexus SUV coming straight at me. I glanced at the RC and his eyes were wide and he was yelling at me to get moving and get to the left. As I started to move I could see that the dude driving the SUV had recognized what was going on and did what dummies do...he slammed on his breaks...his SUV started to fish tail and he steered it toward the ditch and he flew down the ditch, passed us and went up a dirt road embankment and....GOT AIR...i kid you was like the duke boys had upgraded.'s not like he was 10 ft in the air, but he left the ground and slammed down on the other side...HARD. The RC was pissed and ran over to the car (he had to call an ambulance cause the asshole had hurt his back...and face from the airbag) and yelled at the dude. I had to stick around to fill out a statement 'cause the dude probably got a ticket for driving with undue care and attention. (RC told me had almost been hit 2 times that morning....he needed more LEDs and brighter vest)

If I hadn't been looking in the rear view and had dude not hit the ditch I would be in the hospital...or dead. Also, if dude hadn't hit the ditch and I got out of the way, he would have gone straight into the tanker trailer killing himself.

I seem to be a magnate for this stuff on 84th street SE. Last Friday a dude in front of me had his hitch break off and his camper trailer took off into the next lane into on coming traffic...a Semi no less...thank the gods it hit the ditch before the Semi passed (I'm talking seconds) or I would have got it through my windshield....i wonder if i have a cat's nine lives ? If so, I can't have many misspent youth used up a number of them.

I'll be happy when the ice and snow is gone and spring has sprung...

Saturday, February 20, 2010

The worst

The worst is when you have the chance to sleep in but you can't get back to sleep. This sucks.

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Friday, February 19, 2010

NBC Explains Canada to Americans

Here's a nice piece that NBC put together when the olympics opened.

Upcoming Geek Stuff

Is it me or has there been a real lack of news about the upcoming Star Wars live action TV show ? Could it be that possibly they're taking it serious and are putting some effort into it ? Something tells me no....Lucas is probably locked away thinking of new ways to market the f**k out of it and ring a few more bucks from us nerdy saps. For example, have you seen the new Star Wars shoe lines ? Here's one...the Boba Fett high Tops....lame...

I don't think ol Boba would be caught dead in a pair of these....

Oh well, I have no idea what to expect from the new TV series. We'll see if they try to jump on the Battlestar band wagon (stargate did and I don't think it's helped their new it still on?).

On a big screen note, I'll be trying to go see The Wolfman, Shutter Island, and a few others over the next little while. And of course, impatiently waiting for the new Tron movie....I think it will kick some series ass in 3D !

I've also heard that the new Hobbit flick will be in 3D...that could be cool. I think it should already have a pretty neat look since Del Toro is taking over the directing. He has a unique vision that is all his own.
I have no idea what to expect with Green Lantern....there's word that it will be dark (everyone wants everything dark these days ??). And of course the new Wolverine...i have such low expectations for that one since they ef'd up the first one so bad (I know I know....I'm a broken record about this, but really ? It was soooooo bad )
Time to go find out what the sequel is....( for those that don't know, the sequel = the new addition to the family in July)

Wednesday, February 17, 2010

Point Form Updates

  • I need more long weekends
  • Trying to plan one final trip before the sequel arrives
  • Changes coming for 2010....more on that later
  • Olympics ! GO CANADA GO ! More gold please !
  • What's with the fog??...I was almost rear ended by a dude doing 90kms....dude almost hit me and an RCMP officer standing next to my car....what a jackass.
  • My brand new laptop is screwed....taking it in tomorrow to see if they can fix it...stupid Vista
  • changed over to Shaw so anyone who has my telus email address, it won't work after tonight
  • Watched 2012, Law Abiding Citizen and GI Joe....all forgettable
  • Waiting for the men's hockey game against the US on Sunday....should be a good battle
  • Big boy is using more words and actually communicating (I think he said 'I'm Dirty' the other day referring to the nasty business in his diaper)
  • LOST was kinda boring last night
  • Went and saw WILCO last night...they put on a good show, although i think they end too many songs with the jumble loud mash of noise
  • Ball hockey tonight....legs are feeling better every week.
  • That's it for now....

Thursday, February 11, 2010

Greasy Sales People Bug Me

Greasy sales people bug me. I hate when I go into some establishment and have some slimy guy try to sell me. It's like all the greasy guys went to same school of sales. I hate the dude in the car place who always seems to own whatever car I'm looking at "I own one of these little beauties...great on gas..." Sure thing chief. I would not buy from that guy. Ever.

All I want is for the sales dude to tell me the features of the item, the price and then we can negotiate if i really want it.

I even find this greasiness in my industry. Competitors to our company obviously can't compete with the merits of their product so they sling mud. This kind of sales is amateur. Also, it pisses off customers when the false claims get found out. For example, one of our competitors told a US company that we were out of business...closed...The customer called us to find out what was up and, let's just say, he wasn't too pleased with the "lying asshole", as he put it, that told him the 'truth'.

It seems to me when a person uses these tactics, they're desperate, and customers can spot it. It's also the definition of 'what comes around goes around'. We have won projects specifically because the customers were fed bullshit by our competition (this always makes me feel good). Sometimes these shite tactics work. We have lost jobs due to a false perception. Oh well. I can't cry about it or retaliate. We just move on to the next one.

When we sell our product we sell the product, features and benefits of the company. We don't talk about which company isn't paying their bills, which one is bankrupt, which one has laid off staff, 'don't talk to them cause they're assholes' etc etc. That's greasy and beneath me. But apparently not beneath our competition. Well....I guess when people get hungry they'll try almost anything. I just got a call from a couple customers in the states who were just fed a line of bullshit. Little did my competition know that they [the customers] were just in our office a few days before....the customer KNOWS the dude is full of shit and told me he would never do business with him...ever! That was awesome to hear.
Let that be a lesson to you. We'll take the high road and we'll do much better in the long run (and we'll be able to live with ourselves)

Tuesday, February 9, 2010

Back from Denver

I made it back from Denver last night around 9:30 pm. The flights for the most part were uneventful, however, we had to go through Edmonton on the way down and they have the worst security and US customs ever. All of their attempts at "speedy" service just made things slower and worse...not to mention the US Customs guy who obviously woke up on the wrong side of the bed (really...there is no need to be nasty...things go much better if you are pleasant).

We were booked in at the W ALoft in Broomfield (up in the NW of Denver, only a few miles to's a starwood hotel so I get points...yay points). These hotels are like W Lite. They're trying to be hip without the hefty price tag. (W's can be pricey....I've stayed in the Atlanta W a couple times and the bill at the end is usually eyebrow raising) The staff was good and the hotel was clean and comfortable. The only downside about this place is there is NOTHING near it. You need a car. It's in a new development and I would assume things are moving slow due to the current economic conditions. There is one restaurant, Proto Pizza , within walking distance. It's a quaint place that makes wood fired pizzas. It was pretty good...a little pricey. Their service was very attentive and friendly. I would recommend this chain.

We went for dinner at a couple places. The first was the Bonefish Grill. I'm always leery of seafood inland, but this place came highly recommended. It didn't disappoint. I had some starter bacon wrapped scallops, fried calamari and for the main I had lemon butter Rainbow Trout. All well prepared and tasty. I topped off the evening with a Creme Brule that was the size of my head.
The next night we went to one of Ted Turner's places called Ted's Montana Grill that specializes in Bison. I have found in the past that Bison can be very dry since it's a very lean meat. I'm not sure what they did at Ted's but my Bison Tenderloin was awesome. I had it with some Salt & Pepper Onion Rings and Butter Broccoli. I'm not sure that I like supporting Ted Turner, but this place had great food and good service.
We also grabbed a lunch at a Mexican place called Qdoba. This is a 'fast food' burrito sort of place. The burritos were huge and full of flavour. If you're looking for something spicy, filling and quick this is the place to go to.
All in all it was a productive trip. I didn't see much of Denver this time around (pretty much sat in a board room or my hotel room most of the time). But I did get to eat some good food.
Next trip ? I about a month. We will see.......

Thursday, February 4, 2010

First Flight of 2010

I'll be taking my first flight of 2010 early tomorrow....and I mean early. Flight leaves at 6am. I'll be heading to bustling mile high city for the fun weekend of meetings and sitting in a boardroom. I hope this isn't the last trip. I'm trying to sneak one selfish personal trip in before the sequel arrives in July (I'm trying to do that sometime in March...April latest). So...there seems to be a fairly large contingent going to Vegas in April...although, I hear the call of London for March. We'll see which one creates the home front.

Back to Denver. I'll be staying at one of the W's ALOFT hotels. I've never stayed at one before. It looks to be a hip modern place. I've stayed in W's in the past and really liked them although the prices have really started to skyrocket. There are a couple neat places to eat at downtown that we frequented when we were doing a project there a year or so ago (we practically lived there for a month) I'll try to hit a couple places of note.

Monday, February 1, 2010

Just a couple of items for Feb 1

  • For some reason I have an urge to see crappy movies....look out Pandorum, you're next
  • I have hate for people who use your for you're
  • I have low expectations for the Canadian Hockey Team....I will still cheer though
  • I hope Castle has legs
  • I think my boy gets cuter every day he gets older (i'm somewhat biased)
  • I hope 'Imma' doesn't catch on...but I don't think I can hold onto this one
  • I still have not seen Avatar.....yet
  • I JUST started watching 24
  • Thank the gods Calgary traded Phanoooooof
  • Why do some people stop at a corner that has a merge lane ?
  • Am I the only person who understands who goes first at a 4 way stop ?
  • Don't get me started on traffic circles in Calgary...people are dumbfounded...I'm surprised there aren't more collisions
  • Why are they letting jackass attention whores into the Haiti airport when they should only be letting in proper aid ?
  • I was pretty unimpressed with the iPad
  • i think is hilarious
  • I'm excited for the new Tron Movie
  • Food poisoning sucks
  • Ball hockey kicks ass
  • This is a lame post
  • Leonardo's new flicks look cool
  • Number 2 is almost here....only 5 months
  • 2010 will be full of changes

Food Poisoning.....

I managed to pick up food poisoning from a local joint, Brewsters on 52nd. It was pretty nasty. I had lunch there on Thursday and by Thursday night I was cryin like a little girl and almost heading to the hospital (really though, it was painful...I had a hamburger so I had visions on E Coli bacteria shutting my kidneys and liver down). I didn't eat a thing until Saturday afternoon. On the bright side, it's a great way to lose 10 lbs over the weekend.